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Top 5 Indian Car Tyre Air Pressure (PSI) and Size Through Charts

By Juhi Walia
07 October 2022, 11:02 AM

For car tyres to perform at their peak we must maintain tyre pressure on the schedule. Air pressure in the car tyre is measured in pounds per square inch (PSI) and is most commonly found in cars in kilograms per square centimetre (KPA).

PSI and KPA standards for different countries are different, but for cars, the pressure is measured in PSI. Understanding and maintaining PSI in the car tyre will save us a lot of money by increasing fuel efficiency and preventing us from having to replace the tyre or tyre prematurely.

It is essential to check the car tyre's air pressure once in a while, just as it is essential to purchase car insurance policy after purchasing a car.

This is because doing these tasks can save us from trouble in the future as we are protected from unwanted mishaps.

This blog will tell us how to check the car tyre's air pressure and points out the top 5 Indian cars' tyre pressure and sizes through charts:

Top 5 India Car Tyre PSI Chart & Size Charts

1. Maruti Suzuki

Car Name

Tyre Size

Front Tyre Pressure

Rear Tyre Pressure

Maruti IgnisR15 175/6536 PSI32 PSI
Maruti Suzuki S CrossR16 215/60 33-36 PSI33-36 PSI
Maruti Zen EstiloR 13 145/70 30 PSI30 PSI

Maruti Suzuki Wagon 


R13 145/70 33 PSI33 PSI
Maruti Suzuki CelerioR13 155/80 36 PSI 33 PSI
Maruti Suzuki SwiftR14165/80 33 PSI 36 PSI 
Maruti Suzuki DzireR14 165/80 33 PSI36 PSI 
Maruti Suzuki ErtigaR15 185/65 29 PSI 32 PSI
Maruti Suzuki Vitara BrezzaR16 215/60 36 PSI41 PSI
Maruti Suzuki SX4R16 205/60 33-36 PSI33-36 PSI
Maruti Suzuki GypyR15 205/70 32-33 PSI32 PSI
Maruti Suzuki S CrossR16 215/60 33-36 PSI33-36 PSI

2. Toyota

Car Name

Tyre Size

Front Tyre Pressure

Rear Tyre Pressure

Toyota Innova CrystaR 16 205/65 32-34 PSI32-34 PSI
Toyota Etios LivaR14 175/65 30-35 PSI30-35 PSI
Toyota Etios CrossR15 185/60 32-36 PSI33 PSI
Toyota FortunerR17 265/65 32-36 PSI32-36 PSI
Toyota Corolla AltisR 15 195/65 29-32 PSI29 PSI
Toyota Land Cruiser PradoR18 265/60 32-36 PSI32-36 PSI
Toyota Land Cruiser 200R18 285/60 32-36 PSI32-36 PSI
Toyota Platinum EtiosR14 175/70 32-33 PSI32-33 PSI
Toyota Corolla AltisR 15 195/65 29-32 PSI29 PSI 
Toyota CamryR16 215 / 60 36 PSI36 PSI


3. Chevrolet

Car Name

Tyre Size

Front Tyre Pressure

Rear Tyre Pressure

Chevrolet TaveraR 15 205/65 33-35 PSI33-35 PSI
Chevrolet Sail SedanR14 175/70 32-36 PSI33 PSI
Chevrolet Beat (PS Petrol)R14 155/70 30-33 PSI30-33 PSI
Chevrolet Beat (PS Diesel)R 14 165/65 33 PSI33 PSI
Chevrolet Sail HatchbackR14 175/70 32-36 PSI33 PSI
Chevrolet CruzeR16 205/60 33 PSI33 PSI

4. Ford

Car Name

Tyre Size

Front Tyre Pressure

Rear Tyre Pressure

Ford AspireR14 175/65 30-35 PSI30 PSI 
Ford EndeavourR 18 265/60 32-36 PSI32-36 PSI
Ford FigoR14 175/65 30-35 PSI30 PSI 
Ford EcoSportR15 19 /65 29-32 PSI29 PSI
Ford EcoSportR 16 205/60 33 PSI33 PSI
Ford EcoSportR 17 205/50 30-34 PSI 30-34 PSI 

5. Honda

Car Name

tyre Size

Front tyre Pressure

Rear tyre Pressure

Honda BrioR14 175/65 29 PSI26 PSI
Honda AmazeR14 175/65 33 PSI29 PSI
Honda CityR15 175/65 32 PSI 30 PSI 
Honda CRVR17 225/65 32-40 PSI32-40 PSI
Honda BRVR16 195/6032 PSI32-40 PSI 
Honda WRVR16 195/60 32-35 PSI30-32 PSI
Honda MobilioR 15 185/65 36 PSI32-40 PSI
Honda JazzR15175/65 36 PSI32 PSI

1. How to use a tyre pressure gauge to check tyre pressure?

Tyre pressure is the air pressure inside an automobile tyre. The properly inflated tyre can improve fuel economy, reduce the risk of tyre failure, and provide a more comfortable ride. The improperly inflated tyre can reduce fuel economy.

The air pressure of our car tyre plays a crucial role in how well our four-wheeler performs on the road. We should check our tyre pressure regularly to maintain the right pressure.

We can check our tyre pressure when at petrol pumps, as most of them have pressure gauges. But if we are out on the road, we can check our tyre pressure by using a tyre pressure gauge by gently pressing the small dot into the centre of the valve stem on the back of the the gauge.

2. When to check our tyre pressure?

We should check the tyre pressure when the tyre is cold. This means when the tyre is cold, immediately after the vehicle has been driven and before the car is parked. 

3. Why does tyre pressure matter?

If our tyre pressure is too low, our car will have difficulty handling turns and corners. It will also have a tough time speeding up on a flat road and be hard to handle while braking. Low tyre pressure will also make the ride more bumpy and rough.

If our tyre pressure is too high, we will have a tough time handling turns and corners. The car will be slow to react to our steering and braking. It will also have a tough time speeding up on a flat road and will be harder to handle while braking. High tyre pressure will make the ride bumpier and bumping.

An over-inflated tyre will also heat faster and make our car more prone to blowouts. We check the tyre pressure regularly and adjust it to the manufacturer's recommended pressure for the vehicle.

4. How to set the tyre air pressure in PSI?

The most important thing to remember while setting the right tyre air pressure is not to go beyond the recommended air pressure set by the manufacturer.

Over-inflating or under-inflating the tyre can lead to decreased fuel economy, premature wear and tear, and a blowout. Under-inflating our tyre can even affect the handling of our vehicle and make it more vulnerable to skidding in wet weather.

For example, if our car's manufacturer recommends keeping our tyre at 36 PSI and we are at 35 PSI, the tyre will wear out faster, our cars will be less fuel efficient, and will be more prone to skidding in wet weather.

If the tyre pressure is too high, it may cause the car to be more unstable or make it harder for the driver to control the car, especially in wet weather. So if we want to set the car tyre air pressure correctly, it is important to check the car manual or in the spare tyre compartment for the recommended tyre pressure.

5. Can improperly calculated air pressure lead to unwanted mishaps?

Yes, improperly checked air pressure can lead to unwanted mishaps such as accidents.

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