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10 Best Health Insurance Plans for Self-employed Individuals in India

By Vikas Chandra Das
18 November 2022, 11:57 AM

Health insurance policies are readily available to those who wish to purchase them and self-employed people also have good opportunities. As a self-employed person, cashless health insurance protection is very important. There are a lot of financial responsibilities, so health insurance ensures that you and your family have adequate medical care even if the business goes awry.

Let's look at what are the top 10 health insurance plans for self-employed individuals.  

HDFC ERGO Health Optima Restore Plan

This interesting plan is offered by health insurance company HDFC ERGO (previously known as Apollo Munich). Insurance plans offer broad coverage to policyholders. Some features are

  • The minimum age for this plan is 91 days and the maximum age is 65.
  • Under this plan, the amount insured goes up to INR 1 crore depending on the option selected.
  • The policy reimburses a variety of medical expenses, including home expenses, ambulance or ambulance costs, day care costs, inpatient admission costs, prehospital costs, and free health checks.
  • The policy plan includes an optional Critical advantage tab covering eight specific diseases.

Aditya Birla Activ Assure Diamond Policy

This is another preferred health insurance plan that can be offered on both an individual and floater basis.

  • The minimum admission age is 5 years old and the maximum admission age is unlimited.
  • The insurance plan includes up to 6 members, including dependent children.
  • The insured amount ranges from INR 2 lakh to INR 2 crore.
  • Under the policy, you can enjoy several benefits such as: B. AYUSH treatment, home hospital costs, organ donation costs, free health checkups, 586-day day care coverage, second opinion for critical illness
  • It is a policy that allows you to return the insurance amount to the original amount when the insurance amount is used up.

Bajaj Allianz Silver Health Policy

This policy was developed by Bajaj Allianz to help self-employed people increase their financial security.

  • People aged 46 to 80 can buy this policy.
  • The insured amount ranges from INR 50,000-10 lakh.
  • This insurance covers a variety of medical expenses, including daycare costs, hospitalisation costs, free health checkups every four years, pre- and post-hospital costs, ambulance costs, and more.
  • This policy provides compensation for pre-existing conditions after a two-year waiting period and more. 
  • Policies offer the advantage of portability.

Niva Bupa Health Premia

This popular plan offers broad coverage and great features.

  • The minimum enrollment age is 3 months and the maximum age is 65 years.
  • The policy provides a variety of benefits, including inpatient admission, pre-hospital costs, post-hospital costs, maternity and newborn insurance, diagnostic services, and coverage for OPD.
  • The insured amount ranges from INR 10 lakh to INR 3 crore.
  • There are some additional services you can choose from based on your needs. These include critical illness insurance, accident insurance, extended royalties, hospital benefits, international insurance extensions and health coaches.

Care Health Insurance

  • The minimum joining age for this policy is 91 days and there is no maximum joining age.
  • The insured amount ranges from INR 4 lakh to IN 6 crore.
  • This policy is ideal for the self-employed as it helps them manage multiple medical expenses such as day care costs, hospital costs, pre-hospital costs, post-hospital costs, and home hospital costs.
  • You can also purchase supplementary insurance such as no-claim bonus super, daily care, passenger accident coverage and unlimited auto top-Up.

Star Health Comprehensive Insurance

You can choose Star Comprehensive Health insurance. Star Health is one of India's oldest and most popular health insurance companies. There are many attractive health insurance options, including comprehensive insurance. As the name suggests, comprehensive health insurance covers:

  • In-patient treatment home care
  • Providing Ayush Treatment
  • Whole family is insured
  • Maximum insurance amount of INR 1 crore

ICICI Lombard Complete Health Insurance

ICICI Lombard Complete Health Insurance is a great option for those looking for comprehensive health insurance. As a self-employed person, you will benefit from utilising this policy as it offers many balanced benefits.

  • Insurance coverage for multiple members of the same family
  • Cashless correspondence
  • cover ambulance costs
  • Insurance amount recovery
  • Compensation for maternity expenses

SBI Health Insurance Arogya Premier Policy

SBI General Arogya Premier is a health insurance plan that addresses the specific healthcare needs of individuals. This health cover comes with various flexible options and offers access to the best medical treatment.

  • Includes maternity cover
  • Restore benefits upto 100%
  • No claim bonus of 10% (max upto 50%)
  • Coverage available upto INR 30 Lakh
  • 5,000+ cashless network hospitals 

 Tata AIG MediCare Policy

  • You don’t have to undergo any medical tests till the age of 45 years.
  • 5% discount if you choose a policy tenure option of 2 years and 3% for a 3-year policy term.
  • Get access to comprehensive hospitalisation coverage without any sub-limits
  • Gain tax benefit under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act
  • The policy offers lifelong renewability
  • Co-payment is not required

Royal Sundaram Life Supreme Plan

Lifeline Health plan by Royal Sundaram is a comprehensive insurance plan. It covers both your and your family's medical needs. Anyone above 18 years can purchase this plan. This plan comes in both individual and family floater variants. Read below to understand more in detail about the benefits of this plan

  • Includes international treatment for 11 Critical Illnesses
  • Coverage available upto INR 1.5 Cr
  • Total cashless network hospitals are 5,000+.


Being self-employed has its pros and cons. On the positive side, you can work at your convenience but on the flip side, there is an uncertainty of income. And in such an unpredictable situation, if a medical emergency were to arise, it can lead to a lot of stress financially. Thus, it is wise to prepare and protect your unforeseen circumstances by choosing a health insurance plan that fits your needs.


1. What kind of health insurance is available for the self-employed?

Both individual and family floater health insurance plans are available for self-employed individuals. They can customise the plan as per their needs and budget.

2. How much does health insurance cost if you are self-employed?

The cost of your health insurance policy for self-employed individuals depends on several factors, such as coverage, medical history, age, sum insured, add-on covers, no-claim bonus, etc. It is best to use a health insurance premium calculator to estimate the amount of premium.

3. Do self-employed individuals need to undergo a pre-acceptance medical test before buying health insurance?

Most self-employed individuals will not have to undergo a pre-acceptance medical test for buying health insurance unless they have a pre-existing medical condition. However, the requirement for a pre-policy medical check-up varies from one policy to another.

4. Can policyholders have 2 health insurance plans?

Yes, they can have any number of health insurance plans. However, they cannot claim reimbursement for the same expense from multiple insurance providers.

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