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TATA AIG Two Wheeler Insurance Highlights

TATA AIG (Two Wheeler Insurance)
Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited is a joint venture between the Tata Group and the American International Group (AIG). Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited celebrated 20 years of service as on 2020, since it commenced operations on January 22, 2001. The company has made a mark in the industry by launching several innovative products and services over the years.
Claim Settlement Ratio
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The whole point of getting insurance for your bike is to cover any financial losses you may suffer due to mishaps like accidents. Unfortunately, if such an untoward incident manifests, you must know how to claim compensation from your insurance provider.

TATA AIG has an impressive track record of settling claims, thereby adding to its list of satisfied subscribers every day. The TATA AIG bike insurance claim settlement ratio is 90.49% (FY 2019-20), enough to convince anyone.

The efficient TATA AIG bike insurance claim team is proactive in assisting you to get quick & smooth claim settlements in those difficult times you face with your bike.

List of Documents Required During Claim Settlement

The process of claiming TATA AIG two-wheeler insurance requires you to complete some paperwork, as can be expected. Check the following list carefully:

  • Claim form – duly filled & signed
  • Registration Certificate (RC) – self-attested copy
  • DL (Driving Licence) of the rider at the time of the accident
  • Copy of the TATA AIG bike insurance policy
  • Original estimate of repairs (non-cashless claims)
  • Repair invoice (non-cashless claims)
  • Payment receipt (non-cashless claims)
  • For cashless claims, the original repair invoice

How to Make a TATA AIG Bike Insurance Claim Online?

You can make a TATA AIG bike insurance claim against your bike insurance policy by following these steps:

  • Informing & Registering: The TATA AIG bike insurance claim process requires you to visit the TATA AIG claim support page on their website. For filing a claim, simply provide the details in the TATA AIG two-wheeler insurance claim form, and the insurance company will give you a link for 'self-inspection' on your registered mobile number. Alternatively, you can also make a TATA AIG two-wheeler insurance claim by calling their toll-free number 1800-266-7780.
  • Vehicular Inspection: As said above, report the damages after self-inspection. Also, TATA AIG will send a representative to investigate and confirm.
  • Choice: During TATA AIG two-wheeler insurance claim form filling, you may choose to go cashless, or you may choose to get reimbursed after taking care of the repairs yourself.
  • Documents: Ensure that you have all the required documents also mentioned on the TATA AIG bike insurance claim form ready.
  • Claim Registration Number: Given you have completed filling out the TATA AIG two-wheeler claim form, they will provide you with your claim registration number.
  • Tracking the Status of Your Claim: You can track your TATA AIG two-wheeler insurance claim status online whenever you wish.
  • Settlement After Verification: TATA AIG insurance company will check your documents & claim details to ensure it matches the parameters stipulated by their guidelines. Upon corroboration, they will settle your claim.   

How to Make a TATA AIG Cashless Bike Insurance Claim?

When any unfortunate incident happens with your bike, it is time for you to ‘claim’ the support you bought when you purchased your TATA AIG bike insurance. The process for the same has the following steps:

  • Get in touch with TATA AIG 
  • Register your claim
  • TATA AIG surveyor assesses the damage and prepares an estimate cost
  • For the cashless claim settlement, you must get your bike repaired at one of the TATA AIG’s network garages across India.
  • TATA AIG will directly pay the repairing cost to the network garage after considering other essential deductibles. 
  • The policyholder can bring home his newly repaired vehicle.

How to Make a TATA AIG Reimbursement Bike Insurance Claim?

With TATA AIG, you may choose the mode of the settlement of your claim in the TATA AIG two-wheeler claim form. You may get your bike repaired anywhere with the proper paperwork, and TATA AIG will cover the expenses. The claim procedure is somewhere similar to the cashless claims –  

  • Tell TATA AIG about the incident by calling or SMS (see above).
  • Get the claim reference number after registering.
  • TATA AIG surveyor examines the condition of your bike before sending it for repairs.
  • Get your bike repaired at any garage of your choice and pay for the repairs from your pocket. 
  • Show original bills/receipts from the garage to the insurer.
  • Soon successful verification, the insurer will reimburse the money after considering the cost of deductibles.

Common TATA AIG Bike Insurance Claim Rejection Reasons

TATA AIG has an excellent claim settlement track record (above 90%). However, there are cases where they have to reject the claims due to these violations – 

  • The rider of the insured bike was drunk at the time of the accident.
  • There are signs of gross negligence leading to the accident.
  • The rider is not carrying/does not have a driving licence.
  • There is a misinterpretation of the policy clauses.
  • The claim filed turns out to be fraudulent.
  • The coverage amount claimed is wrong.
  • The rider is unable to furnish a critical detail.
  • The rider made a delay in reporting the incident to the insurer.

TATA AIG No Claim Bonus

A no-claim bonus, as the name suggests, refers to the token of acknowledgment given to you by a service provider in case a year goes by, and you have not filed any claims against your insurance policy.

TATA AIG offers this facility to the standalone own damage/comprehensive bike insurance buyers. However small it may be, any claim disqualifies you from claiming the NCB. Also, make sure your TATA AIG two-wheeler insurance is renewed. Failure to do so will again result in disqualification (you get a grace period of 90 days).

TATA AIG Bike Insurance Claim FAQs

  • 1. To file a TATA AIG two-wheeler insurance claim against accidental damage, do I need to file an FIR?

    Yes. It is a significant criterion that ensures the settlement of your claim.

  • 2. What does a TATA AIG surveyor do?

    The TATA AIG surveyor inspects your bike etc., to ascertain the severity of damage to your bike after the incident. The surveyor's report principally decides whether you get a claim settlement.

  • 3. Is my driving licence mandatory to carry when I file my TATA AIG bike insurance claim?

    Yes, TATA AIG requires you to carry your DL when filing your claim.

  • 4. After an accident, how soon should I file the TATA AIG bike insurance claim?

    Don't waste time. The sooner, the better! You must make sure that you get in touch with TATA AIG within 24 hours of the incident.

  • 5. How do I check the status of my TATA AIG claim after filing?

    Go to TATA AIG's official website. Then, click on the "Claim" option & fill in the CRN (Claim Registration Number) & your policy number. When you select "Proceed," you will see the status of your claim. 

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