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Royal Sundaram two-wheeler third-party insurance is the most fundamental bike insurance policy. It protects the policyholder against any financial responsibilities suffered by a third-party property or person due to an accident in which the covered vehicle is at fault. In addition, it covers every third-party liability (property damage, bodily injuries and/or death) arising from a road accident or catastrophe involving the insured two-wheeler. According to the Indian Motor Tariff (1988), every bike owner must purchase at least a third-party insurance policy. 

Royal Sundaram Third Party Bike Insurance Policy

Suppose a third party got injured during an accident caused by the protected bike. In that case, the third-party policy of Royal Sundaram two-wheeler insurance covers all medical expenditures and hospitalization bills incurred due to the event. Furthermore, the financial burden of the resulting legal responsibilities is covered by a Royal Sundaram third-party two-wheeler insurance, in case a third-party files a complaint.

Difference Between Royal Sundaram Third Party Bike Insurance and Comprehensive Bike Insurance

ParametersThird Party or Liability Only Bike Insurance PolicyComprehensive Bike Insurance Policy
CoverageIt provides coverage for the third-party's financial and legal liability due to any unforeseeable incidents involving the insured's motorcycle.It includes coverage for third-party financial and legal responsibilities as well as own damages.
RequirementIt is a legal requirement under the Indian Motor Tariff.It is an optional feature that is determined by personal desire.
Add-onsNo add-ons are purchasable under the Royal Sundaram two-wheeler third-party insurance policy.The policyholders can buy from a choice of add-ons with this coverage.
CostThis policy is cost-effective due to the limited coverage it provides.Because of its maximum coverage, this policy has a higher premium.

What is Covered Under Royal Sundaram Third Party Bike Insurance

  • The third-party liability insurance coverage provides protection against any third-party property damage that is caused by the insured two-wheeler. The amount is up to INR 7.5 lakh.
  • The court of law decides the compensation for third-party bodily damage or death. The insurance gives 100% compensation in the event of the loss of both eyesight or both limbs or if the injury becomes a permanent handicap. For the death of a third party, it also provides 100% coverage. For partial disabilities like  bodily injuries, the loss of one limb, or the loss of one eye, the insurance pays out 50% of the compensation.

What is not Covered Under Royal Sundaram Third Party Bike Insurance

Royal Sundaram third-party bike insurance covers a limited extent under the bike insurance. The following are some things that the third-party bike insurance policy does not cover:

  • A policyholder would not receive any coverage for loss or damage to their covered bike under a third-party bike insurance policy.
  • If driving while intoxicated or riding your insured motorcycle without a valid driver's licence, you can not file a claim.
  • Accidents that occur outside the geographical limitations of the coverage are not eligible for any monetary compensation.
  • Claims emerging from contractual duties are not covered by a third-party bike insurance policy.
  • Claims arising from damage or loss caused by war or warlike conditions would not be covered.
  • Claims involving radioactive pollutants are not covered under this insurance.

Key Benefits of Purchasing Royal Sundaram Third Party Bike Insurance

  • Royal Sundaram third-party two-wheeler insurance offers a simple online method for acquiring coverage, allowing you to avoid extra paperwork. 
  • Royal Sundaram 3rd-party bike insurance coverage protects you against any third-party liability, and you do not have to pay for the damages out of your own money.
  • In case of an accident involving your covered two-wheeler, a Royal Sundaram two-wheeler third party insurance policy relieves you of the stress and inconvenience of making up for third-party losses.

Royal Sundaram Third-party Bike Insurance FAQs

  • 1. If I make a Royal Sundaram third-party claim on my bike insurance, will I lose my NCB?

    With the Royal Sundaram two-wheeler third-party insurance coverage, the NCB is not accessible.

  • 2. What documentation I must submit when willing to file a claim for Royal Sundaram third-party bike insurance?

    You should submit the following documents to file a claim under the Royal Sundaram two-wheeler third-party insurance:

    • Claim form for two-wheeled vehicles
    • Cover note/copy of policy document
    • A duplicate of your driver's licence
    • Copy of the registration certificate and the FIR, as well as any other papers requested by the insurer


  • 3. Is there coverage for any loss to the insured's bike under the Royal Sundaram third-party bike insurance?

    The Royal Sundaram two-wheeler third-party insurance does not cover any type of loss or damage to the insured bike or owner. 

  • 4. Why should I go with Royal Sundaram for third-party bike insurance?

    Royal Sundaram's third-party bike insurance offers legal liabilities against third-party and other benefits make it a good choice for everyone. Customer service is available 24*7. Purchase and renewal are quick with minimum paperwork. 

  • 5. Can Royal Sundaram third-party claims be filed online?

    Yes, you can file claims online at the official website of Royal Sundaram.

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