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United India Insurance Company is one of the leading general insurance companies in India. The company was established on 18th February 1938. United India Insurance Company is a forefront company in implementing the foundation of the general insurance business in India. Since its inception, the company has been a key piece in bringing out unique general insurance products designed to cover all the insurance needs of customers. The company is dedicated to designing and offering general insurance products i.e., car insurance, two-wheeler insurance, health insurance, etc. that are unique and offer financial security to the customers. 

The company has a wide network of offices and branches all across India. The company not only has a presence in metro cities but is also actively available in tier II and tier III cities in India. Apart from the physical presence the company also has a strong online/digital presence. Customers can easily reach the company through the comfort of their homes by logging in to the official website or contacting the tied agents who are the flag-bearers for the popularity of the company.

Types of United India Insurance Car Insurance 

The United India Insurance Company offers car insurance products that take care of all the insurance needs to protect you against the damages or losses caused to the vehicle. United India offers the following types of car insurance coverage to the customers:

  1. Package Policy:
    A comprehensive car insurance policy consists of two sections specifically designed to offer complete coverage. The following are the two main sections of the Package Policy:
    • Section I offers coverage for its own damage. As the name suggests, the Own Damage coverage provides protection against the loss or damage caused to your own vehicle.
    • Section II offers insurance coverage for liability arising out of damages caused to the vehicle. This section takes care of all the liability arising due to bodily injury or death and any property damage caused to third-party. Additionally, a personal accident cover is offered in case the owner-driver meets with an accident while driving the insured vehicle.
  2. Liability only Policy:
    As the name suggests this insurance coverage offers protection for the liability arising due to damages caused by the insured vehicle. The liability-only car insurance policy covers the liability arising due to bodily damages caused to a person, life, or property of a third party. Additionally, this policy also offers personal accident cover in case the owner-driver meets with an accident while driving the insured vehicle.
  3. Standalone Own Damage Policy:
    If you have a valid existing third-party liability-only car insurance plan, you can opt for a standalone own damage-only car insurance plan which pays for the accidental damages of your own vehicle.

Benefits of the United India Insurance Car Insurance

The United India Insurance Company Limited offers a wide range of general insurance products to its customers. All these general insurance products are designed to cover the insurance needs and offer financial protection against the damages and losses caused to the vehicle in event of an accident of the insured vehicle. The following are the benefits of buying a car insurance policy from the United India Insurance Company Limited:

  1. Claim Settlement Process:
    One of the biggest advantages of buying a car insurance policy from the United India Insurance Company is that the company offers a quick and hassle-free claim settlement process. the company settles the car insurance claim in the quickest time frame.
  2. 24*7 customer service:
    The company has a dedicated customer support team that offers 24*7 assistance. The main aim of this team is to resolve all the queries of the customer.
  3. Transparency:
    The company offers completely transparent services to the customers. The entire process starts from buying a policy to claim settlement procedure all services are offered seamlessly.
  4. Discounts:
    A wide range of discounts is available on the amount of premium payable. Customers can take advantage of the following discounts:
    • Vintage Car Discount:
      If your vehicle is purchased prior to 31.12.1940 and is duly certified as a vintage vehicle then you are eligible for a 25% discount on the OD rates
    • No Claim Bonus: 
      A No Claim Bonus ranging between 20% to 50% is available depending upon the number of claim-free years
    • Automobile Association Membership Discount:
      If you are a member of the Automobile Association then you are eligible for a 5% discount on the own damage premium amount up to a maximum of Rs 200
    • Discount for Anti-Theft Devices:
      If your car is installed with ARAI approved Anti-theft device then a discount of 2.5% on own damage cover is allowed subject to a maximum of Rs 200
    • A 50% discount on own damage premium is allowed if a vehicle is designed or modified for the use of the blind, handicapped, and mentally challenged person
  5. Extension of Cover:
    Additional coverage is offered on payment of additional premium under package and liability only policy in the following cases:
    • Extension of the geographical area where the car insurance coverage is provided in countries like Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives
    • Personal accident cover for named and unnamed persons traveling in the insured vehicle
    • Electrical and Electronic fittings can be separately covered by paying an additional 4% premium equivalent to the value of such fittings
    • CNG / LPG Bi-Fuel Kits coverage can be extended by paying an additional 4% premium equivalent to the value of such fittings
    • Courtesy Car Cover is offered where the insured vehicle is sent to the garage for repair works. This cover offers reimbursement of expenses incurred for the hire of a rental vehicle for a maximum period of 3 days or 5 days or 7 days with a maximum amount of Rs 1000 per day.
    • Medical Expenses: 
      This cover takes care of the medical expenses that might arise in the event of hospitalization due to an accident caused to the insured vehicle resulting in injury to the occupants

What is Covered in United India Package Car Insurance Policy?

The United India Car Insurance policy will indemnify the insured against the damages or losses caused to the insured vehicle due to:

  • Fire or Explosion caused by self-ignition or lightning
  • Burglary, Theft or Housebreaking
  • Act of Strike or Riot
  • Earthquake, fire or shock
  • Flood, typhoon, hurricane, storm, hailstorm, cyclone
  • An accident caused by external means
  • Malicious Act
  • Act of Terrorism
  • Damages caused to the vehicle in transit viz. inland roadways, waterways or air
  • Landslide or Rockslide

What is not Covered in United India Package Car Insurance Policy?

The following events are not covered under the policy

  • Contractual Liability
  • War Perils, Nuclear Perils
  • Damages caused due to drunken driving
  • Consequential loss caused due to depreciation, wear and tear of the vehicle, mechanical or electrical breakdown of the vehicle
  • Damages caused due to driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol or intoxication
  • Damages caused outside the geographical area
  • Damages caused while using a vehicle in contravention of the limitations as to use
  • Damages caused when the vehicle is driven by a person without a valid license

How to Apply For The United India Car Insurance Plan

Buying a United India Car Insurance Plan is quick, simple, and hassle-free. Customers who wish to apply for the United India car insurance plan can do it in two ways namely:

  1. Through Offline Channel: 
    Customers can apply for the United India Car Insurance Plan by either buying it from authorised agents or by visiting the nearest branch office. Offline channel refers to visiting the branch office or getting in touch with the tied agent.
  2. Through Online Channel: 
    The United India Insurance company has a strong digital presence where the company offers a strong platform for buying or applying car insurance policy. You can visit the link https://www.uiic.in/CustomerPortalWeb/data/MotorQuote.html#/motorQuote that offers ease of buying car insurance policy experience.

The United India Car Insurance Claim Process 

In the event of unfortunate loss customers of the United India Car Insurance are requested to follow the below-given steps for prompt claim settlement process:

  1. Contact the insurance provider office i.e., the issuing branch office of the United India Insurance Company, while if the accident takes place outside the city limits or in other cities then it is required to contact the nearest branch office.
  2. In the event of a major accident then keep the vehicle at the accident spot until the spot surveyor arrives to inspect the accident site.
  3. In the event of an accident that involves third party bodily injury or death the most important step is to inform the nearest police station about the accident
  4. After all the above-listed formalities are completed the car can then be moved to any authorised workshop
  5. Ask for estimated damage expenses and submit it along with other claim relevant documents to the insurance company for starting the claim settlement procedure
  6. Kindly note, the repair works on the damaged insured vehicle must not start until the final surveyor verifies the damages and gives a go-ahead signal for repair works.
  7. Once the repair works are completed the claim settlement will be done in two ways namely:
    • Cashless Claim Settlement: Under this process, the bill will be settled between the authorised workshop and the insurance provider (if it is a cashless claim)
    • Reimbursement Claim Settlement: In case of reimbursement claim the party has to settle the bills with the workshop and then submit the bills to claim reimbursement.

Usually, the United India Insurance offers prompt car insurance claim settlement service once they receive all the required relevant documents.

How to Renew Your Lapsed/Expired the United India Car Insurance Policy Online?

Renewing a car insurance policy is very important because driving with an expired or lapsed car insurance policy is considered to be illegal also all the benefits of car insurance cease to exist. Therefore, renewing your car insurance policy on time is an important task. For renewing car insurance policy customers can visit the link and quickly renew their policy https://www.uiic.in/CustomerPortalWeb/data/motorRenewal.html#/motorRenew . However, in the case of renewing a lapsed car insurance policy, the customer has to first get the car inspected by an authorised surveyor to ascertain the fitness of the vehicle. Once the vehicle is deemed fit the further procedure of renewing the car insurance can be undertaken. The following are the documents required for renewing a lapsed car insurance policy:

  • Car fitness certificate issued by the authorised surveyor
  • Duly filled proposal form
  • Copy of RC Book
  • Copy of all the KYC documents of the proposer
  • Copy of lapsed car insurance policy.

The United India Car Insurance Review

The United India Insurance Company has a very positive and stronghold in the hearts and minds of Indian Customers. The main reasons for the company’s popularity are unique products with attractive features and benefits, 24*7 customer service, prompt service offering, and lastly quick claim settlement period. The company offers car insurance policy at an affordable premium rate thereby making it one of the most preferred general insurance partners.

The United India Insurance Company Limited Car Insurance Customer Care Number

The customer care details of the United India Insurance Company Limited are as under:

Registered Office: United India Insurance Co. Ltd. 24, Whites Road, Chennai – 600014

Head Office: United India Insurance Co. Ltd. #19, Nungambakkam High Road, IV Lane, Chennai – 600034

Telephone number: 91-044-28575200

Customer Support email ID: customercare@uiic.co.in

For additional information kindly visit 


United India Car Insurance FAQs

  • 1. How many add-on covers does the United India Car Insurance Company offer?

    The company offers a wide range of add-on cover that helps to widen the scope of car insurance coverage and secure oneself financially against the damages and losses. All the add-on covers are available by paying a minimal premium amount.

  • 2. What is the incurred claim ratio of the United India Car Insurance Company?

    The incurred claim ratio is 120.79% for motor insurance for United India Insurance Company for 2018-19. 

  • 3. How can I check my United India Car Claim status online?

    To check the United India Car Insurance Claim status online kindly visit the https://portal.uiic.in/GCWebPortal/PolicyDocument/PolicyDocumentActionFirst.do

  • 4. How can I download my United India Car Policy Document Online?

    Visit https://portal.uiic.in/GCWebPortal/PolicyDocument/PolicyDocumentActionFirst.do to download your United India Car Insurance Policy Document online.

  • 5. How long does the United India Insurance Company Limited take to process and settle car insurance claims?

    The United India Insurance Company has a quick claim settlement process. The company processes the claim as soon as all the relevant documents are received by the company.

  • 6. Does the United India Insurance Company offer pay-as-you-drive car insurance?

    No, the company does not provide for pay-as-you-drive car insurance facility.

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