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Digit General Insurance has efficiently settled the claims of more than 2 crores of customers by protecting them against the legal and financial liabilities towards the third party. To help its customers Digit two-wheeler claim settlement has been developed in a user-friendly way with an active online chat option and helpline numbers. If your bike is insured by Digit General Insurance, you can claim bike insurance Digit after an accident. 

The insurance entitles you to receive compensation in the form of a claim for damages. The damage may include your vehicle, you, or a third party. Digit is bound to offer you financial assistance based on the insurance policy you have bought. 

Digit two wheeler insurance claim satisfies all the conditions where the insurance-holder can avail of cashless benefits at any of Digit’s network garages. Digit bike insurance claim settlement ratio is approximately 97%. Let’s discuss the process of claim settlement by Digit General Insurance.

Documents Required During Digit Claim Settlement

Documents are vital in the entire Digit two-wheeler insurance claim process. The list of documents that are required while applying for the claim is given below:

  • A duly filled Digit bike insurance claim form with your sign
  • Original policy documents
  • Evidence showing premium paid (payment receipts)
  • Copy of FIR (in case of a third-party claim)
  • Insured vehicle registration certificate
  • Estimate of repairs, stamped receipt, bills and cash memo of repairs
  • Driving licence
  • Verification of payment of road tax
  • Original bills and stamped receipts of the settlement stage
  • ‘No Trace Report’ of the insured bike from the police (in case of stolen)
  • Theft declaration from RTO (Regional Transport Office)
  • All sets of keys/ service booklets/ warranty card (in case of theft)

How to Make Digit Two Wheeler Insurance Claim Online?

You can initiate the Digit bike insurance claim online with a super simple claim process and that too is paperless:

  • Visit the Digit General Insurance website
  • Look for their toll-free helpline number
  • Make a call and intimate them about the mishaps that happened
  • Receive a link for self-inspection on your mobile number
  • Make the video of the damages suffered by your bike from your smartphone through a guided process
  • Digit General Insurance team will then examine the damages and get back to you with an estimate
  • Visit any of 2200+ authorised garages for cashless repairs.

Initiating the Digit claim settlement process can be done in two ways:

  • Cashless claim settlement
  • Reimbursement claim settlement

How to Make Digit Cashless Bike Insurance Claim?

The cashless claim process of Digit two-wheeler insurance is very simply formulated. Check the steps to be followed below:

  1. Inform Digit at the earliest in the event of an accident to initiate the claim process.
  2. The customer support of Digit will reach out and will provide you step by step guide to shoot the damages suffered from your smartphone.
  3. A surveyor will be assigned who will assess the damange.
  4. After the Digit insurance team verifies the damages sustained in the accident, the claim settlement process is started instantly. You can check Digit bike insurance claim status by visiting the company website.
  5. Then, take your bike to any network garage and get it repaired. The garage expert will send the invoices to Digit, and the insurer will settle the claim amount directly with the garage.
  6. Pay the necessary deductibles and take your bike home after it is repaired.

How to Make Digit Reimbursement Two Wheeler Insurance Claim?

You can register a reimbursement claim bike insurance Digit if you couldn’t find a network garage nearby or want to repair your insured bike at any other workshop. A reimbursement claim makes you get compensation for the repair cost. The reimbursement claim process has been discussed below:

  1. The first step involves informing the insurer without fail. If the need arises, lodge an FIR as well.
  2. Digit’s customer support will reach out and provide you assistance to shoot the damages suffered from your smartphone.
  3. The surveyor will assess the extent of damage.
  4. After the Digit bike insurance team verifies the damages sustained in the accident, the company starts the claim settlement process instantly.
  5. Then, get your bike repaired easily at your preferred garages. And submit all the receipts to the insurer.

Common Digit Two Wheeler Insurance Claim Rejection Reasons

The insurer also has the right to reject the Digit bike insurance claim initiated by the policyholder in the following cases:

  • If your policy has been expired
  • If no evidence of the accident is found
  • In case the policyholder provides wrong information

Digit No Claim Bonus

Digit General Insurance offers a no-claim bonus to its bike insurance holders as a reward for not raising even one claim during the policy tenure. The bonus can range anywhere from 20%-50%, and it helps in lessening the policy premium at the time of renewal.

Digit Bike Insurance Claim FAQs

  • 1. What is the Digit bike insurance claim settlement ratio?

    The Digit two-wheeler insurance claim settlement ratio is approximately 97%.

  • 2. Can I claim bike insurance Digit if my bike is damaged in the riots?

    If you have purchased Digit comprehensive insurance, then you can claim your insurance if your bike is damaged in the riots.

  • 3. Who decides the Digit bike insurance claim amount in case a third-party suffered loss during an accident?

    The claim amount in case of third-party loss is evaluated by the court of law. 

  • 4. What proofs to show during Digit bike Insurance claim if the vehicle is stolen?

    In case of theft of an insured vehicle, a copy of the FIR is compulsory while claiming the insurance amount.

  • 5. How much discount does one get with Digit no claim bonus?

    For the first no claim year, you may get a discount of 20%. This can rise up to 50% if you don’t raise a claim for five consecutive years.

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