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A third-party insurance policy is made mandatory for the car owners to have as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. So, if your car causes damage to any third-party asset or injuries to a third person, this policy will compensate the concerned individual for the loss. You won’t have to bear the expenses for the repairing works of the third-party property and the treatments of the injured third person. Besides bodily injuries, a third-party or liability-only insurance cover also compensates for the death of any third person. You can thus buy third-party car insurance from United India, a trusted name in the general insurance segment of India. Let’s check more about United India third-party car insurance.

How does United India Third-Party Car Insurance Work?

If a policyholder encounters a sudden accident, the United India third-party insurance policy will help cover the cost of third-party property repairs. Hence, the policyholder's financial burden is reduced. Before filing a claim, the insured must tell the car insurance company as soon as possible after an accident. The company will employ a surveyor to inspect the damages and verify the estimated cost of repairs after the claim is lodged. United India settles the claim after the verification is done.

United India Third Party Car Insurance vs Comprehensive Car Insurance 

The potential customers must perform thorough research and comparison of the third-party 3rd party insurance and the other popular insurance cover - comprehensive insurance. Let's look at the fundamental distinctions between these two high-demand policies:

ParametersUnited India Third-Party Car InsuranceUnited India Comprehensive Car Insurance
CoverageCovers injury, death, permanent disability of the third party as well as the property of the concerned individual.Covers third-party claims as well as the damage to you and your vehicle due to accidents, man-made or natural disasters.
PremiumIts premium is much less as its coverage is very limitedOwing to its extensive coverage, you will need to pay a higher premium.
Add-on CoversYou cannot buy add-on covers with this policy.Here, add-on covers can be integrated.
Legal CompulsionIt is compulsory to have.You can choose not to have it.

How to Buy United India Third-Party Car Insurance?

Visit the official website of United India for buying third-party car insurance. Choose the policy and enter basic information such as automobile model, PIN, registration year, previous policy data, etc. In the final step, you need to make a successful payment. Also, if you need to renew your third-party insurance, simply login to your account and continue with the renewal. You can purchase or renew United India third-party car insurance by visiting any of its branch offices near you. 

What All is Covered Under United India Third-Party Car Insurance Plan?

United India third-party car insurance plan comes with the following coverages-

  • Personal Damage to the Third Party

For those unpredictable and worst occasions when your car causes bodily harm or, in the worst-case scenario, death to a third party. Your United India third-party automobile insurance covers all costs and damages incurred due to the accident.

  • Damages to the Third-Party Property/Vehicle

The cover protects you against significant damages if your car causes damage to someone else's vehicle, house, or property.

  • Personal Accident Cover for Owner Driver

If you don't already have personal accident cover, you can add it to your United India third-party car iInsurance to protect yourself against financial damages if you are physically wounded in an accident.

What All is not Covered Under United India Third Party Car Insurance?

Whether you buy comprehensive vehicle insurance online or from the nearest branch, your policy will most certainly contain certain limitations. Exclusions in car insurance refer to the hazards that are not covered under the policy. For that, the customer should read the United India third-party car insurance document carefully before buying it. Check out the exclusions of this policy-

  • If the car, which got involved in an accident injuring the third party or the property of the concerned individual, was used for an illegal or malicious purpose .
  • Loss incurred due to the driver's negligence or not having a valid licence while meeting with an accident.
  • No coverage for your vehicle against damages or total loss.

Key Benefits of Purchasing United India Third Party Car Insurance

United India third-party car insurance offers the following benefits.

  • Extends Legal and Financial Support 

United India third-party car insurance covers third-party injury, death or even property damage. For property damage, the maximum compensation amount is set at INR 7.5 lakh. However, in case of bodily injury, permanent disability or death of the third-party, the court decides the compensation amount.

  • Provides You Great Peace of Mind 

Third-party claims can be overbearing mentally. So, with a United India third-party car insurance policy, you are free from such worries.

  • Quick Processing

Third-party car insurance coverage can be purchased quickly and easily on the insurance company's website or at its branch.

United India Third Party Insurance Review

This third-party insurance is worth buying with United India. It relieves you financially as well as mentally against the third-party claims. Imagine the legal hassle you may face and the mental agony will have without this insurance. All that calls for an early purchase of third-party car insurance with United India.

Key Benefits Of Purchasing Raheja QBE Third-party Insurance?

Raheja QBE third-party car insurance policy includes the following features and benefits.

  • The policyholder will receive third-party legal liability coverage in the event of an unintentional loss or damage to a third party. Also, Raheja QBE will compensate the third party for an injury, disability, or death.
  • This third-party policy covers the insured's financial and legal obligations. In addition, the policy offers financial assistance at each stage. As a result, the car owner does not need to be concerned because all third-party accidental expenses will be covered.
  • Purchasing this Raheja QBE car insurance policy is highly cost-effective in terms of premium. Because of its low cost, the premium for this policy would be easy on your wallet.
  • Purchasing this policy online is a quick, simple, and seamless process. This policy is easily purchased online in a few simple steps.
  • Having this policy provides you with a sense of security and peace of mind. In addition, you are now financially and legally protected.

Raheja QBE Third-party Car Insurance Review

Raheja QBE’s third-party car insurance policy can assist in settling the losses incurred in the event of an accident. It protects the policyholder from financial and legal losses. In addition, it compensates for both property damage and loss of life.

United India Third-party Car Insurance FAQs

  • 1. What makes me eligible for a United India third-party car insurance policy?

    Raheja QBE third-party car insurance is available to car owners who have registered their vehicles with the Regional Transport Authority of India (RTA).

  • 2. Is it safer to buy a third-party insurance policy online with United India?

    Yes, United India allows the customer to safely buy any insurance plan online or offline.

  • 3. How much is the United India third-party car insurance premium?

    The premium will depend on the IRDAI regulations regarding third-party car insurance. However, it remains far less than the other car insurance variants.

  • 4. Can I skip buying United India third-party insurance if I am a skilled driver?

    Regardless of driving skills or claim history, all automobile owners are required to acquire third-party coverage. 

  • 5. Does United India third-party car insurance cover your vehicle?

    No, it doesn’t. It only saves you against third-party claims. For your vehicle, you can buy United India comprehensive policy that will also cover third-party claims.

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