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According to the Indian Motor Vehicles Law, bike insurance is a must in India before plying your bike on Indian roads. Not only that, but an insurance policy can also be considered as a prudent financial decision to guard you from the costs that may arise if you face an accident while driving your bike. If you purchase this and the compulsory third-party insurance, it will give you holistic protection.

How does United India Standalone Two Wheeler Insurance Policy Work?

Riding a two-wheeler has a few risks. Your family members worry about your safety for these reasons. If you get standalone two-wheeler insurance, you and your two-wheeler will be financially protected from several accidents/mishaps. These include theft, accidents, fires, and natural or man-made calamities. Purchased along with your compulsory third-party insurance, it will give you all-around protection.

For example, you've recently purchased a new two-wheeler and immediately bought a 5-year third-party two-wheeler insurance policy to cover legal as well as third-party liabilities. 

But after one year, you feel the necessity of protecting your two-wheeler from damages and losses, you will have to wait for your insurance renewal to upgrade to bike insurance policy.

This is the situation where you can buy United India standalone bike insurance online for your two-wheeler instead. Thus, you will be able to protect your motorcycle too at a reasonable rate. 

United India Standalone Two Wheeler Insurance Vs Third Party Two Wheeler Insurance Vs Comprehensive Two Wheeler Insurance

AspectUnited India Standalone Bike InsuranceUnited India Third Party Bike InsuranceUnited India Comprehensive Bike Insurance
CoverageA standalone insurance is meant to provide financial coverage to the insured two-wheeler only.In contrast to standalone insurance, third-party insurance only covers third-party damages.This type of policy is meant to provide protection to both – third party and insured vehicle.
Add-on facilitiesYou can choose from various add-on covers.No add-on covers are available with this type of policy.It also provides a wide range of add-ons. You can choose from various add-on covers.
CostsIt is expensive than third-party insurance as it gives better coverage.It is the least expensive because it gives the minimum coverage.It is the most expensive insurance as it gives coverage for both own damage costs as well as third party liabilities.
LegalIt's optionalIt's mandatory by lawIt's optional

What All is Covered Under United India Standalone Two Wheeler Insurance Policy?

  • Road accidents/mishaps that damage the bike.
  • A fire or explosion injures the motorcycle.
  • If the bike is damaged beyond repair or stolen and even police cannot trace it.
  • A natural disaster/man-made calamity that damages the motorcycle.

What All is not Covered Under United India Standalone Two Wheeler Insurance Policy?

  • Third-party liabilities.
  • Mechanical or electrical failures of the bike.
  • Damages were caused to the bike because of illegal driving.
  • Regular wear and tear of the bike (depreciation).
  • Any mishap that occurs outside the geographical location stated in the policy document.

United India Standalone Two Wheeler Insurance Benefits

  • The standalone policy of United India two wheeler insurance will take care of your two-wheeler in the case of road accidents, vandalism, fires, explosions, and/or calamities.
  • For each and every claim-free year, the insurance provider will award you a no claim bonus or NCB, which increases with each consecutive year.
  • You can opt for add-on covers and the insurance to further extend your insurance coverage.
  • You can get easily and seamless cashless claim settlement.

United India Standalone Two Wheeler Insurance Review

United India offers high coverage at a relatively lower premium than other insurance brands. United India offers policyholders various different payment options, making the payment easy and convenient. The insured can get their policy renewed in less time.

United India Standalone Bike Insurance FAQs

  • 1. What does the term two-wheeler refer to in standalone bike insurance?

    The term two-wheeler refers to motorcycle/scooter/autocycle or any other motorized two-wheeler.

  • 2. How does the IDV (Insured's Declared Value) affect United India bike insurance policy?

    The insured vehicle's IDV will be used as the 'SUM INSURED' for this policy, which will be set at the start of each insurance period.

    The IDV of the bike (and any accessories, if any, fitted to the bike) is determined based on the manufacturer's quoted selling price of the company and model of the insured bike during the insurance/renewal, and depreciation is taken into account.

  • 3. If I face any problem regarding the United India standalone bike insurance, what should I do?

    You may contact their customer support at customercare@uiic.co.in or   online.policy@uiic.co.inYou can also reach out to United India at their official Twitter account: Twitter@UnitedIndiaInsu

  • 4. What should I do if I don't know the registration number of my bike while purchasing United India standalone bike insurance?

    In such circumstances, you can instead input the vehicle's manufacturer, model, and registration year.

  • 5. How can I get my United India standalone bike insurance document after completing the purchasing procedure?

    After completing the purchasing procedure, the policy document will be mailed to your registered email account.

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