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Kotak Two Wheeler Insurance Highlights

Kotak (Two Wheeler Insurance)
Kotak General Insurance, a subsidiary of Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd., offers a wide range of non-life insurance products such as vehicle insurance, health insurance, etc, to tap into the emerging protection needs. Its strong management practices and a team of experienced professionals have allowed it to insure 45 lakh+ customers till September 2021.
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-Door step repair & spot settlement option for small claims in metro cities
close -Door step repair & spot settlement option for small claims in metro cities

Buying insurance for one’s bike is now considered not a wishful activity but a necessary one. Having at least a third-party liability cover has been made mandatory by the recent changes in the Motor Law. But with India’s traffic and exceptional amount of minor and major road runs, having just third-party insurance is not enough. It is advisable to have at least comprehensive cover.. 

Now buying bike insurance has become a hassle-free thing, thanks to so many insurance companies coming out with extensive coverage ideas with minimalistic paperwork. But most of the time, people forget to renew the insurance or simply don’t wish to renew the insurance, thinking it to be a burden. But here is the thing, the Kotak Mahindra bike insurance renewal process is meant to save their customers from unnecessary processes and wastage of time. Customers are required to renew their policy before the expiration date to keep enjoying the benefits of the cover. But in case a customer forgets to do so, then he/she can go through the renewal process of Kotak Mahindra two-wheeler insurance up to 30 days after the expiry of the insurance.

Kotak Mahindra Bike Insurance Policy Renewal – Online Process

The Kotak Mahindra two-wheeler policy online renewal process is meant for people who wish to save their time and energy to the most optimum level. The renewal process is as simple as buying the policy, or might it be said that even smoother. The following steps need to be followed for the online renewal of the Kotak Mahindra two-wheeler policy-

  1. The policyholder needs to visit the website of Kotak Mahindra.
  2. On the website, one needs to visit the policy renewal page.
  3. After entering the bike registration number and other details, one needs to choose the policy one wants to continue with.
  4. This includes updating the IDV and choosing the add-ons.
  5. Once this is done, the site shows the premium amount.
  6. One can select to pay the premium amount by any of the online payment options.
  7. Once the renewal process of Kotak Mahindra bike insurance is completed, the company sends a soft copy of the updated policy to the customer’s registered email id.

Kotak Mahindra Bike Insurance Policy Renewal – Offline Process

Despite the urge to get everything done online these days, many people still like to go around the offline way. The Kotak Mahindra offline bike insurance renewal process is also an easy process and does need a lot of documentation, just like its online counterpart. Below is the process that needs to be followed for the offline renewal of Kotak Mahindra bike insurance-

  1. The policyholder needs to visit the insurer’s office for policy renewal.
  2. An application form is required to be filled out by the policyholder giving details of the insured bike along with the details of the current policy.
  3. Once the application form is submitted, a quote is generated.
  4. The premium can be paid in cash or via demand draft, credit card, and cheque.
  5. In case the premium is paid in the form of cash or demand draft or with a credit card, the policy is instantly updated, and the soft copy is sent to the registered email id of the policyholder.
  6. In the case of payment via cheque, it takes a little time for the policy to be updated due to clearing the cheque.

Kotak Mahindra Bike Insurance Renewal Benefits

There are several benefits of renewal of Kotak Mahindra bike insurance policy. Some of them are listed below –

  1. Helps to Easily Update Personal Details – During the process of policy renewal, one can easily change and update one’s address, phone number, or any such personal details without any additional applications.
  2. Helps in Avoiding Fines – It is impossible to not attract fines while driving without insurance. Keeping expired insurance does not help either. So updating or with renewal of the Kotak Mahindra bike insurance policy, one can save a lot by not paying unnecessary fines.
  3. Enjoying the Benefits of Insurance – The bike insurance provides the add-ons with so many benefits that help in not just saving tons of money but also helps in having a smooth ride with facilities like on the road assistance and instant claim settlements.
  4. Discounts on Renewal – Upon Kotak Mahindra two-wheeler insurance renewal, the insurance company offers amazing discounts to their former customers as part of brand loyalty and customer-brand relationship.
  5. NCB Benefits – The No Claim Bonus benefits are immense in the case of Kotak Mahindra bike insurance policy renewal. Not updating the policy before the date of expiry may put an end to such benefits.

Kotak Mahindra Two Wheeler Insurance Renewal FAQs

  • 1. Can Kotak Mahindra bike insurance renewal happen after the expiry of the policy?

    Yes, the policy can be renewed even after the expiry of up to 90 days of grace period. However, renewing the policy before the expiry date is recommended to ensure a smooth and insured ride.

  • 2. Is it necessary to renew Kotak Mahindra bike insurance policy every year?

    Yes, generally, policies are bought for one year. However, policies with longer insurance periods such as 3 or 5 years can be easily bought from the insurance company. Thus, you can avoid the hassle of yearly renewal. 

  • 3. What are the disadvantages of not renewing one’s Kotak Mahindra bike insurance policy?

    There are a number of disadvantages, such as – attracting fines, NCB disagreement, and others.

  • 4. Can new covers be added to the Kotak Mahindra two- wheeler insurance policy?

    Yes, new covers can be added to the existing policy during the renewal of the policy.

  • 5. Does a customer enjoy any grace period before the Kotak Mahindra bike insurance policy renewal after expiry?

    Yes, a customer is given a 90-days grace period in which he/she can renew the policy.

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