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Royal Sundaram General Insurance provides a wide range of insurance options. However, they offer three main types of insurance for two-wheelers: third-party, standalone own-damage, and comprehensive. The Royal Sundaram standalone two-wheeler insurance is an excellent addition to third-party insurance. In many scenarios, such as natural disasters and road accidents, it covers own-damage costs. Furthermore, having compensation for damages in times of crisis gives the policyholder a sense of security and financial stability.

Royal Sundaram Standalone Two-wheeler Insurance Policy

A Royal Sundaram two-wheeler standalone insurance policy is an optional but valuable two wheeler insurance policy that protects your vehicle. While you may currently be covered by third-party bike insurance, you may need to safeguard your vehicle against damage at some point in the future, necessitating the purchase of standalone OD bike insurance.

A Royal Sundaram two-wheeler standalone insurance policy for personal damage can protect your automobile from a range of losses that third-party bike insurance won't cover. One can have multiple add-ons to enhance the policy's coverage. As a result, if your bike is stolen, suffers unintentional damage, or is destroyed due to irrevocable damage or theft, you will be financially compensated. You can protect yourself against damages that aren't covered by standalone vehicle insurance by using add-ons.

Royal Sundaram Standalone Bike Insurance vs. Third-Party Bike Insurance vs. Comprehensive

ParametersComprehensive InsuranceThird Party InsuranceStandalone Two Wheeler Insurance
CoverageIn an unexpected event, Royal Sundaram’s comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy provides all-around protection by covering both own damage costs and third-party liabilities.One of the most basic policies offered by Royal Sundaram is third-party two-wheeler insurance. It is required by law and will only cover third-party liabilities such as personal injury, death, and property damage.In the case of a disaster, Royal Sundaram standalone two-wheeler insurance covers just own damage payments. It includes fires, floods, explosions, and bike accidents, among other things.
Add-onsAlong with a full two-wheeler insurance coverage, add-on covers are also available.

Add-on covers are not available with a Royal Sundaram third-party two-wheeler insurance policy.


Add-ons can be acquired with a Royal Sundaram standalone two-wheeler insurance policy.
CostRoyal Sundaram's comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policies provide complete coverage, but they are also the most expensive.The third-party two-wheeler insurance offered by Royal Sundaram is the most basic and, as a result, the most affordable option.The Royal Sundaram standalone two-wheeler insurance provides more coverage than third-party insurance and is thus more expensive.

What All is Covered Under Royal Sundaram Standalone Bike Insurance Policy?

The following situations are covered by Royal Sundaram bike insurance:

  • Accidents on the road that cause harm to a two-wheeler in any way
  • If the two-wheeler is damaged as a result of a fire or explosion
  • Instances where the two-wheeler has been stolen or is irreparably ruined
  • Cases in which a natural or man-made disaster wrecks a two-wheeler

What All is Not Included Under Royal Sundaram Standalone Bike Insurance Policy?

The following situations are not covered by Royal Sundaram standalone bike insurance:

  • Third-party liabilities
  • When a two-wheeler breaks down because of a mechanical or electrical problem
  • Cases of illegal two-wheeler riding or misuse
  • The pace at which a two-wheeler depreciates as a result of normal wear and tear
  • Any accident that causes damage to a two-wheeler outside of India's borders
  • When a bike is being damaged under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • When a bike breaks down while carrying invalid driving licence/policy papers

Royal Sundaram Standalone Bike Insurance Benefits

The following are the advantages of acquiring Royal Sundaram standalone two-wheeler insurance:

  • In several instances, the policy will protect the two-wheeler by compensating for the expense of its own damage.
  • Every policyholder with this coverage is entitled to a No Claim Bonus for each year without a claim.
  • Own-damage policies come with many add-ons that can be purchased to enhance the policy's coverage.


Royal Sundaram Standalone Bike Insurance FAQs

  • 1. Is there a cashless option with Royal Sundaram vehicle insurance?

    Yes, Royal Sundaram has 3868 network garages across India that provide cashless services.

  • 2. What factors influence the cost of my Royal Sundaram standalone bike insurance?

    The following factors determine the Royal Sundaram standalone bike insurance premium: 

    • Insured's Declared Value (IDV)
    • Cubic capacity of the vehicle
    • Geographical location
    • Year of manufacture
  • 3. How can one file a claim for Royal Sundaram two-wheeler standalone insurance?

    You will need the following documents to make a Royal Sundaram standalone two-wheeler insurance claim. 

    • A copy of the policy document
    • A copy of the police report (FIR)
    • A copy of the registration certificate
    • Original repair bills for the vehicle
    • Proof of the mishap
  • 4. Is my bike’s standalone damage insurance required?

    As long as you have a basic third-party bike insurance, Royal Sundaram standalone bike insurance, also known as standalone damage policy, is not required by law.

  • 5. Why should I get own-damage bike insurance separately?

    It would help if you considered purchasing a Royal Sundaram standalone bike insurance coverage to safeguard your vehicle from damages or losses caused by theft, fire, mishap, accident, and other factors. In case of an accident, the insurance company is responsible for the cost of replacing or repairing the damaged bike parts.

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