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Care Health Insurance FAQs

  • 1. Does Care health insurance cover Covid-19 treatment?

    Yes, indemnity oriented health insurance policies offered by Care cover COVID treatments. However, under regular health plans, the cost of consumables would not be covered. For complete coverage, you can opt for Corona Kavach policy offered by Care which covers all hospitalisation costs incurred on COVID treatments.

  • 2. Which Care health insurance plan is best for my family?

    Care is best for your family as it allows a comprehensive scope of coverage and high sum insured levels. You can also customize the coverage based on your coverage needs and tailor the plan.

  • 3. Do I need a separate health plan if my company is already providing?

    Even if your company is already offering a group health insurance plan, you should opt for an independent health plan for customized coverage. The company-sponsored health plan might prove inadequate in medical emergencies and so having a separate plan would help in supplementing your coverage. You can opt for regular health plans or Care’s Enhance plan which is a super top-up policy which allows you to increase the coverage at lower premiums.

  • 4. Can I add children in my existing Care health insurance plan?

    Yes, you can add children in your existing Care health insurance plan at the time of renewals. If you have an individual policy, convert the policy to floater coverage and add children. Many Care plans allow newborn baby coverage until the date of the baby’s birth to up to 90 days. After this, you can add the newborn baby to the coverage by paying additional premiums.

  • 5. Does any health insurance plan cover maternity expenses?

    Yes, Care’s Joy is a maternity health plan which covers maternity expenses. You can also get coverage for maternity expenses in higher variants of Care plan.

  • 6. Does Care allow portability?

    Yes, portability is allowed under Care health insurance plans. You can either port into Care health plans or port out from them. Porting can be done at the time of renewals by informing the insurance company in advance.

  • 7. Is Care Health Insurance Company Recommended For Health Plans?

    Yes, Care Health Insurance Company is one of the best standalone health insurance providers in India. It offers a range of comprehensive health plans and is recommended for your health insurance needs.

Care Health Insurance Renewal FAQs

  • 1. Can I modify my Care health insurance plan's covered amount?

    Yes, You can alter your Care health insurance plan's sum insured, but only at the Care health policy renewal time and not in between.

  • 2. Does renewal of Care health insurance provide me with the benefit of NCB?

    Yes, Care health insurance provides you with the NCB benefit, which is the reward for not filing a claim during the policy year, known as a no-claim bonus (NCB). It is an additional sum made available as an enhanced sum insured for each year without a claim. No medical coverage insurance will allow the NCB amount to go up to 50% of the base amount insured. The bonus can go up to 100% with an optional NCB Super. A regular NCB feature will raise your sum insured by 10% for every claim-free year to up to 50%.

  • 3. What is the Care health insurance renewal waiting period?

    Before submitting a health insurance claim, you must wait a certain number of days, known as the Care waiting period. There are three different sorts of waiting periods: a 30-day initial waiting period, a waiting period for pre-existing diseases, and a waiting time for certain conditions or therapies.

  • 4. What is the Care health insurance renewal grace period?

    Yes, an insured individual is given a grace period of 30 days to renew their Care health insurance policy.

  • 5. How can I get in contact with customer care for my Care health insurance renewal online?

    You can get in touch with customer care through their toll-free number if you have any queries regarding Care health insurance online payment. You can call 1800-102-4488 for any services regarding Care health insurance, or you can email at the following email id:

Care Health Insurance Claim Settlement FAQs

  • 1. How long is the time limit for settling a claim in ManipalCigna?

    In general, the firm responds to claims within 7 working days of receiving the last 'required' document. However, in some circumstances, the deadlines are extended. These should take no longer than 30 days.

  • 2. What are the causes for the claim amount being reduced?

    The amount of the claim can be reduced for any of the following reasons:

    1. Non-Medical costs such as phone bills, refreshments, and so forth are not reimbursable
    2. Absence of valid documents or prescriptions
    3. Exhaustion of the insured sum
    4. Exceeding the defined sub-limits
    5. If a co-payment is required
    6. Cost limits for any given treatment or benefit
    7. Authentic reports/bills are no longer available
    8. Expenses for any studies or therapy that are unrelated to the condition for which the patient is hospitalisedease or accident that happens during a policy year.

    This information is only illustrative and may differ depending on your coverage plan.

  • 3. Will my ManipalCigna claim be approved if I fail to submit it on time?

    In some cases, yes. Generally, the completed claim form and paperwork must be submitted to the firm within the specified timeframes. If the deadline is missed, but the policyholder can demonstrate that the lag was legitimate and unavoidable, accompanied with evidence, the claim will be approved.

  • 4. Is there any inquiry that takes place after the ManipalCigna claim is filed?

    For cashless claims, the hospital resolves all queries, so there isn’t any further enquiry. However, for reimbursement claims, the insurer can choose to enquire about the claim if there is any suspicion regarding the legitimacy of the claim. So, to avoid all confusion, you need to submit all relevant documents and claim only if the same is legitimate. 

  • 5. What are the most prevalent reasons for ManipalCigna claim rejection?

    The following are the most prevalent reasons for claim rejection:

    1. If the claim is raised within the waiting period for the policy.
    2. If there is an exclusion for pre-existing illness and a claim is raised for the same.
    3. If there has been a non-disclosure or misrepresentation of material facts regarding any pre-existing ailment, diagnosis, or treatment for the same.
    4. If you violate the terms and conditions of the policy as defined in the policy document.
    5. If all documents are not provided on time, or there has been a delay in the claim intimation.
    6. If there has been a sub-limit or an exclusion for any particular ailment.

    In fact, there could be multiple reasons for the rejection of a claim. But if you follow the process to the tee and submit all relevant documents, your claim will be cleared on time without delay.

Care Health Insurance Policy Download FAQs

  • 1. Can I process the Care health policy document download online option several times?

    Yes, you are permitted to download your policy document from the insurer's website for unlimited times. Care health insurance policy download by policy number can be done with a few steps on the official Care health insurance website. 

  • 2. What is the number for customer care, if I have questions regarding my Care health insurance policy download?

    The process for your Care health insurance policy download is fairly convenient and easy to attain, but if you require help, Care health insurance customer care is always there to guide you through the process. The customer care number of care health Insurance is 886040252. It’s a WhatsApp number wherein you need to text Hi. You can even download the Care health insurance customer care app to know policy download options.

  • 3. What specific details are included in the Care health insurance download policy?

    The Care health insurance download policy specifics are all contained in the policy paperwork. The paper may be used to find out information on coverage specifics, exclusions, co-payments, deductibles, premium schedules, etc. 

  • 4. Does the Care health insurance download policy contain my coverage-specific deductibles?

    Yes, the Care health insurance download policy provides you coverage-specific deductibles on the document. 

  • 5. Where to look for my Care Health Insurance coverage specific inclusions and exclusions?

    Your Care health insurance download policy will go over inclusions and exclusions. Inclusions are pre and post-hospitalisation expenses, day care procedures, modern treatment coverage, NCB benefits, etc. Here are some of the basic exclusions that come with every plan under Care health insurance:

    • Pre-existing Conditions: Any illnesses before purchasing a Care health insurance policy are not covered till the waiting period ends. The waiting period could stretch to four years.
    • Self-Inflicted Injury: Any medical costs brought on by self-inflicted harm, such as suicide and suicide attempts.
    • Alcohol Consumption: Any costs related to the use, abuse, or misuse of alcohol or other drugs.
    • Pregnancy and other associated conditions: Treatment arising from or traceable to pregnancy, delivery, abortion, miscarriage, and its aftereffects are not reimbursed under Care health insurance.
    • Treatment for Infertility: IVF and other infertility-related medical procedures are not covered by Care health insurance.
    • Permanent Exclusions: War, riots, strikes, and illness brought on by nuclear weapons are all seen as permanent exclusions.
    • Plastic Surgery: Care health insurance plans do not provide coverage for aesthetic procedures like plastic surgery, cosmetic treatments, or implants unless they are medically necessary for the survival of the insured.

Care Health Insurance Benefits FAQs

  • 1. Are pre- and post-hospitalization costs provided by Care health insurance plans?

    Yes. Under any of the benefits of Care health insurance coverage, costs for 30 days before hospitalisation and 60 days following hospitalisation are covered by the company.

  • 2. Do Care health insurance plan benefits include outpatient dental and ophthalmic treatments?

    Yes. Some service health insurance plans, such as the Youth Health Insurance plan, provide you outpatient coverage, which includes any care delivered without hospital admission. Consultations, rehabilitation, and testing are among the procedures carried out at an outpatient clinic. Dental treatment refers to any procedure involving your teeth, whereas ophthalmic therapy refers to any procedure for or related to the medical care of the individual's eyes.

  • 3. Do Care health insurance plan benefits expand to coverage against robotic surgeries?

    Yes, Care health insurance benefits expand to robotic surgeries and other modern therapies under some of their plan coverages, like their family health insurance.

  • 4. Can policyholders of Care health insurance receive extra benefits?

    Yes. If you are protected by a Care health insurance policy, you may be eligible for additional benefits. These include yearly health check-up coverage, lifelong renewability, and benefit portability. Additionally, you may get several riders, such as a critical illness, for maximum protection. The riders will come for an additional cost.

  • 5. Will my Care health insurance premium payments qualify me for tax benefits?

    Yes, subject to some restrictions, you are eligible for the benefit of income tax advantages on health insurance premiums paid toward your policy. You can claim a deduction when submitting tax returns under section 80D of the Income Tax Act. Here are several ways Care health insurance may help you save taxes. -

    • Tax deductions of up to INR 25,000 are allowed for family and individual health insurance.
    • You may claim up to INR 50,000 in tax benefits under a family plan that includes your parents, who must be under 60.
    • Get an extra deduction under the medical insurance plan of up to INR 50,000 for one of your elderly parents.

Care Health Network Hospitals FAQs

  • 1. What is cashless health insurance?

    The majority of health insurance providers offer cashless health insurance. If the hospital is included in the insurer's network, they will pay the hospital bills immediately in a cashless facility. The insured does not have to settle the bill upfront. The Care health insurance provides you with coverages that all fall under cashless health insurance.

  • 2. How many hospitals do I have access to under the Care health insurance plan?

    The Care health insurance provides you with more than 19,000 care health insurance network hospitals under their coverage.

  • 3. Do I have access to robotic surgery on the Care health insurance hospital list near me?

    Yes, if you are insured for family health insurance from care, you will be eligible to receive care regarding robotic surgery. To know if you have access to this treatment in the network hospitals near you. You need to locate the Care health insurance hospital lists online. You can search if those hospitals have the treatment available or you can call the authorities and ask from them.

  • 4. Do I have access to advanced technology at the Care health insurance network hospital?

    Yes, Care health insurance provides you with advanced technology treatment like HIV/AIDS, robotic surgery under some of their coverage like complete health, the family health insurance coverage.

  • 5. Am I eligible to make a claim at a non-network hospital?

    Yes, you are eligible to make a reimbursement claim at a non-network hospital. You will have to pay for the treatment upfront from your own pocket before you can make a claim to the Care health insurance about it. Once you have completed the payment process, you can make a claim and attack the necessary details like the invoice, doctor’s prescription, etc.

Care Health Insurance Premium Calculator FAQs

  • 1. How to use the Care health insurance premium calculator to compare health insurance premiums?

    A plan's coverage, co-payment policy, restoration benefits, PED waiting time, and other details are displayed by the Care health insurance premium calculator. These elements may be used to compare and select the best health insurance plan.

  • 2. What benefits come from utilising the premium calculator for Care health insurance?

    The following are some of the main benefits of utilising a Care health insurance premium calculator:

    1. Accurately estimates the cost of the premium.
    2. Zero complicated computations.
    3. Ensures accurate calculations.
    4. Aids in comparing various premium amounts.
    5. Allows you to quickly check the premium and customise your coverage.
  • 3. How may Care health insurance plan rates be reduced?

    Some suggestions for reducing your health insurance premium are provided below for Care health     insurance plans:

    • Select family health insurance floater policies rather than individual ones.
    • Increase your coverage by using a top-up health insurance plan.
    • Utilize a premium calculator to contrast several health insurance options.
    • Early health insurance purchase.
    • Make deductible and co-payment choices.
  • 4. How do Care health insurance premiums for parents are calculated?

    The Care health mediclaim premium calculator may be used to determine the costs of the health insurance plans that Care health insurance offers. The premium is calculated based on a variety of variables, including the total insured value, add-on benefits, policy duration, insured's age, the number of individuals covered, and others. You may adjust your selections and observe how the premium value fluctuates.

  • 5. Do I have to pay GST on Care health insurance plan premiums?

    Yes. When purchasing Care health insurance's health insurance policies, you must pay GST at a rate of 18%.

Care Health Insurance Top Up Plans FAQs

  • 1. My doctor advised me to have AYUSH Treatment. Does Care Enhance Top-Up policy cover the same?

    No. The Care Enhance Top-Up policy does not cover any alternative treatment.

  • 2. What is the age requirement of the Care Enhance Top-Up policy?

    Care Enhance Top-Up policy needs the applicant to be at least 18 years old to be eligible for coverage. Dependent children need to be at least five years old to be eligible for individual coverage. Family floater plans cover dependent children from Day 1.

  • 3. What is the sum insured amount for the Care Enhance Top-Up policy?

    Care Enhance Top-Up policy provides a sum insured amount of INR 1 lakh to 30 lakhs for Enhance 1 variant and INR 30 lakhs to 55 lakhs for Enhance 2 variant.

  • 4. How long is the waiting term for the Care Enhance Top-Up policy?

    Apart from the initial 30-day waiting term, the Care Enhance Top-Up policy waiting term for pre-existing illnesses is four years.

  • 5. What is the free-look period of the Care Enhance Top-Up policy?

    Free-look period allows you to review your health insurance policy and choose to terminate it without any penalties. Make sure to indicate a valid reason for policy termination. Care Enhance Top-Up policy offers a 15-day free-look period. 

Care Health Insurance Critical Illness Plans FAQs

  • 1. What is the cover type of Care Super Mediclaim Policy?

    Policyholders can acquire Care Super Mediclaim Policy as an individual coverage plan. This coverage includes six people - self, spouse, dependent children, siblings, parent(s), parent(s)-in-law, grandparent(s) and anyone with an insurable interest.

  • 2. What are the exclusions under Care Assure Policy?

    Here are the exclusions under the Care Assurance Policy:

    • Diseases during their respective waiting terms
    • Diseases during the initial 90-day waiting period
    • Pre-existing diseases in their waiting period
    • Death, disability or injury of the insured resulting from any venereal disease
    • Sexually transmitted diseases
    • Mental illnesses
    • Self-inflicted injury or illness
    • Injury or illness resulting from war
    • Injury or illness resulting from breach of law
    • Injury or illness resulting riot, felony or similar event participation
    • Hazardous activities
    • Injury or illness resulting from nuclear activities
    • Maternity or childbirth complications
  • 3. How can I calculate the premium amount for Care Assure Policy?

    In order to calculate premium amounts for Care Assure Policy, you need to visit the online website and navigate to the product page. From there, you need to generate an online quotation by clicking the ‘Get Quote’ button on the page's top. A representative from Care will get in touch with you to offer a premium quote.

  • 4. Is the second medical option covered by Care Insurance critical illness plans?

    Yes. Both Care Super Mediclaim Policy and Care Assure Policy offer a second medical opinion as a part of their coverage.

  • 5. Is alternative treatment covered by Care Insurance critical illness plans?

    No. Any treatment than allopathy is not covered by Care insurance critical illness plans.

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