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TATA AIG Car Insurance Highlights

TATA AIG (Car Insurance)
Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited is a joint venture between the Tata Group and the American International Group (AIG). Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited celebrated 20 years of service as on 2020, since it commenced operations on January 22, 2001. The company has made a mark in the industry by launching several innovative products and services over the years.
Claim Settlement Ratio


  • 1. How many add-on covers does the TATA AIG Car Insurance Company offer?

    TATA AIG Car Insurance Company offers the following add-on cover:

    • Key Replacement
    • Engine Secure
    • Tyre Secure
    • Consumable Expenses
    • Loss of Personal Belongings
    • Return to Invoice
    • No Claim Bonus Protection Cover
    • Roadside Assistance
    • Daily Allowance
    • Emergency Transport and Hotel Expenses
    • Return to Invoice
    • Depreciation Reimbursement
    • Repair of Glass,Plastic, Fiber and Rubber Parts
  • 2. What is the incurred claim ratio of the TATA AIG Car Insurance Company?

    The incurred claim ratio of TATA AIG Car Insurance Company is 70%

  • 3. How can I check my TATA AIG Car Claim status online?

    Customers can track their claim status online on https://login.tataaig.com/ 

  • 4. How can I download my TATA AIG Car Policy Document Online?

    Customers can download their Tata AIG Car Insurance Policy by logging in to their self-help portal at https://login.tataaig.com/

  • 5. How long does the TATA AIG Company Limited take to process and settle car insurance claims?

    The processing and settlement of car insurance claims is quick and hassle-free. The claim is settled as soon as all the documents are submitted by the car-owner.

  • Does the TATA AIG Company offer pay-as-you-drive car insurance?

    The pay-as-you-drive facility is not available with TATA AIG General Insurance Company.


  • 1. Can I renew my TATA AIG car insurance policy through an app?

    You can renew your TATA AIG car insurance policy through an app on your smartphone or any other smart device.

  • 2. What would happen if I did not renew my TATA AIG car insurance policy within the stipulated period?

    If you fail to renew your policy in time, your policy will be canceled, and you will have to buy a new policy which can be an expensive affair.

  • 3. When should I renew my TATA AIG car insurance policy?

    It would help if you renewed your existing policy as per the time period stipulated by your insurer. Usually, policies are renewed yearly. In addition, you can opt for a reminder to be sent to you before your policy expires.

  • 4. Is it possible to change my TATA AIG policy before renewal?

    Yes, it is possible to change your car insurance policy before your renewal date arrives. This would also depend on your insurance provider whether they let you do that or not. TATA AIG car insurance can be changed before policy renewal.

  • 5. Is it better to renew my TATA AIG car insurance policy online or offline?

    It depends on you and your convenience which way you want to renew your policy. The TATA AIG does not provide anything different regarding services to policyholders renewing their car insurance policies online or offline. You can choose whichever method suits you the best. Both the ways are equally favorable when it comes to service and prompt responses from TATA AIG.


  • 1. Can I file a TATA AIG car insurance claim on my smartphone or device?

    Yes, you can file a TATA AIG car insurance claim with the help of the TATA AIG insurance app on your smartphone or device.

  • 2. Yes, you can file a TATA AIG car insurance claim with the help of the TATA AIG insurance app on your smartphone or device.

    The salvage value of a car would be the one that is the estimation of a vehicle that has met with an accident and has been completely damaged. It is also known as a total loss.

  • 3. Is it compulsory to file TATA AIG claim if my car has incurred minor damages in an accident?

    It is advisable to save your claims for significant damages. This would help you get the NCB and reduce your depreciation expenses.

  • 4. What are the locations of the repair garages registered under the TATA AIG insurance company?

    You can visit the company’s official website to get the list of repair garages registered under TATA AIG.

  • 5. Who is a surveyor?

    A surveyor is a person who inspects the damaged vehicle and confirms the credibility of the claim filed by the policyholder.

Policy Download

  • 1. What is the toll-free number for TATA AIG Insurance?

    The toll-free number for TATA AIG Insurance is 1800-266-7780, which is available 24/7 for customer inquiries and other services.

  • 2. Can I make changes to my TATA AIG policy document in person?

    Yes, you can go to the nearest brand office of TATA AIG Insurance and inquire about making changes to your policy document.

  • 3. Who regulated the E-Vahan Bima service?

    The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) regulated the working of the E-Vahan Bima service.

  • 4. What are some of the details to be checked before finalizing the TATA AIG car insurance policy document?

    Some details that must be checked on a car insurance policy document are:

    • Type of insurance
    • Policy number
    • Premium
    • Terms and conditions of the policy
    • Policy tenure
    • Personal details
    • Details of the car
  • 5. What if I lose my hard copy of the TATA AIG car insurance policy document?

    If you lose your policy document, it can be downloaded again from your email ID. You can also go through the aforementioned process of availing of the hard copy again.

Add On Covers

  • 1. Would I lose my NCB if I claim minor damages under TATA AIG car insurance?

    Yes, claiming minor damages would also make you lose the chance of claiming a No-claim bonus from your insurance provider.

  • 2. What all items are covered under TATA AIG loss of personal belongings car insurance add-on?

    The loss of personal belongings add-on would cover the loss of things such as clothes, audio/video tapes, CDs, etc. It does not cover items like credit/debit card, watches, money, jewellery,etc.

  • 3. Is it possible to use TATA AIG repair of parts car insurance add-on more than once?

    You can use this add-on more than once. However, using it more than once may affect your chances of claiming an NCB on your policy.

  • 4. Is TATA AIG zero depreciation car insurance add-on available for older cars?

    If your car is more than 5years old, a zero depreciation cover would not be available for you.

  • 5. Can I buy TATA AIG car insurance add-on cover over a third-party car insurance policy?

    You cannot buy add-ons over a third-party car insurance policy.


  • 1. What is the limitation of buying a TATA AIG comprehensive car insurance policy?

    The only major limitation of this policy is that the premium can sometimes be higher than the cost incurred in the accident. This can increase the financial burden of the policyholder rather than decrease it. 

  • 2. I bought my car seven years ago. Would it be beneficial to buy zero depreciation cover as an add-on over my base TATA AIG comprehensive policy?

    A zero depreciation cover is only suitable for less than five years old cars. 

  • 3. Is it illegal to drive my car in India with just a TATA AIG comprehensive policy?

    You can drive your vehicle in India with a comprehensive policy, including a third-party insurance, which is a must.

  • 4. Can I buy a roadside assistance cover along with my TATA AIG comprehensive car insurance?

    Yes, you have the option to purchase the roadside assistance cover as an add-on with your TATA AIG comprehensive insurance car.

  • 5. Is it mandatory to buy a compulsory personal accident cover with my base policy?

    Yes, it is mandatory to buy a CPA cover with your base car insurance policy.


  • 1. What is the fine charged for driving a vehicle with an expired TATA AIG insurance policy?

    As per the regulations of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, the government charges a fine of INR 2000 for driving a car with an expired insurance policy.

  • 2. Can I buy zero depreciation cover with my TATA AIG third-party car insurance policy?

    A third-party car insurance policy does not allow add-ons to be bought over the base policy.

  • 3. Does TATA AIG third-party car insurance policy offer a personal accident cover?

    No, the TATA AIG third-party car insurance policy does not offer a personal accident cover with the base policy. However, PA cover is mandatory to buy and can be bought separately with your third-party insurance policy.

  • 4. Is buying only TATA AIG third-party car insurance policy enough for my car?

    You have to mandatorily buy the third-party insurance policy. However, it would only provide limited cover to you. For additional coverage, you must also purchase a comprehensive car insurance policy.

  • 5. Can I file a claim online with TATA AIG?

    You can file for claim settlement online with TATA AIG.

Zero Depreciation

  • 1. Is it possible to buy TATA AIG zero depreciation car insurance cover over my base third-party car insurance policy?

    You cannot buy a zero dep cover over a third-party car insurance cover.

  • 2. Should people who buy expensive cars buy TATA AIG zero dep cover for their vehicles?

    Yes, car owners who have high-end cars must buy this cover as they are more likely to incur increased expenses in an accident due to depreciation.

  • 3. Can I buy TATA AIG zero dep cover for my more than five years old car?

    Usually, zero dep cover cannot be offered to cars more than 5 years of age. But in some cases, if purchased offline, more than five years old cars can also be covered under zero depreciation.

  • 4. Is fiberglass depreciation covered under TATA AIG zero dep car insurance cover?

    Yes, fiberglass depreciation would be covered under a zero dep car insurance add-on.

  • 5. Can I renew my policy online with TATA AIG?

    Yes, you can renew your TATA AIG car insurance policy online.

Own Damage

  • 1. Is it enough to buy TATA AIG standalone car insurance policy for my car?

    You have to buy a third-party insurance policy as mandated by law. However, you can additionally buy a standalone car insurance policy on top of it. 

  • 2. How does the model of my car influence TATA AIG standalone insurance premium?

    If you have bought a high-end car on the expensive side, the premiums would be high, and vice versa. This is because a costly car model would incur high expenses when in an accident. The insurer needs to cover its costs, thus, charging you with an increased premium. 

  • 3. I live in a highly-populated region in my city. Would I have to pay high premiums for TATA AIG standalone car insurance?

    People living in densely populated areas are at greater risk of meeting with accidents and collisions. Therefore, an insurance provider considers this factor while deciding on a premium amount for such policyholders; the higher the possibility of accidents, the higher the premiums. 

  • 4. Would a TATA AIG standalone car insurance policy cover my car in case of a total loss?

    In case of total and irreversible loss to the vehicle, the TATA AIG standalone car insurance policy would cover all the related expenses of the policyholder.

  • 5. Is TATA AIG standalone insurance policy better than a comprehensive car insurance policy?

    A standalone policy would only cover your own damages; however, comprehensive insurance would cover your own damages and third-party damages. Therefore, a comprehensive policy is much better as it provides a more extensive cover under challenging situations. 

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