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While it is mandatory for all two-wheeler owners to have bike insurance policy documents with them at the time of riding on the roads, a motorcycle insurance plan also offers coverage to the insured against financial losses against loss, damages, theft etc. and also provides the required coverage towards any injuries or death sustained by a third party person or damage by their surrounding property.

It is not only mandatory by law to buy two-wheeler insurance cover, but it also offers coverage against financial liabilities incurred by policyholders. Therefore, two-wheeler owners need to get their bike insurance plan renewed before it expires, as a lapsed insurance policy would not provide any financial coverage for the mentioned liabilities incurred by a policyholder. Other than facing legal liabilities, an insured would lose the accumulated rewards in the form of a no claim bonus in case of failing to get their ICICI Lombard bike insurance renewal on time. 

ICICI Lombard Two Wheeler Insurance Policy Renewal – Online Process

Renewal of ICICI Lombard bike insurance policy is an important part of having bike insurance. Most of the time, the insurance policy has a tenure of one year; it requires renewal every year in order to keep the coverage intact. In the event of failing to do so, your coverage lapses and then you have to go through the process of buying a new policy again. You can renew ICICI Lombard two wheeler policy online by following these below-mentioned steps:

  • For ICICI Lombard bike insurance renewal, log on to the insurer's website.
  • Select the renewal option from the main menu.
  • Fill in the renewal form with the required details, such as your bike number, your current policy number, etc.
  • Make changes to your coverages if you want.
  • Pay the premium through debit cards, credit cards, NEFT transfers, etc.
  • As soon as the payment is done, you will get your policy through email.

ICICI Lombard Two Wheeler Insurance Policy Renewal – Offline Process

You can get your ICICI Lombard bike insurance policy renewal just by calling the toll-free helpline number of ICICI Lombard General Insurance given 1800-2666. Or you can also make a visit to their nearest branch for the same.

  • Talk to their customer support for assistance. 
  • Fill in the ICICI Lombard two wheeler renewal insurance form with the required detail.
  • Submit the form.
  • Pay the premium through cheque or in cash.  
  • As soon as the payment is done, you will get your policy through email.

ICICI Lombard Two Wheeler Insurance Renewal Benefits

On-time renewal of ICICI Lombard bike insurance, the insured continues to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Liability coverage by the insurer
  • No claim bonus benefits of up to 50% in case no claim has been raised by you during the policy tenure
  • Discounts and offers are available
  • The paperless process completely digitalized
  • Instant quote 
  • Instant policy issuance
  • 24/7 online support
  • Simple renewal
  • Transparency in the renewal process
  • Customising your plan as per your requirement and budget 
  • Easy payment method

ICICI Lombard Two Wheeler Insurance Renewal FAQs

  • 1. What if a bike owner gets caught with an expired ICICI Lombard bike insurance policy?

    If the bike owner gets caught riding their bike with an expired two-wheeler insurance policy, they are liable to pay a fine of up to INR 2,000 or imprisonment of up to 3 months or both can be imposed as per the Indian Motor Tariff Act by the enforcement agency.

  • 2. What details are required to enter by a policyholder during ICICI Lombard bike insurance policy renewal?

    During ICICI Lombard bike insurance policy renewal, the policyholder is required to enter the following details:

    • Your name and mobile number
    • Your existing policy number
    • Your bike's registration number
  • 3. Why did ICICI Lombard reject my bike insurance policy renewal application?

    The insurer can reject the bike insurance policy renewal application due to any of the following reasons:

    • If your bike is of imported model
    • In case you provide wrong details of yours
    • Your age is not eligible for driving
    • You don't have a valid driving licence
    • You live in theft or fraudulent prone area 
    • You are not able to bear the premium
    • You have modified your bike
    • You have been associated with motoring offences in the past
  • 4. How to check the ICICI Lombard bike insurance renewal due date?

    ICICI Lombard bike insurance renewal date is written in the policy documents provided to you by the insurance company. Also, you can call the ICICI Lombard helpline number and ask for the same.

  • 5. How much discount one can get during renewal with ICICI Lombard no claim bonus?

    No claim bonus by the ICICI Lombard offers the customers during the renewal process of bike insurance policy can make you avail a discount from 20% to 50% of the premium.

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