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Insurance acts as a safety guard against any unwanted occurrences related to one's vehicle. Therefore, a vehicle holder must always opt for motor insurance when owning any two-wheeler, or four-wheeler. As insurance is considered a security, such security service is provided by ACKO. The ACKO General Insurance provides various policies from which the vehicle owners can choose and consider. Such security decisions will help the car owner from facing any monetary losses in any sudden adverse circumstance. 

However, the insurance provided by ACKO does not have a lifetime validity and is required to be renewed before the term's expiry. To figure out the solution to this problem, the company laid down the ACKO car insurance renewal policy for its insured car owners.

ACKO Car Insurance Renewal

Car insurance is applied when a person wishes to own a car, and the ACKO car insurance policy helps the car owners in this matter. As soon as the person is granted the ownership of a car, they can directly opt for the ACKO car insurance policy to get the car insured. However, the validity of the insurance is for a limited period, and before the validity expires, you must update the insurance policy. The ACKO car insurance renewal policy comes to the rescue for the insured car owners, with their insurance at the brink of expiration. 

You have to renew the ACKO car insurance policy within the next 30 to 90 days of its expiry. Policy renewal after the grace period will include additional procedures, resulting in discrepancies. Discrepancies include an increase in the insurance premium and disruption of NCB (No Claim Bonus) discount benefits. So to avoid such adversely affecting issues, the car owner must apply for the ACKO car policy renewal procedure within the determined grace period.

ACKO Car Insurance Policy Renewal - Online Process

Technological advancement has made it easier for the insured to apply for insurance and its renewal online. The ACKO car insurance renewal can be facilitated on the official website of the insurer by following the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: To obtain all the online facilities provided by ACKO regarding insurance policy renewal, the car owner must visit the official website of ACKO General Insurance to choose the most feasible insurance policy. The choice of policy will be based on the insured's demands regarding the vehicle in use.

Step 2: After choosing the insurance policy, the car owner will have to fill out an online form to complete the fulfillment procedures. The form will demand the basic information of the owner, the owned car, premium paid, and other related aspects.

Step 3: After filling out the form, the car owner must choose certain add-on benefits based on the type of insurance policy chosen. These benefits add a positive value to the policy that is beneficial for the insured during the insurance tenure.

Step 4: After all the add-ons and related written formalities are over; the last step includes payment. The potential insured must make the determined payment through an online banking platform. Once the payment is successful, ACKO sends the official documents of the insurance renewal to the insured's registered contact information.

ACKO Car Insurance Policy Renewal - Offline Process

The ACKO car policy renewal can be facilitated through an offline process as well. The steps to renew the car insurance policy offline includes:

Step 1: The insured car owner must have a telephonic conversation with the customer care agents of ACKO insurance using the toll-free number 1800 266 2256. You must initiate this conversation within the last 30 to 90 days of the expiry of the ACKO car insurance policy.

Step 2: After reaching out to the customer care agent, the car owner must deliver details about its car insurance policy number and the date of insurance expiry.

Step 3: The customer agent of ACKO General Insurance will make all the necessary adjustments from its end and will ask the insurance holder to make the necessary determining payments for the renewal process. You can make the payment using cheques or debit/credit cards.

ACKO Car Insurance Renewal Benefits

There are certain benefits involved with the ACKO car policy renewal, and they can be considered as follows:

  • Lower Premium: The insurance policy renewed under ACKO General Insurance will ensure direct exchange of the insurance to the insured. The intermediaries are absent, resulting in no additional insurance cost and comparatively lower-paid premiums.
  • Fast Processing: The availability of the facility of online insurance renewal is quite time-effective. The policyholder must log in to their account with ACKO Insurance and fulfil the necessary documentation for insurance renewal.
  • Less Paperwork: The availability of the online platform of ACKO for insurance policy renewal helps minimize the paperwork requirements to almost zero. This hassle-free option is time and cost-effective for the insurance holders.
  • Proper Guidance: The ACKO customer care team is 24/7 available for clarifying all sorts of doubts an insurance holder must possess during the car insurance renewal. The best insurance executives are present, and you can reach them out for advice on the same.
  • Additional Services: Opting for the ACKO car insurance renewal will ensure the availability of additional advantages for the car owner. Additional car repairs, minimum day delivery after repair, and other add-ons can be considered a few benefits.
  • Fast Claim Settlement: ACKO operates on an online platform, so the settlement of all the important documentation for insurance claims is facilitated and completed quickly.

ACKO Car Insurance Renewal FAQs

  • 1. Can the ACKO car insurance renewal be done using the ACKO application software?

    Yes, the renewal procedure can be facilitated after downloading the application on the device and logging in to the account.

  • 2. Can the ACKO insurance policy be renewed after 90 days grace period?

    Yes, but it will involve additional costs on premiums and you won’t be able to enjoy other key benefits like NCB.

  • 3. Can the car be used on the road without insurance renewal?

    No, it is not advised, as monetary charges can be levied.

  • 4. Can car insurance renewal using ACKO reduce my premium payments?

    Yes, because the intermediaries are absent for facilitating the transactions, resulting in zero additional costs on premiums.

  • 5. How can ACKO customer care be contacted?

    Using the following contact details, the insurance holder can contact the customer care of ACKO.

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