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Raheja QBE general insurance company is a joint venture between Rajan Raheja Group and QBE Insurance. It is a private insurance company that was incorporated on 14th August 2007. The company has been established to create the most conducive environment for its customers as well as partners in the general Insurance sector. It has its registered office situated in Mumbai Maharashtra. 

Raheja QBE General Insurance Company Limited provides a suite of personal as well as customised insurance solutions which include retail as well as commercial insurance plans. The incurred claim ratio for Raheja QBE motor insurance stood at 102% for the financial year 2018-19. 

Types of Raheja QBE Two-wheeler Insurance Policy

Raheja QBE offers insurance solutions which cater to multiple needs of every individual and entity. The basic types of two-wheeler insurance policies offered by Raheja QBE are as follows:

1. Liability Only Policy: This insurance policy covers liabilities arising towards the third party or third party property as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Motor Vehicles Act makes third party liability cover a mandate for every vehicle to ply on the Indian roads.

Raheja QBE offers two types of liability only policies as stated below: 

  • Single year liability only policy- This third party liability only policy covers all the liabilities arising to third parties for the tenure of one year and you can renew the plan annually.
  • Long term liability only policy- This policy provides coverage of all the liabilities arising to third parties for the tenure of 2 or 3 years.

2. Package two-wheeler insurance policy- Comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policies are also known as package policies. These policies not only cover the liabilities toward third parties but also provide coverage for their own damages. Own damages to the two-wheeler mean loss or damages caused to the vehicle due to an accident. Comprehensive insurance policy also includes theft cover. Raheja QBE offers an annual comprehensive two-wheeler policy.

3. Bundled plan- Bundled plan provides coverage against third party liabilities for a period of 5 years and own damages for a period of one year in a single plan. This type of plan is available to new bikes.

4. Standalone own damage two-wheeler policy- Standalone own damage in Bike policy provides coverage against damages suffered by your vehicle. This plan does not include third party liability cover. You can buy this plan only when you have an existing third-party liability policy as per the mandate requirement.

Note- According to the latest guidelines of IDRAI, every vehicle owner is required to purchase a minimum of 5 years third-liability party Insurance while buying a new two-wheeler. You can also buy a one-year own damage policy along with 5-year third-party liability under a bundled plan or opt for standalone 5-year third-party cover and standalone annual own damage covered separately. 

Benefits of Raheja QBE Two-wheeler Insurance

The benefits of buying two-wheeler insurance of Raheja QBE General Insurance Company are as follows:  

  1. Online purchases and renewal- You can purchase a two-wheeler insurance policy online in just a few clicks. It’s very easy and convenient and you can also follow the same procedure for renewal of your two-wheeler insurance policy. You can get instant quotes for your two-wheeler insurance without any requirement of paperwork. In addition, no inspection is required for renewal of a two-wheeler insurance policy if you renew it online.
  2. Large cashless network- You can avail cashless settlement in any of network garages. The company has tie-ups with over 1300 network garages all over the country. With its wide cashless network, Raheja QBE makes claim settlement easy and quick.
  3. Customer-oriented approach- Raheja QBE provides one of the best customer care services and ensures to put customer needs at the forefront of each transaction. It also provides a facility of 24/ 7 emergency assistance including roadside assistance for towing your vehicle to the nearest garage.
  4. Instant support- You can avail round-the-clock claim assistance and instant SMS updates on your two-wheeler Insurance claim status through the call centres of the insurance policy.
  5. No claim bonus- You earn no claim bonus if you don’t make claims in a policy year. You can also transfer your no claim bonus up to 50% from any other two-wheeler insurance provider. No claim bonus helps in reducing the amount of your premiums.
  6. Quick claim settlement- Raheja QBE offers the smoothest and easiest claim settlement process. You can avail both cashless settlements at any of its network courage or opt for reimbursement claim settlement. In the latter case, you can repair your vehicle at any of the suitable garages and submit the documents with the insurance company and get reimbursement of the cost of repairs.

What is Covered Under Raheja QBE Two-wheeler Insurance Policies? 

Let’s have a look at the coverage offered under two-wheeler insurance policies offered by Raheja General Insurance Company: 

  1. Third-party liability- Two wheeler insurance covers third-party liability arising out of the use of the two-wheeler. It is designed to cover all liabilities arising due to bodily injury of a person or any damage caused to the property of a third party. Third-party liability is available under two-wheeler package policy or liability policy offered by Raheja QBE.
  2. Own damages- Damages caused to own vehicle are covered under comprehensive or standalone own-damage policies.
  3. Theft- If your bike gets stolen then you can make a claim on your two-wheeler policy. The company will pay you for the losses so that you can replace the old bike with a new one.
  4. Natural disasters- Damages suffered by your vehicle due to natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, hill storms, etc can be claimed.
  5. Accidental damages- Damages such as broken parts, dents, scratches caused to your vehicle following an accident are covered under Raheja QBE comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policies.
  6. Fire- All the losses arising due to accidental fire would be covered under the two-wheeler insurance policy.
  7. Natural disasters- Raheja two-wheeler insurance covers damages caused due to natural disasters such as earthquake, flood, storm, hurricane, etc. It also provides coverage of damages due to malicious acts or terrorist activity.
  8. Personal accident (if opted)- Personal accident cover is optional. If you buy personal accident cover, you or your pillion rider gets covered for disablement or unfortunate death due to an accident. In such cases, a lump sum amount of up to INR 15 lakhs would be paid by the insurance company.

What is Not Covered Under Raheja QBE Two-wheeler Insurance? 

It is equally important to know which situations are not covered in your Raheja QBE two-wheeler insurance policy so that you do not face a problem at the time of making a claim. The situations which are not covered in two-wheeler policy are stated below: 

  1. Normal wear and tear- No claim can be made for normal wear and tear of the vehicle. Moreover, the depreciation of vehicles is also not covered under the two-wheeler insurance policy. Similarly, wear and tear of consumables such as tyres and tubes are also permanent exclusions.
  2. Electrical and mechanical breakdown- No coverage is offered for an electrical and mechanical breakdown under Raheja QBE two-wheeler insurance plans.
  3. Consequential damages- Damages or losses which are not a direct result of an accident are not covered under two-wheeler insurance policies.
  4. Regular servicing- The cost of regular servicing is excluded from the scope of coverage of the policy.
  5. Damage outside the country- Raheja QBE two-wheeler insurance plans provide coverage only within the geographic limits of India. If you take your vehicle outside India and any accident takes place, no claim would be entertained by the insurance company.
  6. Limitations to use- If you use your vehicle in any manner or for purposes other than as intended then you cannot make an insurance claim, in case of losses arising due to such inappropriate use.
  7. Damages due to illegal driving- If you drive your vehicle without a valid driving licence or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, then damages arising due to such activities would not be covered.
  8. Damages due to war- Damages or losses caused to the vehicle due to war, mutiny or nuclear threats cannot be claimed as these are permanent exclusions.

You should bear the above exclusions in mind at the time of making a claim of your Raheja QBE two-wheeler insurance policy to ensure that your claim is not rejected. 

How to Apply for Raheja QBE Two-wheeler Insurance? 

Buying two-wheeler insurance for Raheja QBE is simple and quick. All the policies are available online and can be brought within minutes. Steps to apply for Raheja QBE Two-wheeler insurance are as follows: 

  • Visit the website- Start off by logging to the official website (https://mot.rqbeonline.co.in/ ) of Raheja QBE Insurance.
  • Fill in the details- Enter the relevant details about you and your vehicle such as your name, email ID, mobile number, registration number of your vehicle, make and model of your vehicle, RTO location, registration date, etc.
  • Pay the premium- After filling in the details, the company will offer you a quote. Compare and choose a policy which best suits your requirement and pay the premium.
  • Issuance of policy- Your policy will be issued to you instantly after you pay the premium. The policy document will be sent to you in your registered email address.

Raheja QBE Two-wheeler Insurance Claim Process

Raheja QBE offers both cashless settlements of claims as well as reimbursement of the cost of repairs. You can either get your vehicle repaired at any of its network garages or get your vehicle repaired at a garage of your choice. The step-by-step process of both claims is as follows:

  1. Registration of claim- Inform the insurance company and register your claim by calling at the toll-free number 1800 102 7723. You can also visit the official website (https://mot.rqbeonline.co.in/dcf ) of the insurance company to register your claim. Alternatively, you can email the company at customercare@raheja.com.
  2. Cashless workshop- Locate a network cashless repair workshop from the website of the insurance company and avail pick and drop facility at the selected garage.

Reimbursement workshop-Visit any workshop of your choice in order to repair your damaged vehicle. After the survey of the vehicle, pay the repair cost from your pocket first and later on submit all the relevant documents and repair invoices to the insurance company to get the reimbursement. 

  • Survey and approval- The claim manager from Raheja QBE will get in touch for the process of verification and approval. There would be a survey of your two-wheeler and you would have to submit some documents.
  • Repairs and payment- The repair approval will be provided by the surveyor according to the terms and conditions of the policy. Once approved, the claim amount would be paid to the network garage directly.

The claim settlement process of Raheja QBE is very simple and hassle-free. Raheja QBE has designed its processes to minimise the turnaround time on your claims. 

Renewing a lapsed Raheja QBE Two-wheeler Insurance Policy

It is strongly recommended to renew the two-wheeler insurance before the expiry of the existing plan. This will keep your vehicle insured against the damages without any discontinuation in the insurance cover. Also, on-time renewal keeps your no claim bonus intact. However, if you forget to pay the premium on time, your insurance policy would lapse. The insurance company generally offers a grace period after the expiry of the due date to renew your insurance policy. 

If you pay the premiums of the plan within the grace period, your policy can be reinstated. But after the expiration of the grace period, you will have to call the insurance company for a fresh physical inspection of the vehicle for renewing your policy. The insurance company will conduct verification of the two-wheeler again and offer you a fresh quote. 

Review of Raheja QBE Two-wheeler Insurance

Raheja QBE provides two-wheeler insurance plans which are created specifically to serve the needs of its customers and provide them with a comfortable and hassle-free experience. Raheja QBE provides the easiest and smoothest claim procedure. Moreover, the insurance company has a live streaming app called RQBE QUICK in which survey is done online, in case of minor damages and claims are settled in one click. With a high incurred claim ratio of motor insurance, Raheja QBE is a trustworthy and reputed company. You can buy its two-wheeler insurance policy for your bike or scooter. 

Raheja QBE Two-wheeler Customer Care Information

Registered officeGround floor, P&G Plaza,  Cardinal Gracious Road, Chakala, Andheri East, Mumbai- 400099
Email IDcustomercare@rahejaqbe.com
Toll-free number1800 102 7723

Raheja QBE Two Wheeler/Bike Insurance FAQs

  • 1. What documents are required to be submitted to make a claim of Raheja QBE two-wheeler insurance policy?

    To make a claim of two-wheeler insurance policy, you are required to submit the policy document, copy of registration book, copy of the motor driving licence of the person driving the vehicle at the time of the accident, repair bills invoices and your identity proof. In case of reimbursement of claim, NEFT details of the insured along with a cancelled cheque would be needed.

  • 2. Can I get add ons with Raheja QBE Two-wheeler insurance?

    Yes, you can avail add-ons such as zero depreciation cover, consumable expenses cover, return to invoice cover, key protect cover, daily convenience benefit cover or engine protector cover along with your two-wheeler insurance policy. These add-ons come at an added cost which increases your premiums. You can buy anyone or multiple add-ons depending on your coverage needs.

  • 3. What is the maximum compensation which is offered as part of third-party Insurance policy?

    The compensation offered as part of the third-party liability depends on the liability suffered. Compensation for personal damages caused to the third party is unlimited. However, compensation for property damage caused to the third-party vehicle or property is subjected to maximum INR 7.5 lakhs. 

  • 4. Can I cancel my Raheja QBE two-wheeler insurance policy midway?

    Yes, you can cancel your two-wheeler insurance policy midway and a part of the premium would be refunded. This refund would be done after you provide alternate insurance proof to the insurance company. However, no refund will be processed if you have made a claim under the insurance policy.

  • 5. Can I renew my two-wheeler insurance policy over the phone?

    Yes, you can renew your existing two-wheeler insurance policy by calling the insurance company at 1800 102 7723. You can also raise a two-wheeler insurance renewal request with the executive of the company by providing your policy number or registered mobile number. After making coverage modification and confirming your payment process, your policy document will be sent to your registered email address.

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