Raheja QBE Two Wheeler Insurance FAQs

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  • 1. What documents are required to be submitted to make a claim of Raheja QBE two-wheeler insurance policy?

    To make a claim of two-wheeler insurance policy, you are required to submit the policy document, copy of registration book, copy of the motor driving licence of the person driving the vehicle at the time of the accident, repair bills invoices and your identity proof. In case of reimbursement of claim, NEFT details of the insured along with a cancelled cheque would be needed.

  • 2. Can I get add ons with Raheja QBE Two-wheeler insurance?

    Yes, you can avail add-ons such as zero depreciation cover, consumable expenses cover, return to invoice cover, key protect cover, daily convenience benefit cover or engine protector cover along with your two-wheeler insurance policy. These add-ons come at an added cost which increases your premiums. You can buy anyone or multiple add-ons depending on your coverage needs.

  • 3. What is the maximum compensation which is offered as part of third-party Insurance policy?

    The compensation offered as part of the third-party liability depends on the liability suffered. Compensation for personal damages caused to the third party is unlimited. However, compensation for property damage caused to the third-party vehicle or property is subjected to maximum INR 7.5 lakhs. 

  • 4. Can I cancel my Raheja QBE two-wheeler insurance policy midway?

    Yes, you can cancel your two-wheeler insurance policy midway and a part of the premium would be refunded. This refund would be done after you provide alternate insurance proof to the insurance company. However, no refund will be processed if you have made a claim under the insurance policy.

  • 5. Can I renew my two-wheeler insurance policy over the phone?

    Yes, you can renew your existing two-wheeler insurance policy by calling the insurance company at 1800 102 7723. You can also raise a two-wheeler insurance renewal request with the executive of the company by providing your policy number or registered mobile number. After making coverage modification and confirming your payment process, your policy document will be sent to your registered email address.


  • 1. What if my old policy has already run out of coverage?

    If your Raheja QBE bike insurance policy has already expired, you can get a new one. As a result of the insurance breach, the vehicle will be physically inspected by a business official or an authorized representative or agency. The rules will determine who is eligible for the no claim bonus.

  • 2. What is the procedure for checking the status of a Raheja QBE bike insurance claim?

    The website of Raheja QBE is the ideal place to check the status of your bike insurance policy. You can use your policy information to log in to the website, enter the correct policy number, and get information about the problem.

  • 3. Why should you get your Raheja QBE two-wheeler insurance renewal done on time?

    You can ensure that you are covered in the event of an accident by getting your Raheja QBE two-wheeler insurance renewal done on time. Hence, policy renewal on time keeps you away from all the legal and financial liabilities. Plus, if you go a complete policy period without submitting a claim, you may be eligible for a no claim bonus.

  • 4. What if I didn't get my Raheja QBE bike insurance renewal policy on time?

    If you don't receive your Raheja QBE bike insurance renewal before the expiration date, you can do so by having your bike inspected by the insurer within 90 days of the expiration date. You won't be able to renew your insurance later if you don't renew it within this 90-day period. You'll need to get a new auto insurance policy to keep your vehicle insured in this case.

  • 5. When should I renew my Raheja QBE bike insurance, and why should I do so?

    It is strongly advised that you get your Raheja QBE two-wheeler insurance renewal done prior to the expiration of your current policy. This maintains your two-wheeler covered against dangers without any gaps in coverage and covers any losses that occur within the scope of your policy. This keeps the no claim bonus, the hard-won premium discount for claim-free years. Furthermore, you are unconcerned about breaking the law. If the insurance is lapsed for even a few hours, it can only be renewed after a physical inspection of the vehicle.


  • 1. Is it possible to file a claim if I take my bike to a non-network garage of Raheja QBE?

    Yes, even if you take your two-wheeler to a non-network garage, you can file a Raheja QBE two-wheeler insurance claim. In this instance, you must pay for the repairs first and then submit all billing documentation for reimbursement. After subtracting deductibles as required by the insurance policy, Raheja QBE will refund the repair costs.

  • 2. In Raheja QBE two-wheeler insurance, what is IDV?

    IDV stands for Insured Declared Value, which is the total value of an insured motorcycle as established by the insurer in order to compensate the policyholder in the case of irreparable damage or total loss due to an unforeseen occurrence or theft.

  • 3. What is the Raheja QBE two-wheeler insurance cashless facility?

    The cashless facility means that the policyholder does not have to pay anything for the repair of his or her bike. Instead, Raheja QBE two-wheeler insurance claim will pay directly to the garage for the charge.

  • 4. Is tyre damage covered by the Raheja QBE two-wheeler insurance policy?

    Under Raheja QBE two-wheeler insurance claim, only accidental damage to vehicle tyres are covered.

  • 5. What is the amount of compensation given by Raheja QBE if a third-party person is permanently incapacitated as a result of the accident?

    A court of law determines the final premium compensation amount, and the insurer suffers the entire cost in freedom.

Policy Download

  • 1. Do I need to carry Raheja QBE policy documents all the time?

    Ideally, it is advisable to carry your policy documents with you. But to reduce the stress of policyholders to carry physical  documents, the government even considers digital policy documents valid.  

  • 2. What are the advantages of e-Vahan Bima?

    A government effort known as an e-Vahan Bima promotes the use of electronic Raheja QBE bike insurance policy documents. Because practically everyone these days owns a smartphone, they can keep the e-Vahan Bima digitally and print it anytime they need it. You can always show the electronic copy to the competent authority if you lose or misplace the hard copy.

  • 3. Where can I read all of the details about my Raheja QBE bike policy?

    You can simply read your Raheja QBE bike insurance policy document to know every detail about the policy, such as its benefits, inclusions, exclusion, policy term, premium, and other important terms and conditions.

  • 4. Is it possible to terminate my Raheja QBE coverage in the middle of the term?

    You can terminate the policy at any time and receive a partial refund of the unused payment if other insurance documentation is presented and there are no claims on the policy. 

Add On Covers

  • 1. Does the Raheja QBE tyre add-on cover tyre theft?

    No, it pays for repairing or replacing tyres and tubes that are lost or damaged in an accident.

  • 2. What are the various add-ons offered by Raheja QBE for two-wheelers?

    Different Raheja QBE bike insurance add-on covers are available in a comprehensive bike insurance policy that serves to expand the extent of protection provided by the policy. Additional coverage options for an additional fee are known as add-on covers. Roadside assistance cover, zero depreciation cover, return to invoice cover, NCB protection cover, and engine protection cover are some available Raheja QBE Bike insurance add-on covers. 

  • 3. Is zero depreciation necessary for a Raheja QBE two-wheeler after five years?

    No, zero depreciation under the Raheja QBE bike insurance add-on cover is only applicable to new or less than five-year-old two-wheelers.

  • 4. What should I do if my Raheja QBE two-wheeler policy document contains an error?

    You should instantly contact Raheja QBE if there is a mistake in your two-wheeler insurance documentation. Provide proof of accurate information and ask them to correct the issue.


  • 1. What factors go into determining Raheja QBE bike insurance premium?

    RTO zone, make, model, variant of your bike, your vehicle's age, your bike's engine capacity are some of the factors used to compute the premium for your two-wheeler  insurance policy

  • 2. Is my bike's depreciation covered by the Raheja QBE comprehensive auto insurance policy?

    No, depreciation on your bike and its parts is not covered by the Raheja QBE comprehensive bike insurance policy. You can safeguard yourself against depreciation charges by purchasing a Raheja Zero depreciation cover, which covers your automobile and all of its parts for depreciation at 100%, except tyres, tubes, and batteries, which are covered at 50%.

  • 3. Is it necessary to purchase third-party bike insurance after purchasing Raheja QBE comprehensive policy?

    Yes, purchasing a third-party insurance is mandatory for all. Even if Raheja QBE's comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy includes third-party liability coverage in addition to your bike's own-damage coverage. Buying a third-party bike insurance policy separately is compulsory.

  • 4. Will my bike be covered under the Raheja QBE comprehensive auto insurance if it is damaged as a result of a war or a nuclear threat?

    No, comprehensive coverage does not apply to harm caused by war, mutiny, or nuclear danger.

  • 5. What is the procedure for paying my Raheja QBE vehicle insurance premium? What are the different payment options?

    The premium for Raheja QBE comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy can be paid via debit mandate or direct online payment. You can also drop a check off at the bank. To pay your premium online, go to the Raheja QBE website, identify your policy, and pay using a debit card, credit card, or net banking account.


  • 1. What kind of insurance can I get from Raheja QBE for my bike?

    There are two types of insurance policies for two-wheelers: comprehensive and third-party liability. Raheja QBE third-party bike insurance is mandatory coverage that protects your bike from third-party liability in the event of bodily injury, death, or third-party property damage. On the other hand, comprehensive insurance protects your bike from damage, theft, or natural/man-made disasters, as well as third-party responsibility. 

  • 2. How long does the Raheja QBE third-party bike insurance policy last?

    The Raheja QBE third-party bike insurance coverage has a five-year term for new bike owners. 

  • 3. What coverage is offered if a third party loses two limbs as a result of an accident involving the insured's motorcycle?

    If a third party loses two limbs as a result of an accident involving the insured's bike, the insurer pays 100 percent of the promised sum as compensation.

  • 4. What documents are necessary to apply for a third-party bike insurance coverage with Raheja QBE?

    The following is the documentation required to obtain a Raheja QBE third-party bike insurance policy:

    • Proof of identification
    • Address proof 
    • Photocopy of the current driver's licence 
    • Bike's registration number
  • 5. Is it possible to customize the Raheja QBE third-party bike insurance policy's coverage?

    No, you cannot customize the coverage of the Raheja QBE third-party bike insurance policy because add-ons are not available. Hence, this policy doesn’t provide essential coverage. You can, however, choose a comprehensive bike insurance policy and customize the same for complete coverage.

Zero Depreciation

  • 1. Can I get my bike repaired at a Raheja QBE authorized facility with the zero depreciation add-on cover?

    You can get your two-wheeler fixed at any insurer-approved garage, workshop, or service station with Raheja QBE zero dep bike insurance.

  • 2. When will I be able to add Raheja QBE zero dep cover to my comprehensive auto insurance policy?

    While purchasing or renewing your own-damage or comprehensive bike insurance policy, you can add Raheja QBE zero dep bike insurance.

  • 3. What parts of my bike aren't covered by the Raheja QBE zero depreciation insurance?

    Raheja QBE zero depreciation bike insurance does not cover tyres, tubes, and batteries. 

  • 4. Will I be eligible for a discount if I do not claim zero depreciation cover during the policy year?

    Because Raheja QBE bike insurance zero depreciation is an add-on cover to your policy, you will be eligible for the No Claim Bonus (NCB) if you have not demanded any claims from your comprehensive or standalone insurance policy throughout the policy year.

  • 5. Is it possible to add additional add-on covers to my Raheja QBE zero dep policy?

    Aside from the Raheja QBE bike insurance zero depreciation, you can add as many add-on covers as you desire.

Own Damage

  • 1. Why is it necessary for me to acquire Raheja QBE standalone bike insurance?

    Raheja QBE standalone bike insurance aids in the settlement of losses sustained in case of an accident. It protects the insured from financial and legal losses that may otherwise deplete a person's financial resources.

  • 2. Can I include add-ons with Raheja QBE standalone policy?

    Yes, with Raheja QBE standalone bike insurance, you can include as many add-on covers as you want. 

  • 3. What is the best way to contact Raheja QBE General Insurance?

    Customers can reach Raheja QBE by calling toll-free 1800 102 7723 or dialing +91 70453 59601. You can also send an email to info@rahejaqbe.com to contact the insurance firm.

  • 4. Is it possible to transfer my existing vehicle insurance coverage to Raheja QBE standalone policy?

    Yes, one can transfer one’s current bike insurance coverage to Raheja QBE standalone bike insurance. However, one should do this when renewing one’s auto insurance policy after a policy period has ended.

  • 5. Is Raheja QBE a reputable insurance company?

    In India, Raheja QBE is a well-known motor insurance provider. The IRDAI recognizes and supports it. Thus all of the plans they sell are real and trustworthy.

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