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One of the most important factors in mind when people talk about insurance is to renew your bike insurance on time. This is so because your bike insurance coverage depends on whether you have renewed your insurance policy or not. 

With TATA AIG, your renewal process becomes effortless due to digitalization. In addition, they have a dedicated helpdesk to assist you with the TATA AIG bike insurance renewal process.  

TATA AIG Bike Insurance Policy Renewal - Online Process

To manifest your renewal of TATA AIG two wheeler insurance online, you need to follow the given simple procedure:

  • Go to the ‘Renewal’ page on the official website of TATA AIG. Look for the “Renew” option and from the drop-down, choose the “Two-Wheeler” option. 
  • The system will ask you to fill in your registered mobile number and your policy number. Then, click on “Proceed”.
  • Now you will need to pay your premium. The pop-up will come up asking you to respond. Upon your response, it will take you to the payment gateway. You can choose from numerous options to make this premium TATA AIG bike insurance renewal payment. You may use your debit or credit card, go for net banking, or use NEFT. 
  • They will email the new policy to you within a few days of payment.

TATA AIG Bike Insurance Policy Renewal - Offline Process

Though the TATA AIG two-wheeler insurance renewal online is the best option, there is a provision to do it offline. However, for TATA AIG renewal two-wheeler offline, you can call them at the toll-free 1800-266-7780. 

You also can visit your nearest TATA AIG branch with the documents/info mentioned above.  

TATA AIG Bike Insurance Renewal Benefits

Up on TATA AIG two-wheeler insurance renewal, you get the following benefits:

  • 24/7 emergency assistance is a great benefit as you don’t have to toss & turn in stress. Just call them, and they will be at your service. 
  • Numerous add-on covers are available which you can buy at the time of renewal. You can choose one or more of these. It will add more layers to your protection. 
  • You also benefit from the “No Claim Bonus” that is available under TATA AIG bike insurance renewal. If you didn’t file any claim in the previous year, you become eligible to get a “No Claim Bonus”. This bonus comes to you as a deduction from your premium. In other words, TATA AIG decreases the amount of premium you need to pay in the present year based on the fact that you never claimed during the previous year.

TATA AIG Two Wheeler Insurance Renewal FAQs

  • 1. Is making changes to my coverage possible simultaneously with my TATA AIG two-wheeler insurance renewal?

    Yes, making alterations during your TATA AIG two-wheeler insurance renewal is possible. However, all you can do is enhance your coverage by buying the available add-ons. Also, you may change your policy at the time of renewal.

  • 2. Can I transfer my “No Claim Bonus” from my old insurance provider to TATA AIG?

    You can transfer your NCB to your new TATA AIG bike insurance policy from a previous insurance provider. The benefits will be similar, a drop in your premium for the next year of coverage.

  • 3. What particulars/details do I need to provide during my TATA AIG two-wheeler insurance renewal?

    During your TATA AIG two-wheeler insurance renewal, you must provide your Email ID, fixed-line number, product name, expiry date, policy number, and mobile number.

  • 4. Can I modify my short-term policy to a long-term policy during the TATA AIG two-wheeler insurance renewal?

    During the TATA AIG two-wheeler renewal, you may upgrade your bike insurance policy from short-term to long-term.

  • 5. How will you send me the TATA AIG two-wheeler insurance renewal hard copy if I decide to go for it offline?

    If you go for the TATA AIG bike insurance renewal offline, the company will send you your renewed bike insurance policy hard copy. They will send it to your residential address through courier within a few days after paying the premium amount.

  • 6. What are the acceptable modes of payment for the two-wheeler insurance renewal TATA AIG?

    You can pay for a TATA AIG two-wheeler insurance renewal using your debit card, net banking, credit card, etc. In short, TATA AIG accepts any form of payment that is conventional.

    You can make the transaction using these payment methods through TATA AIG’s IVR. There is also a provision for cheque collection that you can choose.

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