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Liberty comprehensive car insurance policy protects you financially against your car damages as third-party liabilities. Given the rising cases of car accidents and the financial hassles that follow, such a car insurance policy only helps. Liberty General Insurance Company Limited, which offers this comprehensive car insurance policy, is headquartered in Mumbai and has branch offices in various states of India. It has 4300 network garages that facilitate cashless claim services for car repairing and other assistance. Comprehensive car insurance is one of the company's key car insurance, which helps many users protect and manage their cars.

Liberty Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy Overview

Liberty comprehensive car insurance policy offers comprehensive support, which includes a liability-only policy and a standalone own damage policy. In a liability-only policy, the damage that occurred to any third party is covered. The standalone own damage policy covers car damage not involving any third-party assets. A comprehensive car insurance policy covers both own damages as well as third-party liabilities.  For more coverage, the car owner can purchase several add-on covers offered by LIberty car insurance. The insurance policy offers seven add-on covers: depreciation cover, consumables cover, gap-value cover, roadside assistance cover, passenger assistance cover, key loss cover, and engine safe cover.

How does Liberty Comprehensive Car Insurance Work?

  • Liberty comprehensive insurance policy offers constructive protection for the car.
  • In case of an accident, car insurance protects your finances. In case of the death of the car owner due to an accident, the family members would get financial assistance through insurance.

Liberty Comprehensive Car Insurance vs Third Party Car Insurance

Comprehensive Car InsuranceThird-Party Car Insurance
Offers coverage for third-party as well as car damages.Offers coverage for third-party damages only.
Policyholders have the option of enhancing the insurance coverage by adding additional add-ons.Policyholders do not have the option of adding add-on covers.
Having comprehensive car insurance is not mandatory.Having third-party insurance is compulsory as per the law.
Premium costs are relatively high as it offers higher coverage.Premium costs are relatively low as it offers limited coverage.

How to Buy Liberty Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy?

Interested individuals can purchase Liberty comprehensive car insurance online by following the process mentioned below.

  • They must visit the company’s website.
  • They must find the "buy now" button on the company’s website. The users must provide contact details, and car registration number and proceed further.
  • They must provide accurate details about the car model such as brand name, variant name, etc. Then they are required to click on ‘next’.
  • On this page, the users must provide car manufacturing and registration details, registration number, policy type, previous policy details, and policy claim details.
  • In the next phase, the users are required to provide income details, premium payment details, etc.
  • Once the users agree with all the clauses and provide the necessary details, they can finally purchase the policy through a debit or credit card.

What is Covered Under Liberty Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy?

The Liberty comprehensive car insurance policy covers the following benefits.

  • Third-party liabilities.
  • Own damage.
  • Accident due to external impact.
  • Loss of vehicle due to theft.
  • Damage to the vehicle due to flood, storm, earthquake, landslide, or other natural attacks.
  • Damage to the vehicle due to fire, ignition, explosion and lightning.
  • Damage to the vehicle due to riots, attacks, terrorism, etc.

What is not Included Under Liberty Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Liberty comprehensive car insurance does not offer assistance in certain aspects. The key exclusions of the insurance are mentioned below.

  • Damage caused to the car while the driver was driving without a licence/policy papers.
  • Loss due to depreciation.
  • Damage to the vehicle due to daily commute, mechanical or electrical breakdown, etc.
  • Loss or damage to the vehicle due to war, nuclear attack, civil war, mutiny, etc.
  • Damage of tyres and tubes without accident.
  • Loss or damage of the vehicle outside the ambit of insurance.
  • Loss of damage of the vehicle due to driving beyond the limitation of use.

Liberty Comprehensive Car Insurance Benefits

Liberty comprehensive car insurance offers the following benefits.

  • It covers the damages caused to any third-party assets by your insured car.
  • It covers the damages caused to the insured vehicle or policyholder.
  • The policy offers accident covers. In case of death due to an accident, the policy will offer policyholders' families financial assistance.
  • The policy allows cashless servicing of the car at its 4300 networked garages.
  • The policy allows the insured individuals to buy additional car assistance, i.e., add-on covers as required.
  • The policy covers cases of car theft, burglary and housebreaking.

Liberty Comprehensive Car Insurance Review

Liberty comprehensive car insurance online helps many policyholders overcome various challenges related to car maintenance. The company's customer service team works closely with customers and solves their issues. It results in enhanced customer loyalty. Customers get instant replies and assistance from Liberty for any issue faced related to managing car insurance. The online operational facility and car insurance tracking system help customers manage their insurance seamlessly. Thus, the company generates happy and satisfying customers. 

Liberty Comprehensive Car Insurance FAQs

  • 1. What is the comprehensive car insurance offered by Liberty insurance?

    The comprehensive car insurance offered by Liberty insurance is for those car owners who want to buy extensive insurance coverage for their vehicles. Comprehensive insurance offers coverage for third-party and own damages.

  • 2. Is it mandatory to buy Liberty comprehensive car insurance?

     As per Motor Vehicles Act 1988, all car owners must purchase third-party insurance. However, buying a comprehensive car insurance is not mandatory.

  • 3. How to buy the Liberty comprehensive car insurance offline?

    The interested individuals can visit the office branch in their city. There they can communicate with sales coordinators and provide all the details about the car. The sales staff will help customers choose car insurance premiums and add-ons more prudently. They can easily validate all the details and pay the necessary fees at the branch.

  • 4. How to renew Liberty Comprehensive car insurance?

    The customers can renew their insurance through the online channel. They can also visit the branch office on the due date to renew the premium. The customers must provide the insurance details, car registration number, and other details as required. They can pay online or in cash as applicable.

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