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A Raheja QBE two-wheeler insurance policy document is a written agreement between the insured and the insurance company. It is a formal contract that confirms the coverage, discounts, exclusions, policy terms, and so on that have been offered. Raheja QBE bike insurance policy download document is available both online and offline, with the former providing an e-policy and the latter providing a printed copy.

After a policyholder purchases a Raheja QBE bike insurance policy, Raheja QBE provides them the bike insurance policy document as a receipt. Every policyholder should read the policy wording of a two-wheeler insurance to get the most out of the coverage. 

How to Download Raheja QBE Bike Insurance Policy Online Using Policy Number?

Using a policy number to get the Raheja QBE bike insurance policy download online is a simple process. Raheja QBE General Insurance, on the other hand, does not provide an area where you may download vehicle insurance policies online using your policy number. However, you can still obtain it by going to the Raheja QBE General Insurance website and selecting the 'Request a Call Back' option. You simply need to give your contact information, such as your name, phone number, preferred call time, product, and query, and you will receive a call from an expert team with a solution to your problem. In this method, you must submit a policy download request in inquiry, and they will respond with instructions on how to obtain the policy document. 

Do I Need a  Hard Copy of Raheja QBE Bike Insurance Policy Document?

Every automobile owner must have at least a third-party bike insurance while operating a two-wheeler, as per the depiction of the Motor Tariff of India. Failure to have at least the basic Raheja QBE bike insurance policy coverage while riding can result in a fine of INR 2,000 and/or a three-month jail sentence. An e-Vahan Bima has been introduced by the IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India) to make it easier to hold insurance policies. It is not mandatory to have a hard copy of your policy document. Hence, policyholders may now hold their policies on their mobile rather than bickering about them in hard form, thanks to the e-Vahan Bima. The digital insurance cover includes a QR code that contains all of the policy's details.

If you still want a paper copy of the Raheja QBE two-wheeler insurance policy download document, you may do so by downloading it in PDF format with the help of the company's customer service team. 

How to Get a Hard Copy of Raheja QBE Bike Insurance Policy?

After the policy buying process is done, the insurance firm provides a hard copy of the Raheja QBE bike insurance policy download document to the policyholder's address. If you acquired your auto insurance policy online, you can obtain the document of your policy by contacting the insurance company's customer service department. After receiving the e-policy, you can print it to obtain a tangible copy of your policy document. Or you can also visit the branch near you to request the hard copy of your Raheja QBE policy.

How Can I Make Changes in My Raheja QBE Bike Insurance Policy Document?

Always strive to submit the correct and exact information when purchasing a Raheja QBE bike insurance policy, but if any incorrect information is accidentally placed in your policy paperwork, you should have it corrected as soon as possible. Raheja QBE General Insurance's customer service team is readily available to assist policyholders, so you can contact them to make such changes. The insurance company's customer service team can be reached by dialing their toll-free number between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m., Monday to Saturday. However, if you require any further assistance with your vehicle insurance policy papers, you can go to your bike insurance company's local branch.

Raheja QBE Bike Insurance Policy Download FAQs

  • 1. Do I need to carry Raheja QBE policy documents all the time?

    Ideally, it is advisable to carry your policy documents with you. But to reduce the stress of policyholders to carry physical  documents, the government even considers digital policy documents valid.  

  • 2. What are the advantages of e-Vahan Bima?

    A government effort known as an e-Vahan Bima promotes the use of electronic Raheja QBE bike insurance policy documents. Because practically everyone these days owns a smartphone, they can keep the e-Vahan Bima digitally and print it anytime they need it. You can always show the electronic copy to the competent authority if you lose or misplace the hard copy.

  • 3. Where can I read all of the details about my Raheja QBE bike policy?

    You can simply read your Raheja QBE bike insurance policy document to know every detail about the policy, such as its benefits, inclusions, exclusion, policy term, premium, and other important terms and conditions.

  • 4. Is it possible to terminate my Raheja QBE coverage in the middle of the term?

    You can terminate the policy at any time and receive a partial refund of the unused payment if other insurance documentation is presented and there are no claims on the policy. 

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