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The two-wheelers owners often go to extreme heights to ensure that their bike or scooter is in a top-notch situation. Irrespective of whether it requires an oil change, cleaning, or accessories, the bike riders take a lot of pride in looking after their bikes.

If you are one of those bike owners, here is something more that you can do to make your experience better. Buy ICICI Lombard two wheeler insurance add-ons along with your two-wheeler insurance policy. An add-on cover is an essential additional feature that you can fill into your two-wheeler insurance policy to enrich its coverage. But for that, you need to buy an ICICI Lombard comprehensive or standalone bike insurance in the first place.

This page provides a list of  ICICI Lombard bike insurance add-ons and why you should consider adding them to your standard policy.

ICICI Lombard – 2 Important Add-on Covers For Your Two Wheeler Insurance Policy

Here is a list of main bike insurance add-on benefits offered by ICICI Lombard General India Insurance that you can avail by paying a nominal premium for two-wheeler insurance:

Roadside Assistance Cover

Roadside assistance is an add-on cover that anyone who owns a two wheeler can buy voluntarily along with a basic bike insurance policy by paying an additional bike insurance premium. The roadside assistance add-on cover in bike insurance offered by ICICI Lombard provides complete coverage all the time, be it a flat tyre or if your two wheeler has been towed. Other facilities that the policyholders can enjoy with this add-on cover of ICICI Lombard bike insurance are puncture assistance, repair on the spot, emergency fuel delivery, cab service, accommodation, vehicle key lock-out assistance, and shipment of spares, route guidance, tele-assistance, and relay of the emergency message. In addition, this add-on cover provides additional coverage at a reasonable premium so that the policyholders can experience a smooth and stress-free ride. Provided that a roadside assistance add-on cover offered by ICICI Lombard General India Insurance can only be purchased with a comprehensive bike insurance policy or a standalone own-damage bike insurance policy.

Roadside assistance add-on cover in ICICI Lombard bike insurance should ideally be opted by every bike owner, would be best suited to the following:

  • People who often travel on their bikes
  • People who live on the outskirts of the city
  • People who can not do even minor repairs to their bike

Zero Depreciation Cover

Zero Depreciation bike insurance add-on cover is also known as ‘Nil Depreciation’ cover and is a popular bike insurance add-on cover. This ICICI Lombard bike insurance add-on cover can be opted with a comprehensive bike policy and a standalone own-damage two-wheeler policy. It empowers you with the eligibility to avail higher claim amount as it offers 100% depreciation coverage for all the parts of your bike except tyres, tubes, and batteries covered at 50%. ICICI Lombard General India Insurance allows a maximum of zero depreciation claims during the policy tenure.

Zero depreciation bike insurance cover offered by ICICI Lombard should ideally be purchased by the following:

  • Who have just begun learning a bike riding
  • Who have bought a new bike
  • Who live in an accident-prone areas
  • Who have luxury bikes which have expensive parts

ICICI Lombard Bike/Two Wheeler Insurance Add on Cover FAQs

  • 1. If I want to include only a single ICICI Lombard bike insurance add-on cover with my standalone bike insurance policy, can I do that or I need to buy add-ons in package form only?

    Though ICICI Lombard General Insurance provides add-on covers in packages to optimize a policyholder’s policy coverage. If you require only a specific add-on cover to include in your ICICI Lombard standalone bike insurance policy, you can request the company for the same.

  • 2. Who should purchase an ICICI Lombard zero depreciation bike insurance add-on cover?

    Zero depreciation bike insurance cover offered by ICICI Lombard should ideally be purchased by the following:

    • Who have just begun learning a bike riding 
    • Who have bought a new bike
    • Who live in an accident-prone areas
    • Who have luxury bikes which have expensive parts
  • 3. Do I require to pay an additional charge to avail ICICI Lombard bike insurance add-on covers?

    Yes, you must pay additional charges to enjoy ICICI Lombard bike insurance add-on covers benefits along with the regular premium amount of your basic insurance policy to avail them.

  • 4. Is it compulsory to buy an add-on cover along with the basic bike insurance policy?

    No, it is not compulsory to include an add-on cover with your bike insurance policy. To buy an add-on cover along with your bike insurance policy is totally your choice which depends on your budget and requirement.

  • 5. Can I include ICICI Lombard bike insurance add-on covers if I own a third-party bike insurance policy from the same insurer?

    No, ICICI Lombard General India Insurance offers no add-on covers with their third-party bike insurance policy. To avail of the add-on covers from ICICI Lombard, you must have an active comprehensive or standalone bike insurance policy.

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