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According to the nation's legislation, car insurance is mandatory in India for everyone who owns a car and drives it on the road. In addition to the rules and regulations, purchasing insurance coverage is a wise significant step towards protecting yourself from the costs that may occur if you encounter an accident while driving. Every car owner must have third-party car insurance coverage to escape from both the expenses and the administration's legal actions.

For those who feel third-party insurance is not alone sufficient to cover their expenses, they should consider investing in a United India standalone car insurance policy to protect their vehicle against damage and loss. Both policies can be bought from different insurance companies. To put it another way, even if you have third-party insurance from another insurer, you are still eligible to acquire a standalone car insurance policy from United India. Before choosing your policy and insurance provider, carefully study the included exclusions, features, and other terms and conditions about car insurance.

United Indian Standalone Car Insurance Vs Third Party Car Insurance Vs Comprehensive Car Insurance

BasisStandalone InsuranceThird Party InsuranceComprehensive Insurance
DefinitionOnly the insured car is covered under the standalone insurance coverage.Only damages to a third-party person, vehicle or property  are covered.
Like an umbrella of policies, comprehensive car insurance covers both third-party and own-damage liability.
BenefitsMultiple add-ons can be included.No add-ons can be included. Multiple add-ons can be included.
CoverageProtects you against natural calamities as well as damage caused due to human actions. Protects you from traffic fines and third-party liability costs.Covers losses caused to third parties and your own vehicle
Premium amountThe cost of standalone own-damage car insurance is hefty at first, but it gradually drops as the vehicle ages.The insurance premium is quite low because it only covers third-party.This insurance policy has a high cost due to its wider coverage.
NecessityOptional to buy.Mandatory to buy.Optional to buy.

What All is Covered Under United India Standalone Car Insurance Policy?

Accident Loss to Your Car

It covers the entire cost of repairs to your car if you meet a severe accident or even a collision.

Loss Due to Theft

Theft is unpredicted, so united India provides compensation in such an unfortunate event that your car is stolen.

Loss Caused Due to Fire

If there is a fire and your car is damaged because of the fire, standalone car insurance will cover the whole damage.

Damages Due to Natural/Man-made Calamities

Nobody can control nature's numerous wraths, but United India will be your one-stop shop for damage repair if your car is damaged due to earthquakes, cyclones, tsunami, riots, strikes, terror atatcks, etc.

What All is Not Covered  Under United India Standalone Car Insurance Policy? 

There are a few situations to be aware of that are not covered under this policy, regardless of whatever insurance policy you choose or how much protection your standalone insurance provider gives.

  1. Third-party Liabilities: Standalone car insurance does not cover any third-party losses because it's solely designed to safeguard the damages to your vehicle.
  2. Depreciation: Because your car ages and depreciates over time, unless you buy a suitable add-on like zero depreciation, a standalone car insurance coverage does not include a provision to cover depreciation costs.
  3. Electrical & Mechanical Breakdown– Unless the defect is caused by an accident, United India's standalone car insurance will not cover damages due to mechanical defects in the vehicle.
  4. Drunk Driving– If your car is met with an accident and it's damaged due to drunk driving or driving while intoxicated, the expenses for those damages will not be covered under the standalone car insurance.
  5. War or Nuclear Risks– The standalone insurance policy does not cover losses resulting from wars, war-like occurrences, or nuclear attacks.
  6. Driving without a Licence/Policy– If your automobile is damaged while driving without a valid driver's licence/policy, your own-damage car insurance will not cover any damages.

United India Standalone Car Insurance Policy Benefits

Competitive Charges

United India car insurance offers affordable premiums that are competitively priced, corresponding to the specific needs of the insurance holders.

Quick Turnaround

Customers enjoy a quick response time on claim settlements, ensuring high customer satisfaction with many additional perks.

24*7 Support

United India offers support service round the clock via call, email, and chat support to assist the customers with the best service.

Timely Discount and Schemes

United India allows the customers to enjoy timely discounts from NCBs, anti theft devices installation, voluntary deductibles, etc.

United India Standalone Car Insurance FAQs

  • 1. Can I buy both the third-party insurance and standalone insurance from United India?

    Yes, you can buy both the policies from United India.

  • 2. What is the eligibility criteria to buy a standalone car insurance policy from United India?

    Anybody can buy a standalone car insurance policy from United India if he already owns third-party insurance.

  • 3. Is a standalone car Insurance policy from United India cheaper than comprehensive policy?

    Yes, a standalone car Insurance policy is affordable compared to a comprehensive car insurance policy.

  • 4. Does United India standalone car Insurance policy cover personal accident damages?

    Yes, a standalone car Insurance policy is designed to cover all your expenses regarding the personal accident damages.

  • 5. Can I buy United India standalone car Insurance policy safely online?

    Yes, you can buy this policy and even pay the premium safely online.

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