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A Raheja QBE standalone bike insurance policy covers loss or damage to the insured bike caused by many incidents, including accidents, theft, fire, natural disasters, and man-made disasters. It usually has a one-year coverage period and is designed to cover your financial obligations resulting from damages or losses to your vehicle. This bike insurance policy includes several reductions that make it a cost-effective purchase, such as a no-claim bonus, the installation of ARAI-approved anti-theft devices, and participation in an automobile organization, among others. The Raheja QBE standalone bike insurance provides significant benefits and comprehensive coverage when acquired with a standard third-party bike insurance policy. 

How does Raheja QBE Standalone Own Damage Bike Insurance Policy Work?

The damages to your vehicle caused by an accident, theft, fire, man-made or natural disaster are covered by the standalone policy of Raheja QBE two-wheeler insurance. This coverage can only be acquired if you already have third-party liability insurance. You can avail this policy for one year. 

When you choose the standalone own-damage coverage, you can customize your vehicle by installing anti-theft devices, enjoying no-claim bonus and last but not the least, availing add-on covers.

Raheja QBE Standalone Own Damage Bike Insurance Vs Third Party Bike Insurance Vs Comprehensive Bike Insurance

ParametersComprehensive Bike InsuranceThird Party Bike InsuranceStandalone Bike Insurance
CoverageIn addition to legal and financial duties towards a third party, Raheja QBE comprehensive vehicle insurance plans covers loss or damage to your bike caused by accidents, theft, and natural calamities. NCB perks and other discounts are also available.This policy offered by Raheja QBE only offers coverage against third-party liabilities.The Raheja QBE standalone bike insurance policy compensates only for own-damage expenses in situations such as theft, accident, disasters, etc. This coverage also includes an NCB benefit.
Add-onsAdd-on coverage is available through Raheja QBE comprehensive insurance.Add-on coverage is not available with Raheja QBE third-party insurance.The Raheja QBE standalone bike insurance offers a variety of add-on coverages.
CostBecause it provides full coverage, the Raheja QBE comprehensive auto insurance policy is the most expensive.Due to its restricted coverage, Raheja QBE third-party auto insurance is cost-effective.Because it provides more coverage, Raheja QBE standalone two-wheeler insurance is more expensive than third-party insurance.
NecessityOptional to buy this policy.Mandatory to buy this policy.Optional to buy this policy.

What All is Covered Under Raheja QBE Standalone Own Damage Bike Insurance Policy?

The Raheja QBE standalone bike insurance covers loss or damage to the covered bike as a result of the following events:

  • Damages or losses incurred as a result of traffic accidents.
  • Fire, explosion, and self-ignition damages.
  • Damages and losses incurred as a result of travel by road, train, air, waterway, lift, and other modes of transportation.
  • Burglary, riot, strike, terrorist activities, and other damages to the vehicle.
  • Damages caused by earthquakes, floods, storms, hailstorms, rockslides, and other natural disasters.

What All is not Covered Under Raheja QBE Standalone Own Damage Bike Insurance Policy?

Any loss or damage to the vehicle or its attachments caused by the following will not be covered under the Raheja QBE Standalone bike insurance: 

  • Third-party liabilities.
  • Vehicle wear and tear, as well as general aging.
  • Depreciation and consequential loss.
  • Breakdown of mechanical and electrical systems.
  • The vehicle being utilized in a way that is not in conformity with the use restrictions.
  • Damages caused when driving without a driving licence or under the influence of alcohol, drugs, etc.
  • War, revolt, or nuclear risks cause loss or devastation.
  • A claim stemming from a breach of contract.

Raheja QBE Standalone Own Damage Bike Insurance Policy Benefits

The following are some of the most important advantages of purchasing a Raheja QBE standalone two-wheeler insurance policy:

  • To extend the coverage, many add-on cover options are available.
  • Benefit from the no-claim bonus if you go a year without filing a claim.
  • Financial insurance against damage caused by accidents, theft, and other factors.
  • Instant and cashless claim settlement. 

Raheja QBE Standalone Own Damage Insurance Policy Review

Raheja QBE standalone bike insurance provides affordable and unique bike insurance coverage. Customers can select from a variety of options when it comes to add-ons. The corporation brags about its "customer-centric" principles and provides lightning-fast service. The organization offers swift and transparent procedures from the time you buy the plan to the time you file a claim. 

Raheja QBE Standalone Bike Insurance FAQs

  • 1. Why is it necessary for me to acquire Raheja QBE standalone bike insurance?

    Raheja QBE standalone bike insurance aids in the settlement of losses sustained in case of an accident. It protects the insured from financial and legal losses that may otherwise deplete a person's financial resources.

  • 2. Can I include add-ons with Raheja QBE standalone policy?

    Yes, with Raheja QBE standalone bike insurance, you can include as many add-on covers as you want. 

  • 3. What is the best way to contact Raheja QBE General Insurance?

    Customers can reach Raheja QBE by calling toll-free 1800 102 7723 or dialing +91 70453 59601. You can also send an email to info@rahejaqbe.com to contact the insurance firm.

  • 4. Is it possible to transfer my existing vehicle insurance coverage to Raheja QBE standalone policy?

    Yes, one can transfer one’s current bike insurance coverage to Raheja QBE standalone bike insurance. However, one should do this when renewing one’s auto insurance policy after a policy period has ended.

  • 5. Is Raheja QBE a reputable insurance company?

    In India, Raheja QBE is a well-known motor insurance provider. The IRDAI recognizes and supports it. Thus all of the plans they sell are real and trustworthy.

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