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The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 has given some rules and regulations for the conduct of insurance services for your four-wheeler. It has been made mandatory to have a third-party insurance policy. However, only buying a third-party insurance is not sufficient as it gives a limited coverage of financial damages.

HDFC ERGO comprehensive car insurance policy covers damages caused to third parties as well as to policyholder. With its seamless and transparent process, the HDFC ERGO car insurance has been one of the best insurance providers in India over the years.

How Does HDFC ERGO Comprehensive Car Insurance Work?

The claim procedure for the HDFC ERGO four-wheeler comprehensive insurance policy is quite speedy. It works with the following steps-

  • You must intimate about the accident to the insurer company.
  • Then file FIR at your nearest police station as soon as possible.
  • Submit a copy of the FIR to the insurance company.
  • Submit required documents to initiate the claim process.
  • A surveyor is then appointed by the company to assess the damages. He then files a report to the insurer.
  • The insurance company, within 48 hours, will start the initiation.

HDFC ERGO Comprehensive Car Insurance VS Third-party Car Insurance

The key difference between the two will be as below-

HDFC ERGO Comprehensive Car InsuranceHDFC ERGO Third-party Car Insurance
You are able to claim for personal losses apart from the third-party liabilities.A third-party cover only gives protection to third-party damages.
It gives extra coverage to natural and human-made disasters, loss by fire and theft, explosions, and many more.No such covers are provided in a third-party car insurance policy.
Under the comprehensive insurance, you are eligible to extensively include the add-ons such as zero depreciation, NCB, invoice value coverage, car engine and gear protection, exigency cover, and cab commutation coverage when the car is in the garage.There are no add-ons provided in a third-party car insurance policy.
Buying comprehensive insurance depends on your choice. Third-party insurance is mandatory by law.
Owing to its extensive coverage, the premium rates are higher.Limited coverage results in lower premium rates.

How to Buy HDFC ERGO Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy?

The HDFC ERGO comprehensive four-wheeler insurance can be obtained by both online and offline methods. However, it is convenient and easier to buy HDFC ERGO comprehensive car insurance online. Follow the below steps to buy the HDFC four-wheeler comprehensive insurance online- 

  1. Visit the official website of HDFC ERGO-
  2. Submit details- Fill in necessary details of your car, such as car registration number. You may also proceed without a car number. Submit personal details such as full name, mobile, and email ID.
  3. Submit policy details and add-ons- Fill in the policy details and choose any add-ons you want to include in your policy.
  4. Payment- You need to pay the premium for the completion of purchasing your policy.
  5. Confirmation- Once you pay, all necessary details you can receive at your registered mail address.

What is Covered Under HDFC ERGO Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy?

HDFC ERGO comprehensive car insurance gives you the coverage of the following financial liability-

  • All the third-party damages- Be it medical expenses, death, or property damage (up to INR 7.5 lakh), comprehensive car insurance will give protection to you in need.
  • Personal damage coverage- When you suffer in an accident involving your car, all costs of medical treatment are covered under HDFC ERGO comprehensive car insurance.
  • Loss due to fire or explosion- If your car catches flames or suffers from any explosion, HDFC ERGO's comprehensive policy is ready to help you.
  • Theft of the car- Any losses arising against theft of your car will also be protected by HDFC ERGO.
  • Calamities (natural or man-made)- Whether natural disasters like earthquakes and landslides etc. or human-made disasters like wars and menace, the HDFC ERGO comprehensive insurance policy is ready to protect you against losses.
  • Transportation loss- If your car suffers from in-transit losses of road, air, and water, HDFC ERGO will cover your in-transit loss.
  • Accident- If, due to an accident, your car suffers, then the losses will be borne by the insurance company.

What All is Not Covered Under HDFC ERGO Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy?

  • General depreciation- The normal devaluation of the car out of usage is not covered by our third-party insurance policy.
  • Driving in an illegal manner- The following activities are considered illegal and do not give coverage for any financial loss-
    • Drunk Driving
    • Driving for a criminal purpose.
    • Driving without obtaining a valid driving licence/policy papers.
  • General repair- The repair due to electrical or mechanical breakdown of the car is not eligible for claims.
  • Territorial limit- Damages caused by driving out of Indian geography will not be protected.
  • Indirect losses- Consequential damages after the accident are not covered.
  • The wrong usage- If the car is used for incorrect purposes such as speed testing, racing or overloading, then the damages are not covered.

Key Benefits of Purchasing HDFC ERGO Comprehensive Car Insurance?

  • Third-party liability cover
  • Own damage coverage
  • Seamless and fast claim settlement process
  • Huge network of garages across different locations
  • Up to 50% of NCB
  • 6 add-ons available

HDFC ERGO Comprehensive Car Insurance Review

With over 7900 cashless garages and 24*7 customer assistance, HDFC ERGO is the first choice of many policyholders in India. The company is set to process quicker and easier claim settlements within 4 steps guide. The company offers multiple choices for a comprehensive car insurance policy, including a no-claim bonus of more than 50% and huge savings.

HDFC ERGO Comprehensive Car Insurance FAQs

  • 1. What are the 6 add-ons that HDFC ERGO comprehensive car insurance offers?

    • Zero depreciation
    • NCB
    • Engine and gear protection
    • Exigency assistance cover
    • Downtime protection of your car
    • Return to the Invoice value
  • 2. What will happen to the comprehensive car insurance if I sell my car?

    You can either cancel your policy or transfer it to the new party along with supporting docs like form 29/sale deed/NOC etc.

  • 3. Am I eligible to make changes to my HDFC ERGO comprehensive car insurance policy?

    You can easily do so through the endorsement process hence can get in touch with the company for making the necessary changes.

  • 4. Does HDFC ERGO cover the breakdown and accidental damages to my car?

    Yes, HDFC ERGO does repair the accidental breakdown/damages of your car.

  • 5. What are the advantages of buying HDFC ERGO comprehensive car insurance online?

    • Cashless paperwork
    • 24*7 customer service
    • Instant quotations
    • Issued within minutes
    • Payment reminder before every due date
    • No interference from any other person/agent

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