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An insurance policy serves as a legal contract between an insurer and you. Therefore, the policy paper is the most crucial insurance document. It helps you at the time of making an insurance claim and is a surety that you won't become the victim of the fraud. Your policy document can easily be downloaded online, which ultimately avoids any hassle of visiting the insurance office. In addition, you can use this document for several other things, such as taking a loan against the insurance policy, etc. 

Digit has done its service of availing Digit car insurance policy download online for the comfort of the policyholders. Therefore, after purchasing car insurance policy, you get your policy's soft copy on your registered email ID. 

How to Download Digit Car Insurance Policy Online Using Policy Number?

Apart from getting your policy document through the email ID, you can also download Digit car insurance policy document online by using the policy number by following the below-mentioned steps:

  1. First, visit the official website of the Digit General website. 
  2. Then, navigate through the website and click on the 'Support' tab. 
  3. In that section, you will find the 'Download Policy' tab. Upon clicking it, it will redirect you to WhatsApp. 
  4. Send 'Hi' to WhatsApp on Digit General through your registered mobile number. Digit's self-service WhatsApp number is 7026061234.
  5. You will get an automated response that will provide you with multiple options. Select the third option by sending 3 through the chat to further the process. 
  6. You will get the soft copy of your Digit car insurance policy document online, which you can download for future reference. 
  7. You can also email hello@godigit.com mentioning your policy number with the statement that you require your Digit car insurance policy document through email. 

Do I Need a Hard Copy of the Digit Car Insurance Policy Document?

You require an insurance policy document when you make an insurance claim. Earlier it was mandatory to produce the insurance policy document in paper format to make a claim. However, you can use a soft copy of the document to make an insurance claim through the recent provision by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) regarding the e- Vahan Bima application. These days, all insurers use the QR Code system to authenticate the policy document, negating the need for a hard copy of the document. 

How to Get a Hard Copy of Digit Car Insurance Policy?

Following are the two modes through which the policy can be bought and how you can get policy document of Digit car insurance in hard copy for both methods: 

  • If you purchase your insurance policy offline, you will get the Digit car insurance policy document delivered to your home. You can also get the document from the insurer's office.
  • If you purchase your insurance policy online, you can download the Digit car insurance policy document using the policy number through WhatsApp or by writing an email to Digit General. This document will be sent to you in PDF format. You can save the document or take the printout of the document and keep the hard copy. The QR code on the copy can be used for the authenticating purpose. In case of any difficulty getting the Digit car insurance policy document, you can call the toll-free number and seek clarification.

How Can I Make Changes in My Digit Car Insurance Policy Document?

Digit car insurance policy document is a legal document; therefore, falsifying information on it or changing information without consulting or informing the insurer is a legal offense. Yet, there can be certain circumstances where you might require to change something, or if there is any mistake, typo, or another mistake, you can change it easily. 

  • If the mistake or change you require needs to be done in the hard copy of the insurance document, you can directly contact the insurance office and let them know about your grievances. 
  • If the mistake is in the soft copy of the document, you can do it digitally by following these steps:
  1. First, visit the official website of the Digit General. 
  2. Then, navigate through the website to find the 'Support' tab. 
  3. Under that, you will get the 'Edit Policy' option click on it. 
  4. Log in using your registered mobile number. 
  5. Feed in the last 5 digits of the chassis or engine number. 
  6. It will redirect you to the policy edit option. 
  7. You can also call the toll-free number to make corrections to your Digit car insurance policy document. 

Digit Car Insurance Policy Download FAQs

  • 1. Can I check my Digit car insurance policy details online?

    You can check your Digit car insurance policy status online by visiting the e-service VAHAN website. You need to feed in your registration details and enter the verification code that you receive on your registered number. After the authentication, you will get to see your policy details. 

  • 2. How will I receive my Digit car insurance customer ID?

    Upon purchasing the Digit car insurance policy, you will get your insurance document online. On the first page of the document, your customer ID will be mentioned. 

  • 3. Do I get different policy numbers for more than one Digit car insurance policy?

    Yes, you get varying insurance numbers for the different vehicle insurance policies. It is unique to the customer and used for authentication and registration purpose. 

  • 4. Can my Digit car insurance claim get rejected?

    Yes, if you falsify the data on your insurance policy document, then your insurance claim can get rejected. Also, there will be legal repercussions against it. 

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