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In the car insurance sector, Kotak General Insurance is a well-known name. Its vehicle insurance policies come with several add-on coverage options. These Kotak Mahindra car insurance add-on covers help you extend your policy's basic coverage.

A basic comprehensive car insurance policy covers vehicle damage, third-party liability, and vehicle theft and loss. However, you can obtain Kotak Mahindra car insurance add-on coverage for a small fee and get additional benefits. Previously, possessing a vehicle, particularly a car, was considered a luxury, but today, a car is regarded as one of the needs, albeit expensive. A car insurance policy from Kotak Mahindra goes a long way in protecting this costly piece of equipment we own. 

Kotak Mahindra Important Add-on Covers for Your Car Insurance Policy

Both the Kotak Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy and the Kotak Standalone Own-Damage Car Insurance Plan offer these additional benefits. The following are some of the important Kotak General Insurance add-on covers:

  • Zero Depreciation Cover- This optional Kotak Mahindra car insurance add-on cover relieves you of the cost of depreciation on your vehicle and its components. This is a useful feature because the cost of replacing or repairing parts can quickly build up.
  • Consumables Cover- This Kotak Mahindra car insurance add-on coverage protects you from the costs of replacing consumables such as screws, nuts, bolts, and oil filters. The cost of consumables replenishment is not covered by default under a basic car insurance policy, but this add-on provides that coverage.
  • Engine Protect- This Kotak Mahindra car insurance add-on protects your car's engine and gearbox from damage caused by water intrusion and/or lubricant leaking.
  • Return to Invoice- In the event of a constructive total loss (CTL) or theft of your car, your insurer will pay you the insured’s declared value (IDV), which is less than the invoice price you paid for it. In the event of theft or total loss of your car, the insurer will pay you the invoice amount, which includes the ex-showroom price plus road tax and registration fees.
  • Roadside Assistance Cover- If your car suffers mechanical or other damage, the insurer undertakes to provide you with the required emergency roadside assistance:
  1. Towing Service - If your car breaks down and becomes stuck on the side of the road or at home, your insurer will arrange for towing services to the nearest garage within a 50-kilometer radius of the breakdown. The same distance criterion will apply in case the vehicle gets stuck due to an accident.
  2. Battery Jump Start - If your car becomes immobilized due to a dead battery, your insurance company will send a specialist to jump-start it. However, you will be responsible for all battery charging/replacement charges, and the insurer will only be responsible for any labor and conveyance charges related to battery jump start assistance.
  3. Fuel Supply - If your automobile is rendered immobile due to an empty fuel tank, the insurer will arrange for a fuel supply of up to 5 liters at the breakdown spot.
  4. Fuel tank Emptying - If your car's fuel tank is filled with incompatible fuel, your insurer will send a technician to empty the tank. If necessary, the insurer will arrange for your car to be towed to the nearest garage for emptying the fuel tank..
  5. Flat Tyre - In the event of a flat or punctured tire, the insurer will dispatch a technician to the location to replace the tire. However, you must have a spare tire on hand for this. Because if required, the same can be used for repair, and you will need to bear the cost of it.
  6. Phone Breakdown Assistance: In the event of a minor mechanical failure, this Kotak Mahindra car insurance add-on cover will offer you telephonic assistance.
  • Key Replacement Cover

 If your automobile keys are lost, stolen or damaged, the insurer offers to cover the cost of replacement, including labor costs.

  • Tire Cover

The cost of repairing and/or replacing your car's tires and tubes will be covered by this Kotak Mahindra car insurance add-on. This add-on, however, is not applicable in the event of a manufacturing flaw, chemical damage, or atmospheric damage.

  • Personal Belongings

Cover- This Kotak Mahindra car insurance add-on covers the cost of personal things stolen from your vehicle.

  • NCB Protect Cover

The no claim bonus is a discount on your car's own-damage premium that you receive on renewal in exchange for not filing a claim during the policy year. However, even one claim can result in the loss of this discount. However, if you choose NCB Protect, you can keep your NCB even if you make a claim during the policy period. This is an excellent Kotak Mahindra car insurance add-on because the NCB amount is substantial, ranging from 20-50% of your own-damage premium, depending on the number of claim-free years.

Kotak Mahindra Car Insurance Add on Cover FAQs

  • 1. How many car insurance add-on covers does Kotak provide?

    Zero depreciation cover, consumables cover, engine protect, return to iInvoice, roadside assistance cover, key replacement cover, tire cover, personal belongings cover, and NCB protect are some of the Kotak Mahindra car insurance add-on covers offered.

  • 2. Will choosing Kotak Mahindra car insurance add-on covers cost me additional money?

    Yes, in addition to your base insurance payment, you will have to pay an additional cost for the Kotak Mahindra car insurance add-on you choose.

  • 3. Is adding an add-on cover to a Kotak car insurance policy required?

    It is not necessary to have Kotak Mahindra car insurance add-on protection over the base policy of the insurance company.. It's an add-on benefit that you can employ to boost your car insurance coverage scope.

  • 4. When will the Kotak vehicle insurance add-on policies be available?

    The Kotak Mahindra Car Insurance add-on covers can be purchased at the time of policy purchase or renewal.

  • 5. How many Kotak car insurance add-ons can I buy at once?

    The number of Kotak Mahindra Car Insurance add-on covers available is limitless. You can add as much add-on coverage to your car insurance policy as you like.

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