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Availing of car insurance is not only mandatory under the Motor Vehicles Act but also a protective measure against your and your vehicle's safety. In case of emergency, car insurance extends financial aid to you. Digit Comprehensive four-wheeler insurance policy is, as the name suggests, a policy that almost includes all the protective covers and other additional benefits that come along with it. Therefore, you do not need to purchase any additional insurance after purchasing a comprehensive insurance policy.

How does Digit Comprehensive Insurance Work?

When you opt to buy Digit comprehensive four-wheeler insurance policy, it provides full financial protection to you in case of all kinds of damages. Digit comprehensive insurance policy is self-sufficient. However, you can opt to add additional covers to customize it.

Digit Comprehensive Car Insurance vs. Third Party Car Insurance

There are two kinds of four-wheeler insurance that you can purchase, namely, comprehensive and third-party insurance.

Digit Comprehensive Car InsuranceDigit Third Party Car Insurance
Digit comprehensive car insurance provides protection covers against the damages incurred by a third party as well as self-inflicted. Digit third-party car insurance provides protection exclusively against third-party liabilities. These include vehicular damage, physical damage, or even the death of a third-party in an accident.  
Premiums are slightly higher as this policy is extensive. Premiums are lower as this policy provides limited protection. 
You can opt to buy add-ons over this policy to increase the protection.You cannot opt for add-ons in a third-party policy.
Comprehensive insurance is not mandatory by law.Third-party insurance is mandated by law.

How to Buy Digit Comprehensive Insurance?

After purchasing the new vehicle, you need to purchase an insurance policy after 14 days of purchase of the vehicle. Following are the steps that will allow you to purchase the Digit comprehensive four-wheeler insurance in a hassle-free manner: 

  1. Visit the official website of the Digit insurance provider.
  2. Navigate through the website and select comprehensive car insurance.
  3. Fill in all the essential information such as the make of the vehicle, Model, variant, and the vehicle's registration number.
  4. Select the city in which the vehicle is registered.
  5. Choose Digit comprehensive car insurance policy.
  6. Provide details for previous vehicle insurance details or no claim bonus.
  7. You will receive the tentative quote.
  8. You can add in additional cover as per your suitability and settle IDV.
  9. You need to mention here whether your vehicle is CNG or not.
  10. On the next page, you will get the final premium amount.
  11. You need to make the payment either via net banking or through credit or debit card.
  12. After the payment transaction, you will receive insurance papers via registered email ID.

What All is Covered Under Digit Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy?

Following are the benefits you avail yourself when you purchase the Digit comprehensive car insurance: 

  • Accidents: Digit comprehensive four-wheeler insurance policy covers all kinds of accidents and also extends the financial cover to the third-party losses.
  • Thefts: If your vehicle suffers any damages in the acts of vandalism or eventual theft, the car is covered under the Digit comprehensive car insurance policy.
  • Fire: If your vehicle incurs any losses in case of fire or arson, you are eligible to make an insurance claim.
  • Natural/Man-made Disasters: If there is any unforeseen natural/man-made calamity such as an earthquake, flood, riots, or cyclone that damages your vehicle, you are eligible to make an insurance claim.
  • Personal Accident: If your vehicle incurs any damages because of the accident caused by your negligence, you get full financial protection against the vehicular damages or any personal damages.
  • Third-Party Losses: If a third party receives any vehicular damage or physical injury, then Digit comprehensive four-wheeler insurance offers financial protection to them as well.

What All is not Included Under Digit Comprehensive Car Insurance?

The following things are not included in the Digit comprehensive car insurance policy: 

  • Drunk Driving: If your vehicle incurs an accident while rash or drunken driving, or driving under any intoxicants, then protection for that accident can not be availed.
  • Driving without a Valid Licence: Digit comprehensive car insurance does not offer protection to the vehicular damage incurred by your vehicle while driving without a valid licence or policy document.
  • Consequential Damages: If your vehicle suffers any depreciation as a result of the accident that was caused months before, then that damage is not covered by the insurer.
  • Contributory Negligence: If you drive in a certain manner that is prohibited by the manufacturer in the manufacturing module of your vehicle, then damages received as a result of it are not covered under it.
  • Unbought Add-Ons: You can not make a claim for the add-ons that you didn't purchase.

Digit Comprehensive Car Insurance Benefits

  • You can easily purchase Digit comprehensive car insurance online.
  • In case of emergency, it won't let your pocket get burdened.
  • you can purchase additional add-ons to customize your Digit comprehensive car insurance policy.
  • After the purchase of the policy your avail of the pickup and drop service from the insurer.

Digit Comprehensive Car Insurance Review

As reviews and testimonials are received from the customers of the Digit comprehensive car insurance the policy is safe and hassle-free. It does become a financial cushion for the customers in times of emergency.

Digit Comprehensive Car Insurance FAQs

  • 1. What is the claim settlement ratio of Digit comprehensive four-wheeler insurance policy?

    The claim settlement ratio of the Digit comprehensive four-wheeler insurance policy is 80.47%.

  • 2. Can I choose my choice of garage to repair the damages incurred when claiming Digit comprehensive policy?

    Digit comprehensive four-wheeler insurance policy offers policyholders a wide range of networks of garages to choose from. However, the policyholder can opt for the garage outside the Digit garage network. You will receive an advance for the repairs after the examination by the insurance provider.

  • 3. What are the documents I need to submit to avail Digit comprehensive four-wheeler insurance policy?

    You do not need to submit any additional documents for availing of the Digit comprehensive four-wheeler insurance policy.

  • 4. Do I have to pay an additional amount to avail of Digit comprehensive four-wheeler insurance add-ons?

    Yes, you do need to pay an additional amount for add-on while paying your base premium.

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