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HDFC ERGO Car Insurance Highlights

HDFC ERGO (Car Insurance)
HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company Ltd. is a joint venture between HDFC Ltd., India’s premier Housing Finance Institution and ERGO International AG. Key highlights of its insurance offering are- • 8562+ network garages • Digital survey for vehicle claims • 96% within one day ""cashless claim settlement"" • Overnight vehicle Repairs (available for cars in 16 cities) • Paperless claim processing
Claim Settlement Ratio
Video Claim
-6800+ private car cashless garages across country -WhatApp and mobile enabled claim intimation -Same day settlement of Reimbursement claims -Overall 89% claims settled within 1 day of last document submission - Accidental repair warranty- Yes, 3 months or 3,000 kms whichever earlier* (* in Select workshops)
close -6800+ private car cashless garages across country -WhatApp and mobile enabled claim intimation -Same day settlement of Reimbursement claims -Overall 89% claims settled within 1 day of last document submission - Accidental repair warranty- Yes, 3 months or 3,000 kms whichever earlier* (* in Select workshops)
Spot Claims
Spot claims upto 20,000 via self survey and upto 50,000 via workshop survey
close Spot claims upto 20,000 via self survey and upto 50,000 via workshop survey
Advance Cash
Advance cash upto 50%

The Indian Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 makes it mandatory for every car owner to buy a car insurance policy to protect himself from all potential losses that may arrive out of future accidents. However, purchasing an insurance policy is as important as knowing about how to file a claim against it.

With HDFC ERGO four-wheeler insurance claim, with its 24/7 customer assistance facility, you can easily file for claim settlement. As a result, HDFC ERGO 4-wheeler insurance claim is easy and speedy, and the policyholder can get the settlement amount hassle-free. As a result, the HDFC ERGO four-wheeler claim settlement ratio is 91.23% which is very high compared to others.

List of Documents Required During Claim Settlement

You must be ready with the following documents to file an HDFC ERGO car insurance claim-

In case of accidental claims- the documents required are listed below-

  • Car's registration certificate book copy.
  • Copy of driving licence
  • Copy of FIR filed in the nearest police station.
  • KYC documents.
  • Estimation of repairs and replacements from the garage

In case of theft claims- You must provide the following documents to file an HDFC ERGO four-wheeler insurance claim-

  • Original keys of the car along with the car's RC details
  • Copy of FIR filed at the police station along with police report
  • KYC documents.
  • Documents of RTO transfer
  • Indemnification and subrogation letter

How to Make HDFC ERGO Car Insurance Claim Online?

Here's how you can claim car insurance HDFC ERGO online-

  • Intimate - You need to first inform your insurance company all about the accident at the earliest. You must give the necessary details to the HDFC ERGO representative at the toll-free number 1800 2666 400.
  • Self-inspection- Once you have intimated the company, you will get a self-inspection link at your registered mobile number.
  • Assessment by the surveyor- The surveyor appointed by HDFC ERGO will assess the damages and give a claim estimation amount.
  • Final Payment- The insurance company will pay directly to the network garage (in case of cashless claim). Or, you have to showcase original repairing bills and receipts to the insurance(in case of reimbursement claim), and the HDFC ERGO four-wheeler insurance claim status will be complete. After spending the required deductibles, you are eligible to take back the custody of your car.

How to Make HDFC ERGO Cashless Car Insurance Claim?

HDFC ERGO car insurance claim process for cashless mode is as below-

  • First things first, you must locate HDFC ERGO's network garages using its official You can also call on the toll-free number for the same.
  • Drive your vehicle to the network garage, which is nearest to your location.
  • HDFC ERGO's car insurance appointed surveyor will first assess your car and provide the claim estimation.
  • The next step is to fill the HDFC ERGO four-wheeler claim form. You need to submit the necessary documents mentioned in your HDFC ERGO car insurance claim form.
  • At each step, you will get a notification via email or SMS.
  • You need to pay your share of compulsory deduction and depreciation once your vehicle is ready to drive off. The balance amount is settled by the HDFC ERGO to the network garage directly.
  • You can now receive the claim settlement sheet with full computation and break-ups.

How to Make HDFC ERGO Reimbursement Car Insurance Claim?

Fulfill the required below steps to make HDFC ERGO reimbursement claim-

  • Intimate to the company- First things first, you must inform the insurance company about the accident at the earliest. You can call their toll-free number and provide them with your policy number.
  • Damages assessment- The HDFC's surveyor will then come to inspect your car and give you the estimated repair costs.
  • Repair- You must go to the nearest garage and get your vehicle repaired.
  • Reimbursement- HDFC ERGO will now then reimburse the claimed amount. For this, you must furnish receipts and invoices to the company. The policyholder has to pay the repairing amount at first from his pocket, and after submitting and getting the approval of the required documents/proofs can get the amount reimbursed later from the insurance company.

Common HDFC ERGO Car Insurance Claim Rejection Reasons

There are various reasons why HDFC ERGO can reject your car insurance claim. Some of the most common among them are discussed below-

  • Your car insurance policy tenure has expired at the time of the accident/claim.
  • Where you have delayed giving information to the company about the accident unnecessarily.
  • When you do not hold a valid driving licence.
  • Your HDFC ERGO four-wheeler insurance claim form will get rejected if you drive your car for an illegal purpose.
  • If you were driving your four-wheeler while on intoxications like liquor or drugs, then also your claim application will be rejected.
  • If you did not intimate the insurance company before carrying out the car's repair, then there are chances your claim will get rejected.
  • If the policy documents are in someone else's name instead of theirs, you cannot expect the insurance company to initiate the claim.

HDFC ERGO No Claim Bonus

In the years when no claim is made, the HDFC ERGO provides the policyholders with an NCB (no claim bonus) add-on. You need to be aware of the NCB benefit that your next year's premiums will reduce with the no claim benefit. The benefit is provided in the form of a percentage that ranges between 20% and 50% and gets accumulated for every claim-free year. 

NCB add-on is only available in standalone and comprehensive car insurance policy. You need to bear the minor car damages by yourself to retain the NCB benefit in your policy.

HDFC ERGO Car Insurance Claim FAQs

  • 1. How can I download my HDFC ERGO claim form for a four-wheeler?

    Here is the link to download the HDFC ERGO four-wheeler claim form

  • 2. What are the types of HDFC ERGO four-wheeler insurance claim form?

    At HDFC, you get the below types of HDFC claims form for four-wheeler-

    1. Loss of personal belongings- private four-wheeler policy bundled
    2. Loss of personal belongings- a private four-wheeler package policy 
    3. Loss of personal belongings- Own standalone damage
    4. Motor insurance
  • 3. What precautions should I take for an easy and speedy HDFC ERGO car insurance claim settlement?

    The HDFC ERGO car insurance claim settlement ratio is very high, yet you need to follow the below measure before proceeding with the claim-

    1. Must keep policy documents in your car
    2. Don't drive while drunk
    3. Avoid breaking traffic rules
    4. You must know about the inclusions and exclusions in your policy
  • 4. What are the things that I need to avoid at the accident spot to avoid claim rejection?

    Do not do these things if you don't want a claim rejection-

    1. Don't move the car from the spot
    2. Provide all details about the accident
    3. You must not make a settlement with the third-party without informing the company
    4. You should not sign the claim settlement form without proper review of policy docs
  • 5. What is the email address of HDFC ERGO to contact for more info on claims?

    You can send emails to to know more about claims.

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