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Bajaj Allianz Two Wheeler Insurance Highlights

Bajaj Allianz (Two Wheeler Insurance)
Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company Limited is a joint venture between Allianz SE, the world’s leading insurer, and Bajaj Finserv Limited. The Company received the certificate of registration from IRDA on 2nd May 2001 and is one of the largest private insurer in the industry today, with offices in over 1100 towns and cities. The company recently changed its brand identity to ‘Caringly Yours’ and aims not just to take its service to the next level, but also seeks to provide the best customer experience at every touchpoint and make insurance a pull rather than a push product.
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Zero paper claims
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Available upto Rs 10,000

You must carry a few essential documents like the Registration, Tax Paid, PUC Certificate, and the Valid Insurance Policy Document when driving your two-wheeler on the Indian roads. Since the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 stipulates them for scrutiny, a suitable insurance policy document covering third-party liabilities and your protection is compulsory. However, you can carry the hard copy of the insurance or its soft copy according to your convenience. 

The Bajaj Allianz bike insurance policy download is an agreement specifying coverage inclusions, exclusions, policy terms, and other relevant conditions. Most importantly, the digitally signed Bajaj Allianz bike insurance download is possible immediately after online purchase or after the payment for offline purchase. In addition, Bajaj Allianz couriers the policy document shortly after the purchase. 

Bajaj Allianz Bike Insurance Policy Online - How to Download Using Policy Number?

Far from being complicated, the process of policy download for Bajaj Allianz two-wheeler insurance is relatively simple, and any policyholder can do it without any hassle. The steps to download using the policy number are:

  1. In the first step, visit the official portal of the Bajaj Allianz General Insurance and click the “Login” button to open the page automatically.
  2. The login needs a User ID, Facebook credentials, or an OTP for existing customers, while the new customers need to invoke the “New Registration.” The registration process prompts you to enter personal information.
  3. Once logged in to the customer portal, enter the policy number and other details in the prescribed fields for downloading your two-wheeler soft copy in PDF format for saving and printing for your records.

The Bajaj Allianz Bike Insurance Policy Document - Do I Need A Hard Copy?

Today we are experiencing a digital revolution turning every service paperless. Likewise, the purchase and renewal of a two-wheeler are best online. Accordingly, you are no longer required to keep the printed policy document on your person while driving. Thus, the Bajaj Allianz bike insurance policy download serves the purpose as you can conveniently store the soft copy of the policy document on your smartphone to show on request. In addition, mobile apps like the Vahan and mParivahan help retrieve vehicle information in a few clicks on the mobile. In addition, the e-Vahan Bima introduced by the IRDAI helps carry insurance policy softcopies instead of hard copies. 

However, it is prudent to keep a set of hard copies while driving on the road to avoid hassles when network signals are weak. Moreover, it is sensible to use the Bajaj Allianz two-wheeler insurance copy download to print and store as the document provides all the policy details at a glance. 

Bajaj Allianz Bike Insurance Policy - How to Get a Hard Copy?

The online purchase of the Bajaj Allianz two-wheeler insurance policy entitles you to receive the policy document instantly after successful payment. However, Bajaj Allianz sends the hard copy of the bike insurance policy to the registered address with them within seven working days from the purchase date. Alternatively, you can use the facility to Bajaj Allianz bike insurance policy download and print it out for your records. The hard copy is handy as you get the following information which you must go through to be aware of every facet of the insurance agreement.  

  • Policy type
  • Policy term with the beginning and ending date and time
  • Policy number
  • Policy terms and conditions
  • Policy exclusions
  • IDV and the premium amount
  • Grievance redress procedure
  • Detailed information about the vehicle and the policyholder

My Bajaj Allianz Bike Insurance Policy Document - How Can I Make Changes?

Your primary job immediately after the purchase is to print the Bajaj Allianz’s two-wheeler policy download file in PDF format. Then, go through the fine print to locate any incongruities to rectify. Thus, you can seek alterations to the policy document by contacting the customer support team at the Bajaj Allianz’s 1800-209-0144 toll-free number. Alternatively, you can approach the Bajaj Allianz General Insurance branch in your vicinity for further assistance in rectifying the deficiencies. 

However, you must share the policy details and raise your concerns for the support team to initiate remedial measures. Rest assured, Bajaj Allianz executives will address the issues and make the necessary changes. Once you are confident that the requested changes are incorporated, you must use the option for Bajaj Allianz’s two-wheeler insurance copy download to store the new policy document for future reference. 

Bajaj Allianz Bike Insurance Policy Download FAQs

  • 1. How do you submit the copy of the misplaced two-wheeler policy document while lodging a claim?

    A copy of the two-wheeler policy is compulsory with every claim. If misplaced, it is best to download the Bajaj Allianz bike insurance policy from the customer portal to comply. 

  • 2. What is the primary input for Bajaj Allianz bike insurance copy download at their customer portal?

    You can seek the Bajaj Allianz two-wheeler policy download policy at the customer portal, primarily using the policy number and other minor details. 

  • 3. Why should you choose the Bajaj Allianz two-wheeler insurance?

    Bajaj Allianz’s two-wheeler insurance enjoys overwhelming preference over others for its huge network garages spread across India, providing cashless claim processing and settlement. 

  • 4. Is it mandatory to carry the hard copy of the Bajaj Allianz two-wheeler insurance policy?

    As per the amendments in the MV Act of 1989, producing hard copies of mandatory vehicle documents is no longer necessary for legal compliance. Instead, the digital formats of the documents on the phone or mParivahan app are considered equal and sufficient for inspection. 

  • 5. Can you choose add-on covers with your Bajaj Allianz two-wheeler insurance policy?

    Yes, Bajaj Allianz offers several add-on covers with comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy to augment the risk coverage. 

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