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A car insurance claim is an official request made by a policyholder to the insurer to reimburse the damage or loss. This compensation by the insurer is provided according to the coverage guaranteed to the insured under the car insurance agreement.

If you are a policyholder of Future Generali and want to claim the damage incurred by you, you must know that the claims can be made in two ways i.e. cashless claim and reimbursement claim.. First, be right here to read everything you need to know about Future Generali Car Insurance Claim, the documents, the process, etc.

List of Documents Required During Claim Settlement

Documents in the Future Generali car insurance claim process play an essential role. Missing even a single record can make your claim reject, so keep the following documents handy while applying for the claim:

  • A copy of the Future Generali car insurance claim form duly filled and signed
  • Policy documents 
  • Proof of premium paid (payment receipts)
  • Photocopy of DL (along with original to verify)
  • Registration certificate (RC) 
  • Police FIR copy (in case of theft and third-party loss)
  • Report of fire brigade (in case of fire)
  • Pictures and videos of the damaged car
  • Bills of repairing and replacement parts in original (in case of reimbursement claim)
  • The entire set of keys (in case of theft)
  • No trace report of the car from the police (in case of theft)
  • Indemnity bond (in case of theft)
  • NOC from financer (in case of theft and total loss)

How to Make Future Generali Car Insurance Claim Online?

The claim process of Future Generali car insurance is concise and swift. You can initiate the car insurance claim Future Generali online by following a few simple steps given below:

  1. First, contact Future Generali online on their official website.
  2. Fill in an online form for claim initiation with all the details regarding the accident, such as time, place, damage estimation, and others, or call their customer support at toll-free number 1800-220-233 and inform them about the accident with all the details.
  3. A surveyor from Future Generali will inspect your car.
  4. Provide all the documents requested by the surveyor.
  5. After the successful verification of the documents, the claim will be settled.

Initiating the Future Generali claim settlement process is done in two ways: cashless claim settlement and reimbursement claim settlement. 

How to Make Future Generali Cashless Car Insurance Claim?

The claim process of Future Generali car insurance company is concise and swiftly formulated. Check the steps to be followed below:

  1. As you initiate the claim by informing the insurance company about the accident by registering on their website or their toll-free helpline number, the company sends their surveyor to inspect the damaged car. Then by commuting to the workshop, it approved the specific amount. 
  2. You can check Future Generali car insurance claim status by logging in to the company website.
  3. Then, get your car repaired easily at the Future Generali network workshop.
  4. Pick your car from the workshop after paying the compulsory and voluntary deductibles.
  5. The repairing amount will be directly paid to the concerned workshop.

How to Make Future Generali Reimbursement Car Insurance Claim?

You can also register a reimbursement claim car insurance Future Generali if you couldn’t find an FG network workshop nearby or want to repair your car at the workshop of your choice. A reimbursement claim can make you get the compensation amount for the repair cost. The reimbursement claim process for FG has been discussed below:

  1. After initiating the claim by informing the insurance company, the company sends their surveyor to inspect the damaged car.
  2. File an FIR.
  3. Check Future Generali car insurance claim status by logging in to the official website.
  4. Get your damage repairs done at the garage of your choice..
  5. Submit all the bills for repairing and replacing car parts in original with workshop stamp to the insurer. 
  6. After your bills get verified, the insurer will instantly initiate the claim, and the approved amount will be paid to you.  

Common Future Generali Car Insurance Claim Rejection Reasons

The insurer also has the right to reject the Future Generali car insurance claim initiated by the policyholder in the following cases:

  • Claim for something which is not covered under your policy.
  • The policy has been expired.
  • The car was already sent for repair before informing the insurer.
  • No evidence of the accident.
  • Concealment or wrong information.
  • The vehicle was being used for commercial purposes.
  • If you have modified your car.
  • Invalid driving licence/policy
  • Driver under intoxication

Future Generali No Claim Bonus

No claim bonus (NCB) offered by Future Generali is a discount to the policyholder as a reward if not even a single claim is made during an insurance tenure. NCB is important in reducing the premium while renewing an insurance policy. With NCB, one can get up to 50% of discount on the policy premium in case of not raising a claim for 5 consecutive years. 

Future Generali Car Insurance Claim FAQs

  • 1. What is the Future Generali car insurance claim settlement ratio?

    The Future Generali car insurance claims settlement ratio is 94% for the previous year.

  • 2. Is Future Generali car insurance claim be applicable if the car gets damaged in riots?

    It depends on the type of policy you have purchased. For example, Future Generali's comprehensive or standalone car insurance covers the damage due to riots. But if you have third-party insurance, it does not cover the same.

  • 3. Who decides the Future Generali claim amount in case of third-party liabilities?

    The court of law evaluates the Future Generali claim amount in case of third-party damage. 

  • 4. How to make Future Generali car insurance claims in case of theft?

    In case of theft, the policyholder must provides a copy of the police FIR along with other required documents. To process the claim further, you can either start the process online or you can call at their customer service. 

  • 5. Are there any deductibles that I need to pay during Future Generali claim settlement?

    Yes, during claim settlement, you must pay some compulsory deductibles that differ as per your car's cubic capacity. Also, the depreciation cost has to be borne by you (if you have not opted for zero depreciation cover).

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