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Niva Bupa health insurance provides a variety of coverages to the insured policyholders in exchange for the premium. These plans are available for individuals as well as in a family package with a wide range of features and coverage benefits. Niva Bupa health insurance covers critical illness too.

These policies are budget-friendly and policyholders will have a wide range of facilities. You can always choose to be calm and stress-free during your medical emergency with well-timed planning for having Niva Bupa health insurance.

Niva Bupa health insurance benefits include unlimited recharge benefit, a wide range of health coverage for critical illness, annual health checkups for every insured member, or health checkups in two to four policy terms, which will help the policyholders monitor their health status and maintain it. Niva Bupa health insurance is the trusted one that will be always with you on a 24*7  basis in your crisis. Here’s all you need to know about the benefits of Niva Bupa health insurance.

Benefits of Niva Bupa Health Insurance 

Niva Bupa health insurance benefits provide you and your family with a wide range of coverages and benefits as per your policy norms.

Here are the regular benefits of Niva Bupa Health Insurance:

1. Auto Recharge Function

During a medical emergency, the financial constraints are really a challenging situation. In those circumstances when your policy’s sum insured is timed out and you need to refill it, Niva Bupa health insurance benefits can provide you with quick user-friendly auto-recharge facilities.

2. Advanced Medical Niva Bupa

Niva Bupa health insurance benefits will take care of your financial concerns, and a spectrum of coverage for modern medical treatments is taken care of through this, like robotic surgery. Besides this, it will cover all the major healthcare expenses, the other health issues like HIV/AIDS, and covid 19 coverage is being done through Niva Bupa health insurance benefits.

3. 24*7 Online Assistance

Through a chat window on its website, Niva Bupa Health Insurance benefits offer its clients online support around the clock. By leaving a remark and entering your enquiry, you may pick from a number of fast service choices. You may simply communicate with the professionals using this digital solution, even ask for a callback, and receive help finding an appropriate health insurance plan for you and your loved ones.

4. Coverage in medical expenses

Niva Bupa health insurance will cover all the major health coverage during medical emergencies, like in-patient hospitalisation, pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation expenses, road ambulance expenses, daycare expenses, medical expenses, domiciliary expenses, organ donor expenses, etc.

5. Comprehensive Solutions

New services and comprehensive health insurance policies tailored to meet the specific needs of people are part of Niva Bupa health insurance plan benefits. Go Active, a complete health insurance plan created specifically for exercise enthusiasts, Health Premia, a plan created especially for big families who want the best care for their families, and Health Companion and Health Pulse plans with a variety of coverage advantages are a few examples. Additionally, the insurer covers catastrophic diseases and private accidents.

6. Lifetime Renewability

 Niva Bupa health insurance benefits include lifetime renewability advantages. By paying the premium on time, you can renew your health insurance on or before the due date and stay covered throughout.

7. Tax Benefits

In addition to the many benefits of Niva Bupa health insurance, Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961, allows you to get tax advantages on the insurance premiums. Please be aware that the tax advantages are only available if the payment is made in a method other than cash.

Keep in mind that even though the coverage you get insured for adds different benefits to your policy, there are some benefits of Niva Bupa Health Insurance you will get regardless of the coverage you choose. Some of these coverages are pre-and post-hospitalization coverage, covering for pre-existing ailments, grace period, portability etc.

The Bottom Line

Recently, having health insurance is just as important as anything else. When it comes to Niva Bupa, the business now boasts a number of achievements that set it apart from other general insurance providers. The only health insurer to receive this designation for two years running is Niva Bupa. The business also enjoys a high level of customer satisfaction, having 70 lakh+ happy customers. Niva Bupa health insurance benefits provide you with lifetime renewability, sum insured replenishment, portability, and 24-hour online assistance. You can take advantage of hassle-free claim processing, a large network of 8,600+ hospitals where you can receive cashless treatment, and the Health App to take advantage of a variety of services like OPD appointments with doctors, getting medications delivered to your home, etc. under Niva Bupa health insurance plan benefits.

Niva Bupa Health Insurance Benefits FAQs

  • 1. What steps must I take to use my Niva Bupa health insurance plan benefits for medical advantages?

    Niva Bupa Health Insurance Company Ltd. (formerly Max Bupa Health Insurance Company Limited) policy offers a simple and quick claim procedure that enables policyholders to utilise a cashless facility at any network hospital or reimbursement option upon hospital discharge.

  • 2. Do deductibles apply to Niva Bupa Health Companion?

    Yes. The yearly aggregate deductibles for the Health Companion coverage range from INR 1 lakh to INR 10 lakh under the Niva Bupa health insurance benefits.

  • 3. Is there a plan that provides the hospital cash benefits of Niva Bupa health insurance?

    In addition to the covered amount and inpatient care, the Money Saver-Family Health Insurance Plan offers hospital cash benefits of Niva Bupa health insurance coverage.

  • 4. Does Niva Bupa health insurance benefits provide me with a Co-Pay benefit?

    A co-pay is a necessary cost-sharing component of health insurance. According to co-pay, the insured will be responsible for paying a certain portion of the acceptable cost. The amount covered is not impacted by co-pay in any manner. Co-pay options are available for several Niva Bupa insurance where predetermined voluntary deductibles apply. This implies that the customer just needs to pay a set portion of their cost. As soon as the predetermined sum is surpassed, the insurer will pay the balance due. You can drastically lower the cost of your insurance by using a copayment facility.

  • 5. How can I book OPD appointments through Niva Bupa health insurance?

    Niva Bupa Health Insurance Company Ltd. offers a health app that allows policyholders to easily access health insurance plans, schedule OPD appointments with physicians or at a clinical laboratory for diagnostic testing, participate in e-consultations, and purchase medications at home. With over 1.5 lakh downloads, the application won the Best Tech for Health Category 2019 award.

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