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Reliance Car Insurance Highlights

Reliance (Car Insurance)
Reliance General Insurance is one of the leading general insurance companies of India, incorporated in the year 2000. The company has over 139 offices and more than 28,900+ intermediaries across India.
Claim Settlement Ratio
Video Claim
Reimbursement within 7 working days for non cashless garages
close - Reimbursement within 7 working days for non cashless garages
Spot Claims
Available upto Rs 10,000
Advance Cash
Available upto 50%

The law stipulates four documents on the vehicle while driving on Indian roads: the registration card, road tax receipt, valid insurance document, and the pollution under control (PUC) certificate. The first two have longer validity, while the last two are usually annual. Thus, you must renew them to comply with the law. Accordingly, use the Reliance car insurance policy download option on the insurer’s website or the aggregator immediately after purchasing or renewing. 

How to Download Reliance Car Insurance Online Using Policy Number?

The insurer sends the policy document to your email inbox as soon as you purchase. In addition, try the Reliance car insurance download option on its official self-help portal under the print policy online option. A page opens, navigate the way as shown below.

  1. Select the product in the first field through a dropdown menu – Reliance private car policy.
  2. Then, the following field seeks product details in a dropdown -  select policy number.
  3. Next, a  new dropdown prompts feeding the engine or chassis number – enter the last five digits.
  4. Finally, click on the “confirm” button, and the file appears on the screen asking you to download your car insurance policy in PDF format.
  5. You can take a printout of the same too.

Do I Need A Hard Copy of the Reliance Car Insurance Policy Document?

You don’t necessarily need a hard copy of your Reliance car insurance policy document. A soft copy saved on your mobile devices is enough. So, if the traffic police asks you to show your policy document, you can show its soft copy and ride without any hassle. 

According to the Government of India and the IRDAI, vehicle-related documents in the physical form are not necessary from 1 October 2020. Instead, you can use the e-Vahan Bima app for inspection by traffic officials on demand. Alternatively, you can download the mParivahan and Digilocker apps for examination when required. 

However, prudence demands that you still keep a hard copy with you  to satisfy inspection needs when the network is weak. Moreover, you must submit a copy of the policy document while filing a Reliance car insurance claim. The car insurance policy document would most likely contain the following -

  • Insurance name and plan type.
  • The validity of the policy mentions the start and end dates.
  • Policy number.
  • Inclusions and exclusions in the purchased or renewed policy.
  • The IDV and the premium paid for the policy.
  • Insured vehicle and personal details.
  • Claim procedure.
  • Policy features and benefits.
  • Terms and conditions of the policy.
  • Grievance redress and escalation module.

How to Get a Hard Copy of Reliance Car Insurance Policy Document?

The Reliance car insurance policy document is generated after you pay the premium on purchase or renewal. Subsequently, Reliance sends the soft copy of the policy document to your registered email address, from where you can take a print and record the hard copy.

However, you have an additional option to download the Reliance car insurance policy document from the insurer’s self-help portal. The website is elaborate, allowing policyholders access to various services under broadly classified categories.

  1. Policy centre
  2. Self serve
  3. Claims 
  4. Renewal locator

Visit the site and invoke the ‘print policy’ option under the policy centre category to open the fields for feeding data in the following sequence. 

  • Select Product: You can populate the field from the dropdown menu and choose ‘Reliance private car policy’.
  • Product Details: The options in the dropdown menu are:
  • Registered mobile number
  • Policy number
  • Cover note number
  • The following field appears according to your choice. For example, the mobile number needs OTP verification. In contrast, enter the last five digits of the engine or chassis number for the other two.
  • Finally, click on confirm for the policy document to display on the screen with the option to download. Save the PDF format file and print a hard copy. 

How Can I Make Changes in My Reliance Car Insurance Policy Document?

The procedure is very similar to the Reliance car insurance download in the insurer’s self-help portal, where you select ‘modify policy details’ under the ‘self serve’ category. The following are the options for making necessary modifications.

The primary field for modification of policy details is classified into multiple sections to meet your specific requirements. So, let us check the available options:


  • Bi-fuel addition
  • Cover addition
  • Cover change
  • Nominee modification

No Claim Bonus Discount

  • NCB recovery 
  • Change in previous policy

Policyholder Details

  • Address change
  • Customer details modification
  • Modify the phone number and email address

Vehicle Details:

  • Registration number and date
  • Date of purchase
  • Location change
  • Engine and chassis number
  • Financier information

Reliance Car Insurance Policy Download FAQs

  • 1. Can I access the Reliance car insurance policy document through mParivahan app?

    The app allows you to access a registration card, road tax receipt, policy document, PUC certificate, and driving license. 

  • 2. Does the Digilocker app help you access the Reliance car insurance policy document?

    The Digilocker is an Aadhaar based app by which you can access the Reliance car insurance policy document. You need to register the policy on the app first. Once that’s done, you can check the policy document anytime.

  • 3. Is the soft copy of Reliance car insurance policy a substitute to the original?

    The soft copy is a valid version of the original, and you can show it to the traffic police as and when it interrupts you on the road. 

  • 4. Do the aggregators provide a Reliance Car Insurance download facility?

    You can download the policy document on several aggregators’ portals or take assistance from their customer care executives. 

  • 5. Besides the online option, how else can you get the physical Reliance car insurance policy document?

    You can call the Reliance helpline at 1800 3009 and seek the assistance of their executives to obtain a hard copy of the policy document.  

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