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When you purchase two wheeler insurance, your insurer provides you with extra benefits. These benefits do come at a slight increase in your premiums, but they provide 100% protection to your two-wheeler. There are multiple types of add-on covers from which you can choose the one you think is appropriate for you. You will be privy to paying an additional premium for each cover you add.

ACKO Two Wheeler Insurance Add-on Covers

ACKO two-wheeler insurance add-on covers are offered only to those policyholders who wish to purchase the ACKO two-wheeler comprehensive insurance and the ACKO two-wheeler standalone insurance. These additional benefits are not included in the base insurance policy. Covers are the best way to optimize your insurance policy without paying too much amount or purchasing the different policies. 

13 Important Add-on Covers for Your ACKO Two Wheeler Insurance Policy

Following is the list of the 13 add-on covers of ACKO two-wheeler insurance that you can avail of online:

  • Zero Depreciation:

Bike parts that are made up of plastic, nylon, rubber, etc., are referred to as deductible parts. When the insurer settles your two-wheeler insurance claim, the deductible cost is eliminated. This amount, however, big or small, can become a huge financial burden on the policyholder in times of emergency. Under zero depreciation cover, you are protected from paying the cost of the deductibles. 

  • Roadside Assistance:

ACKO two-wheeler insurance add-on covers allow roadside assistance cover. You get all the necessary help from the insurer at the time of an accident. This includes towing the vehicle after an accident. Aside from this, you can also get help in terms of battery jumpstart, flat tyre, on-the-spot repair, fuel support, taxi support, hotel search assistance, and much more. 

  • NCB Protection:

NCB is the bonus that you get at the time of policy renewal for not making a single claim during the tenure of the policy. Not making a claim assures the insurer that you are a safe investment and awards you points for every year that you do not make a claim. These points are culminated over the tenure and then grant a bonus to the policyholder. This bonus is in the form of the discounts that you get in the premiums of the renewed policy. However, even if you make a small claim, you can lose this bonus. This cover is curated so that you can avail of NCB even after making a small claim in your previous policy. 

  • Invoice Cover:

If your vehicle gets stolen or if it is damaged beyond repair, then invoice cover will save you from a huge financial burden. The insurer will assess the total damage and the difference between the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of the vehicle and the invoice of the vehicle. The insurer will also account for the latest value given by the manufacturer for the vehicle. Then, will settle the claim amount on whichever is lower. The final amount will also consist of the road tax and the registration charges that you had paid for your bike. 

  • Engine Protect: 

This cover grants a specified amount to be reimbursed from the insurer to the engine. These expenses include the cost of repair or replacement of the part of the engine. Any internal damage occurred by consequential damages, gearbox malfunctioning or damage, differential in assembly due to the water ingression, coolant leakage, or lubricant leakage. 

  • Consumable Cover:

Consumable items such as nut and bolt, lubricants and engine oil, gearbox, screws, washers, grease, distilled water, and other items that are consumed by your vehicle. These items also stand a chance of getting damaged in the accident or as a consequence of an accident. The consumable cover provides protection against the replacement or repair of such products. 

  • Downtime Allowance:

Once the claim is made, it takes time to repair the vehicle after the accident. In such a scenario, it can become an additional financial burden on you to travel through public transport. Downtime allowance covers offer you an allowance for the time period until your vehicle is in the garage from the day you make a claim or the day on which the vehicle was submitted to the garage. If your vehicle is stolen, then the insurer will pay you an allowance for 10 days in the lump sum. 

  • Personal Belonging Theft:

If your vehicle gets stolen, then the insurer will cover you with sum assured and also for the personal items that were in the vehicle at that time. To make a claim for this cover, you need to provide a copy of the FIR and offer proof of the ownership of the products inside the vehicle. 

  • Personal Belonging Electric Equipment:

During the policy tenure, if the vehicle is damaged, gets stolen, or got into an accident, you can also get compensation for the products inside the vehicle. These products have electrical products, such as cell phones. 

  • Personal Belonging Damage:

At the time of the accident, if your personal belongings in the vehicle also get damaged, you get reimbursement for the items from the insurer. 

  • Outstation Emergency Cover:

If your vehicle stops working outside the 100-kilo meter radius from the address at which your vehicle is registered, then you get compensation to repair the vehicle. However, the repair period must be more than 12 hours. 

  • Loss of Licence or RC Cover:

If your licence and registration certificate get stolen from the vehicle, then you get compensation for availing duplicate papers from the insurer. 

  • Key Protect:

This cover provides financial assistance for replacing keys of your bike, after it gets stolen or damaged. 

  • Pillion Rider:

This add-on cover would give financial assistance , in case when a pillion rider faces bodily injuries/damages.

ACKO Bike/Two Wheeler Insurance Add on Cover FAQs

  • 1. Will I have to purchase ACKO two-wheeler insurance add-on covers compulsorily?

    No, there are no compulsions imposed on the policyholders regarding the purchase of the ACKO two-wheeler insurance add-on covers. 

  • 2. What will be the increase in my premium after the ACKO two-wheeler insurance add- on covers purchase?

    It depends on how many add-on covers you add and which covers you choose. Overall, it will be a slight change. 

  • 3. What will happen to my ACKO two-wheeler insurance policy if I lose the policy papers?

    You can download the policy from the ACKO’s website any time you like.

  • 4. How many ACKO two-wheeler insurance add-on covers am I allowed to choose?

    There is no limit on the number of the ACKO two-wheeler insurance add- on covers you opt to add.

  • 5. Is Police FIR mandatory to claim ACKO bike insurance?

    Yes, Police FIR is mandatory while putting a claim for ACKO bike insurance.

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