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The SBI four-wheeler insurance policy document is the trust that you put in this insurer to provide you assistance in the time of emergency. SBI General Insurance, in return, trusts you to pay the premiums on time throughout the tenure. This trust is transformed into the form of a policy document whose terms and conditions need to be met by both. Otherwise, there will be legal repercussions Legality given to the SBI four-wheeler insurance policy document ensures the smooth functioning of the further procedures involved in the insurance journey. 

SBI Car Insurance Policy Document

You must provide the SBI four-wheeler insurance policy document while claiming for vehicle damages, third-party liabilities, or a combination of both. So, when settling the claim, the insurer knows exactly what to compensate for. Therefore, SBI four-wheeler insurance policy document download becomes essential for the policyholders. You could also find other things in the policy document, including the policy number, purchase date, expiry date, premium amounts, inclusions, and the exclusions in the policy. 

How to Download SBI Car Insurance Policy Online Using Policy Number?

An SBI car insurance policy number helps the insurer identify you and meet your claim requirements. You can also use the policy number for SBI four-wheeler insurance policy document download. Here’s how you can get the soft copy of the insurance policy by following the below-mentioned steps: 

  • Step 1:

SBI General has a dedicated customer portal that you need to visit. 

  • Step 2:

Search for the ‘motor Insurance’ tab, and then click on it. 

  • Step 3:

Mention your name, date of birth and other personal details. 

  • Step 4:

Provide your insurance policy number.  

  • Step 5:

Click on submit. 

  • Step 6:

You will be redirected to the page from where you can download your SBI car insurance policy. 

Do I Need a Hard Copy of the SBI Car Insurance Policy Document?

According to the new regulations introduced by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) for the insurance policy, you do not need to have or provide a hard copy of the policy document to get the claim settled. A soft copy containing all the relevant information regarding the car insurance policy will suffice while claiming. However, if you still want to possess the hard copy of the vehicle insurance policy, you can download the soft copy from the SBI General's website and take a printout of it. 

How to Get a Hard Copy of SBI Car Insurance Policy Document?

If you purchase your SBI four-wheeler insurance online, you get the hard copy of the policy at your home. You can even download it from the official website of the SBI General. The file will be in the PDF format, of which you can take the printout. 

How Can I Make Changes in SBI General Car Insurance Policy Document?

The SBI four-wheeler insurance policy document is the irrevocable document. It needs to be perfect to get all the benefits you sign up for. However, there can be many instances wherein small mistakes can occur on the policy or some new changes from your end that you want to endorse in the document. SBI General allows policyholders to request the legitimate change in their policy documents. There is no provision for digitally altering your SBI insurance policy. To make the changes in your insurance policy, you can do either of the things mentioned below:

  • Talking to the person in charge or any personnel from the customer care and initiating the procedure.
  • If you have availed of your insurance policy through the agent, you can contact the concerned person.
  • You are always welcome to visit the nearest branch of the SBI General to solve your queries and grievances.

However insignificant it may be, any mistake needs to be rectified as soon as you notice it. The longer you wait, the harder the rectification procedure will be. Having a piece of wrong information on your policy document can also lead to your insurance claim rejection and the financial and mental agony that follows. 

SBI Car Insurance Policy Download FAQs

  • 1. Where will I get my SBI General insurance policy number?

    The insurance policy number is mentioned on the first page of your insurance policy. This number acts as your identification number with the insurer.

  • 2. Do I get different SBI four-wheeler insurance policy numbers for different policies?

    Each policy number is unique and different from the one for each policy. It is the case with all the policies, even if one individual owns them.

  • 3. Can I get the SBI four-wheeler insurance policy document in a hard copy format?

    After you download the SBI four-wheeler insurance policy, you can take as many printouts of it as you want. However, keep all that with you for future reference. 

  • 4. Can my SBI four-wheeler insurance claim get rejected despite having the policy document?

    Yes. SBI vehicle insurance policy document contains certain exclusions, which if you claim for, will see a rejection. Besides, the document clearly states the time frame for claim intimation. Not maintaining so will lead to a claim rejection even if you have a policy number and other relevant documents.  

  • 5. Can I check my SBI Four-Wheeler insurance policy status online?

    After buying the policy from SBI General, you get regular updates through various means from the insurer. If you are in need of any more information, you can get that information on the website of SBI General or by contacting the insurer. 

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