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The TATA AIG offers secure insurance policies full of perks and advantages. Along with these, the claim procedure at TATA AIG is also extremely streamlined and convenient. Moreover, you can make insurance claims on your policies online or offline without any hassles.

The claims department at TATA AIG car insurance claim works tirelessly to provide you with the most straightforward ways to make claims on your vehicle insurance policies. As a result, you can secure financial reimbursements in damage coverage for your car. Let us know more about the various processes in making a TATA AIG car insurance claim.

List of Documents Required During Claim Settlement

The following documents would be required for the TATA AIG car insurance claim:

  •  Duly signed claim form
  • Copy of the DL 
  • Copy of the insurance policy
  • The FIR filed with the policy in case of third-party loss/the car has been stolen 
  • In case of personal damage or accidents, a complete record of medical and hospital bills needs to be submitted.
  • Personal detail information of the policyholder
  • Detailed documentation of the insurance policy
  • Bills from the garage where the repair has been conducted
  • Details of the RC 
  • Keys to the car
  • Legal notice by the third-party, in case of third-party claims
  • Copy of the letter to the RTO sent by the policyholder

How to Make TATA AIG Car Insurance Claim Online?

The steps given below must be followed to make a TATA AIG car insurance claim online:

  1.  You can file a claim on the official website of TATA AIG by visiting the ‘Claim Support’ page. 
  2. Fill in the necessary information.
  3. The company would then send you a self-inspection link.
  4. Fill in the details in the inspection form. 
  5. After this, the TATA AIG officials would inspect the vehicle in question.
  6. Select between a cashless claim and a cash reimbursement.
  7. Submit all the documents mentioned above.
  8. After filing the claim, track the status of your claim online.
  9. After approving all the details, your TATA AIG car insurance claim will be settled.

How to Make TATA AIG Cashless Car Insurance Claim?

Follow the steps given below to make a TATA AIG cashless car insurance claim:

  1. First and foremost, register yourself on the claim website of TATA AIG car insurance.
  2. You will receive a claim registration number on your registered mobile number.
  3. Next, select any repair garage under TATA AIG and take your vehicle to the garage for repairs.
  4. At the garage, submit all the documents to the surveyor of the car.
  5. After confirming the claim, your vehicle would be repaired, and the claim would be settled.

How to Make TATA AIG Reimbursement Car Insurance Claim?

The following steps are to be followed in the process of making a TATA AIG reimbursement car insurance claim:

  1.  The first step would be to register yourself on the official website of TATA AIG for claim reimbursement.
  2. You will then receive a claim registration number on your registered mobile number.
  3. Take your insured vehicle to any repair garage of your choice.
  4. The surveyor would then take all the required documentation and survey the damages.
  5. The expenses of the damaged car would be paid by you(policyholder).
  6. The policyholder needs to submit all the original bills and receipts to the insurer.
  7. After verification, your claim reimbursement will be initiated by the insurance company.

Common TATA AIG Car Insurance Claim Rejection Reasons 

Some of the common reasons why your TATA AIG car insurance claim can be rejected are as follows:

  • Your TATA AIG car insurance claim will be rejected if you have provided wrongful or false information at claim filing.
  • If you have not been regular with paying your premiums, the insurer can reject your claim. 
  • If you have provided falsified information about the accident or the mishappening at the time of claim filing, your claim can get rejected.
  • If the policyholder dies shortly after purchasing the policy, certain companies can reject your claim.
  • If you fail to file a claim after damages within a stipulated period, the company is liable to reject your claim.
  • In some cases, the insurer conducts medical tests on the policyholder as part of the claim settlement process. If you fail to fair well in such tests, your claim can be rejected.

TATA AIG No Claim Bonus

A No-claim bonus is a provision meant for policyholders who have not claimed insurance a single time during the entire course of the policy. The TATA AIG car insurance claim department provides such policyholders with a bonus for not filing claims after buying the car insurance policy from them.

This is a reward for the policyholder for keeping their vehicle safe and driving responsibly, preventing accidents and collisions. The bonus generally amounts from 20% to 50%. Policy renewal done within 90 days of expiration is a condition meant to be followed by policyholders to be eligible for a no-claim bonus.

TATA AIG Car Insurance Claim FAQs

  • 1. Can I file a TATA AIG car insurance claim on my smartphone or device?

    Yes, you can file a TATA AIG car insurance claim with the help of the TATA AIG insurance app on your smartphone or device.

  • 2. Yes, you can file a TATA AIG car insurance claim with the help of the TATA AIG insurance app on your smartphone or device.

    The salvage value of a car would be the one that is the estimation of a vehicle that has met with an accident and has been completely damaged. It is also known as a total loss.

  • 3. Is it compulsory to file TATA AIG claim if my car has incurred minor damages in an accident?

    It is advisable to save your claims for significant damages. This would help you get the NCB and reduce your depreciation expenses.

  • 4. What are the locations of the repair garages registered under the TATA AIG insurance company?

    You can visit the company’s official website to get the list of repair garages registered under TATA AIG.

  • 5. Who is a surveyor?

    A surveyor is a person who inspects the damaged vehicle and confirms the credibility of the claim filed by the policyholder.

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