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Royal Sundaram car insurance has 13 unique add-on covers that supplement the regular package policy's protection. No claim bonus (NCB) protector, key protector covering its cost of repair/replacement, depreciation waiver on plastic metal or plastic cover parts, protection against total damage/loss or theft,  add-on cover for windshield glass, and enhanced PA cover are just a few of Royal Sundaram’s popular add-ons. Royal Sundaram car insurance add-on covers can be integrated with the company’s comprehensive or own damage policies. 

Royal Sundaram - 13 Important Add-on Covers for Your Car Insurance Policy

The 13 Royal Sundaram car insurance add-on covers do come with an additional premium. But that extra premium will be less than the money you spend on your vehicle repair without these add-on covers. That said, you can always choose the best add-on cover that meets your needs the best way. Let’s check the add-on covers of Royal Sundaram car insurance policy

  • Depreciation Waiver Cover

You can acquire a depreciation waiver on plastic and metal elements of your automobile with this add-on cover in the event of partial loss or damage, excluding batteries,  tubes, and tyres, which are only exempt from 50% depreciation. This Royal Sundaram car insurance add-on cover is only available for vehicles under the age of five years.

  • Windshield Glass Cover

In case your windscreen glass gets broken and needs to be fixed or replaced, this add-on policy will allow you to do so without jeopardizing your no claim bonus. This coverage is available for vehicles up to three years old.

  • Full Invoice Price Insurance Cover

This optional Royal Sundaram car insurance add-on cover compensates you for the difference between your car's invoice value and its Insured Declared Value (IDV). You can get coverage for your whole loss if you purchase this add-on cover. If the car is stolen or gets damaged beyond repairs due to a mishap or accident, you will get back the invoice price, including the registration fee, road tax, etc.

  • Loss of Baggage Cover

The loss of baggage add-on policy compensates you if your luggage is stolen or damaged while in your automobile as a result of an accident. Your personal things, such as clothes, shoes, belts, and toiletries, may be included in the baggage you may transport in the insured vehicle.

  • Spare Car Clause

This Royal Sundaram car insurance add-on cover provides you with a daily cash allowance to replace your travel allowance while your automobile is being fixed at an car insurance provider's network garage. If your automobile needs to be in the garage for more than a day, it provides you with a specific amount for transportation. It applies to vehicles aged less than three years.

  • Aggravation (Damage) Cover Clause

This Aggravation (Damage) Cover Clause, also known as engine protector cover, is designed to protect your car's engine. The insurer will pay for the cost of repairing or replacing engine parts, gearbox parts, differential or transmission parts, and power steering pump parts caused by lubricating oil, coolant or water penetration, under this Royal Sundaram car insurance add-on cover. This advantage is available for cars that are less than three years old.

  • NCB Benefit Cover

A discount granted for not filing a claim throughout the policy period is called a no claim bonus or NCB. This discount grows with each year of claim-free service, ranging from 20-50%, although it can be nullified by a single claim. As a result, the NCB protective cover add-on protects your NCB discount even after you've filed a claim. However, this Royal Sundaram car insurance add-on only allows two claims during the policy term.

  • Key Replacement Cover

This optional coverage is designed to reimburse you the costs of repairing or replacing your car keys.

  • Tyre Cover

Tyre Cover is an optional feature that covers the expense of repairing and replacing tyres and tubes that have been damaged or lost due to an accident, such as a tyre burst, puncture or flattening. This add-on coverage is exclusively for installed tyres in the vehicle.

  • Lifetime Road-Tax Clause

The tax is included in the auto insurance plan with this add-on cover, and you are eligible to receive the unexpired portion of road tax along with the sum assured that the insurer pays you for third-party liabilities or your car's loss. This coverage is available for vehicles up to three years old.

  • Electrical or Electronic Fittings Cover

This Royal Sundaram car insurance add-on covers the cost of repairing electrical or electronic devices in your vehicles, such as fog lights, air conditioning, brake lights, and a music system.

  • Non-Electrical Fittings Add-on Cover

This specific add-on reimburses you the cost of repairing non-electrical parts of your automobile, such as alloy wheels, interior fittings and seat covers.

  • Bi-Fuel System and CNG Kit Add-on Cover

This add-on covers the cost of repairing your car's CNG Kit and Bi-Fuel System following an accident or disaster.

Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Add on Cover FAQs

  • 1. Which Royal Sundaram car insurance plans have add-on coverage?

    Royal Sundaram car insurance add-on covers can be made available with the company’s comprehensive or standalone own damage policies.

  • 2. How much do I need to pay to include the add-on coverage in my Royal Sundaram insurance policies?

    Various add-on plans of Royal Sundaram car insurance are available at various rates. However, you need to pay for the add-on covers according to the costs mentioned in the policy document or Royal Sundaram's online portal.

  • 3. Is it possible to get an add-on benefit for my third-party Royal Sundaram car insurance policy?

    No, the add-on facility is not available for third-party insurance covers.

  • 4. Is it required that a Royal Sundaram automobile insurance policy include an add-on cover?

    No, adding an add-on cover to your auto insurance policy is not a requirement; rather, it is an optional benefit that may be used to extend the coverage of your policy.

  • 5. How many additional coverages can I add to my Royal Sundaram car insurance policy at once?

    There is no limit to the number of add-on covers you may include in your car insurance plan, and you can add as many as you like at a time.

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