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Add-on covers including depreciation on parts, consumables and return to invoice can save you handsome bucks in case your car requires maintenance or is lost completely. Each add-on will incur an additional expense for you, so choose the one that will help meet your needs. Raheja QBE car insurance add-on covers are one of those popular options available in the market. These add-on covers can be bundled with Raheja QBEs 'standalone own-damage and comprehensive car insurance policies. Let’s learn about each of these Raheja QBE car insurance add-on covers separately.

Raheja QBE - 9 Important Add-ons for Your Car Insurance Policy

  • Zero Depreciation

It is among the most widely accepted add-on that allows you to file a claim for the amount of depreciation deducted from the worth of parts repaired under your own damage claim. When you choose this Raheja QBE insurance cover, you transfer the responsibility for paying for the depreciation of your vehicle and its parts to the car insurance company. Except for tubes, batteries and tires, which are covered at fifty percent under this add-on, all your car parts are fully protected against depreciation.

  • Engine Protect

This add-on covers the cost of the internal engine, gearbox, transmission, or variance assembly malfunction caused by water leakage and oil leaks. This is an important add-on because your car's transmission and engine do not get covered by default in your standard Raheja QBE car insurance policy.

  • Consumable Expenses

This covers the cost of replacing consumables as a result of a car collision. This Raheja QBE car insurance add-on saves you from consumable expenses such as nuts, oils, bolts,  screws, etc, which are not covered by conventional car insurance plans.

  • Key Protect Cover

This add-on estimates the cost of replacing your car keys if they are reported stolen or lost. This add-on cover also compensates for replacing a broken car lock.

  • Return to Invoice

This Raheja QBE car insurance add-on assists you in getting back the invoice price at the time of purchase you paid for the car. The invoice price includes the registration fee, road tax for your vehicle, and the insurance premium. This insurance covers the difference between the vehicle's selling price and its insured declared value (IDV). The upper limit that an insurer must pay in the event of theft or total loss of a vehicle is known as the IDV. The IDV is calculated by subtracting depreciation, registration fee and road tax from the selling price of the vehicle based on its age. 

  • Daily Conveyance Benefit

The daily allowance benefit of Raheja QBE reimburses you for the costs of other hired modes of transportation that you may entail if your car is in the carport for maintenance for more than three days.

  • Loss of Personal Belongings

This coverage compensates you for any loss or damage to your possession in the car at the time of an accident.

  • Tire and Rim Protector 

This Raheja QBE car insurance add-on compensates for repairing and replacing tubes, tires, and rims affected in an accident.

  • NCB Retention Cover

A no claim bonus (NCB) is the remuneration you receive at the time of renewal for not filing even one claim during the policy term. This NCB, however, is forfeited if you make even one claim. This cover safeguards your NCB on renewal even if you claim under a Raheja QBE car insurance plan.

Raheja QBE Car Insurance Add on Cover FAQs

  • 1. What do you mean by Raheja QBE car insurance add-on covers?

    In-car insurance, an add-on is a voluntary coverage that a policyholder can add to a standard plan. Add-on covers, which provide benefits in addition to the basic car insurance policy, provide extra protection at an extra cost.

  • 2. How Does Raheja QBE Decide the Premium of Add-on Covers?

    The premium of add-on covers is decided based on the add-on you actually purchase, the price trend prevailing in the market, etc. 

  • 3. Which consumables does Raheja QBE car insurance policy cover?

    Engine oil, gearbox oil, nuts and bolts, grease, washers, oil filters, lubricants, power steering oil, AC gas oil, radiator coolant and all similar items, except fuel, would be covered under a consumable cover.

  • 4. I have bought a third-party Raheja car insurance policy. Can I purchase an add-on to enhance my coverage?

    No, you cannot purchase add-on covers with a third-party policy. Add-ons can be bought either with a comprehensive or standalone car insurance policy.

  • 5. Do I have to pay the premium of Raheja QBE add-on covers separately from the one payable for a standard insurance plan?

    No, the premium of Raheja’s basic car insurance policy will combine with that of the 

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