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A car on the road faces a variety of hazards on a regular basis, ranging from a little scratch in the trunk to serious accidents and natural calamities. That is why having vehicle insurance coverage is a must in today's world.

Bajaj Allianz offers a promising policy under Bajaj Allianz Standalone Car Insurance. The plan offers plenty of coverage benefits and is easy to purchase and renew.

How does Bajaj Allianz Standalone Car Insurance Work?

You may apply for motor insurance with Bajaj Allianz in minutes using the online site or app. You may finish the application by filling out the form on the website or using the app and submitting the required papers. Bajaj Allianz will verify the papers, and you can select a policy that fits your budget and complete the purchase of auto insurance coverage as soon as possible.

If the insured car is damaged, you can file a claim and wait for Bajaj Allianz to conduct a verification before approving it. Bajaj Allianz settles the claim following the terms and circumstances agreed upon at the time of purchase.

What All does Bajaj Allianz Standalone Policy Cover in the Insurance Plan?

The following factors are considered in the Bajaj Allianz standalone car insurance coverage:

  • Losses incurred due to a naturally occurring disaster like self-ignition, explosion, fire, etc.
  • Coverage against manufactured calamities like a riot, burglary, theft, or any other similar act
  • Coverage for own damages  for the owner-driver of the car
  • All the obligations related to the third-party liability.

What All does Bajaj Allianz Standalone Policy not Cover in the Insurance Plan?

  • Neither depreciation nor any resultant loss
  • Wear and tear, aging or obsoletion of car parts like tyres
  • Any damage caused due to the driver being under the effect of liquor and drugs
  • Any damage caused by the driver driving without a legal licence/ policy.
  • Any uncontrollable damage due to a war-type situation or apocalypse.

Types of Car Insurance Available in India

Bajaj Allianz offers three types of car insurance coverage. The cost of car insurance varies based on the kind of vehicle. 

Third-party Car Insurance Comprehensive Car Insurance Standalone Car Insurance
  • Mandatory to buy as per Motor Vehicles Act,1988
  • Covers all the legal obligations and third-party liabilities

Key Benefits: 

  • The policyholder does not need to pay for the third-party expenses incurred in an accident

- In case of any third-party damage, disability or death,  the insurance company will bear the expenses, legal and otherwise.

  • Optional to buy
  • Covers all the third-party liabilities and own damage expenses, including bodily or vehicular damage

Key Benefits:

- Insurance covers the third-party liability along with personal damage

- You can include add-ons  to the policy depending on your needs.

  • Optional to buy
  • Covers the expenses incurred in recovering the car from any sort of damages.

Key Benefits:

  • The policy covers car theft.
  • Any expenses incurred in a road accident are covered
  • Mishappening due to natural calamities is also financially covered.

How to Purchase a Bajaj Allianz Standalone Car Policy?

Online method: Bajaj Allianz car insurance provides a quick and clear solution for all consumers to purchase Bajaj Allianz standalone car insurance online.

  • Go to the official website and give information about your car (model name, variation, location, purchase date, etc.).
  • Next, you may move to the next step, where several policieswill be displayed. Select a policy, add extra coverage, and obtain estimates for the policy.
  • Once you're happy with your coverage options, agree to the terms and conditions, and complete the insurance purchase.
  • All of your paperwork will be mailed to you, and a physical copy will be delivered to your home.

Offline method: The traditional method of obtaining and renewing motor vehicle insurance includes:

  • Go to a branch with all of your paperwork.
  • Submit a physical copy of the documents needed to verify the vehicle and the customer.
  • Visit the local branch and purchase a policy with enough coverage by paying by check, debit card, or demand draft.

What are the Benefits of Bajaj Allianz Standalone Car Insurance?

The key benefits linked with the Bajaj Allianz Standalone Car Insurance are:

  • Availability of cashless service in about more than 4500 garages.
  • Get insurance in no time.
  • Cashless hospitalization availability across 6000 plus hospitals.
  • Digital, Easy, and fast cashless claim facility
  • Up to 50% transfer of no-claim transfer bonus
  • 98% of claims settled ratio with happy and satisfied customers
  • On-the-spot settlement is available through the 'Caringly Yours' app.

Bajaj Allianz Standalone Policy Review

These car insurance reviews will offer you an idea of the features that have helped the policyholders secure their wallets in times of need.

  • The customers find the terms and conditions crystal clear and are happy to have opted for one for their vehicle.
  • Some say that the claiming procedure is smooth and prompt in service. As soon as a claim request is logged, there are people to contact you immediately and satisfy you.
  • The applicants have experienced the online mode of purchase and renewal of insurance as very user-friendly.
  • The quick response to the claims makes the consumers love Bajaj Allianz standalone car insurance program their first choice.

Bajaj Allianz Standalone Car Insurance FAQs

  • 1. Will my Bajaj Allianz standalone insurance coverage be transferred on buying a new car?

    No, if you purchase a new car, you must obtain insurance for both vehicles individually. You cannot have the primary insurance coverage for two cars at the same time, according to the rules. Bajaj Allianz, on the other hand, offers personal accident coverage for two automobiles under one insurance.

  • 2. Is standalone automobile insurance going to cover electrical/electronic accessories?

    Users can acquire electrical or electronic equipment protection as part of their online car insurance coverage, but only as an add-on to their existing insurance policy.

  • 3. How long will it take to purchase car insurance standalone coverage online?

    To obtain insurance online is the most convenient and effective. Standalone car insurance may be purchased online in 3 to 5 minutes. However, before purchasing a plan, you should do your homework.

  • 4. Is there a set of requirements for purchasing a standalone car insurance policy?

    An automobile insurance coverage can be purchased without any additional requirements. If you have a lawfully purchased car in your name, you are eligible for any type of motor insurance coverage from Bajaj Allianz.

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