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You get to enjoy its perks and benefits from the moment you purchase your insurance policy until the end of the policy tenure. Only until the insurance policy duration are you entitled to receive the financial protection cover. After the end of the tenure, all the benefits are stopped till you purchase the new policy or renew it. Renewing the bike insurance policy is always a better option as you do not have to go through the stress of purchasing a new policy. You also get other benefits if you renew your old policy. 

National Two Wheeler Insurance Policy Renewal

National Insurance provides the protective financial cover to you against the accident, damages, theft, natural calamities, and other turbulences depending upon the nature of your insurance policy. It is always advised to renew your National two wheeler insurance policy a few days before the end of your policy. This way you get to enjoy all the perks and the benefits of the policy without a day miss. To sweeten the insurance policy experience, the National Insurance Company provides seamless support to the policyholders at the time of policy renewal. 

National Two Wheeler Insurance Policy Renewal - Online Process

National two-wheeler insurance policy can be renewed online in the following simple stages: 

  • Step One: National Insurance Company's official website is designed to help the customers in all of their endeavors. Once you visit the website, click on the Motor Insurance tab. 
  • Step Two: Under the Motor Insurance tab you will find the 'Renewal' tab, and click on it. 
  • Step Three:  You will be redirected to the page to further the procedure. On that page mention the policy number and the security code before clicking the 'Renew Policy' tab.
  • Step Four:  A new page with your old policy information including the premium quotes will open up. Check all the details before submitting the information. 
  • Step Five: Once you get the new premium amount, make the payment using a credit or debit card or through net banking. 
  • Step Six: The insurer will examine all the details and will send you the new policy documents after a few days of the policy purchase. 

Your policy will be active from the moment you make the insurance premium payment and not from the time you receive the policy document. You can also claim the no claim bonus or include add- on covers at the time of renewal if you wish to. 

National Two Wheeler Insurance Policy Renewal - Offline Process

Similar to the online procedure of the insurance policy renewal, you can also renew the National two-wheeler insurance policy offline through the following stages: 

  • Step One: 

National Insurance company has its branches across India. You can visit one of their branches to renew the insurance policy. The person in charge of the renewal will provide you with the form of policy renewal. Complete the transaction with the payment of the premium amount. Demand draft in the favor of the insurer or the cheque is allowed to make the payment. 

  • Step Two: 

If you do not wish to visit the branch of the insurer, you can get in touch with their policy agent. An agent can be called through the website or by calling on the toll-free number. The insurer will send the agent or can initiate the procedure of the renewal digitally. 

National Two Wheeler Insurance Renewal Benefits

Mentioned below are the benefits that you get at the time and after your National two-wheeler insurance policy renewal: 

  • You do not have to pay any fine or penalty for not having your insurance papers while driving on the roads. 
  • The financial protection cover stays in motion towards you or the third party, depending upon the nature of your insurance policy. 
  • You get legal assistance from the insurer in case of an accident. 
  • You can add new add-ons at the time of policy renewal. 
  • Renewing the National two-wheeler insurance policy procedure is completely digital and paperless. 
  • You get all the assistance you require from the National Insurance Company in times of emergency. 
  • The repair and the replacement of the parts of the vehicle or the whole vehicle can be done at the garage in a cashless manner or you will be reimbursed for it after making the insurance claim. 
  • At the time of the National two-wheeler insurance policy renewal, you get to claim the No Claim Bonus. 

National Two Wheeler Insurance Renewal FAQs

  • 1. Can I check the status of my National two-wheeler policy insurance renewal online?

    The website of the National Insurance Company will provide you with all the insurance policy-related updates. On the website, there is one section dedicated specifically to tracking the policy status. 

  • 2. What will happen if I do not renew my National bike insurance policy?

    The policy will lapse if you fail to renew it. Hence, you no longer can enjoy the benefits of your policy plus also have to face legal complications. 

  • 3. Can I include add-on covers at the time of the National two-wheeler insurance policy renewal?

    At the time of policy renewal, you can purchase add- on covers or eliminate the ones you think do not serve any purposes. You can skip the add-on covers altogether as there is no compulsion on you to add them.  

  • 4. Can I transfer my National two-wheeler insurance policy ?

    Yes, you can transfer your two-wheeler insurance policy from your name to the new owner's name. Make you carry all the required paperwork in case of policy ownership transfer.

  • 5. What is a No Claim Bonus?

    No Claim Bonus or NCB as it is called is the bonus that you get to avail yourself at the time of the policy renewal. Your insurer allots you certain points for each year you do not file the claim. These points are collected towards the end of the tenure to a certain percentage. This percentage can differ from insurer to insurer. At the time of renewal of the policy, you get a discount on your premium up to the NCB percentage that you were awarded in your last policy. 

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