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At the time of policy purchase, customers are given the option to iron-clad their insurance policy by adding the add-on covers. These covers are the additional benefits that you get along with your bike insurance policy at the cost of a slight increase in your insurance premiums. 

National Two Wheeler Insurance Policy Add-on Covers

Each insurance policy has certain benefits that are included in the original insurance policy or the base insurance policy. Apart from those benefits, there are several other things that some customers may wish to include in their policy while some might not want them. Therefore, customers are given a choice to choose the covers that they think will be useful to them in the future. Customers who have purchased the National comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy or National standalone two-wheeler insurance policy are given this privilege to include add- on cover along with their base policy. 

Five Important Add-on Covers for Your National Two Wheeler Insurance Policy

Given below are the five add- on Cover that you can get along with your National bike insurance policy: 

  • NCB Protect Add- on Cover:

No Claim Bonus or the NCB bonus customers get to avail at the time of the National Bike Insurance Policy Renewal. When you do not make any claim throughout the tenure of your insurance policy, National Insurance awards you points for being a good driver. These points are accumulated over the years and are turned into a percentage. This percentage is known as the NCB bonus. If you avail of this bonus at the time of the policy renewal, you get a much discount on the insurance premiums of your renewed policy. The maximum percentage of NCB that National Insurance Company allows its policyholders to have is 50%. This bonus is feeble and can be lost even if you claim a small amount from the insurer. Under the NCB add- on cover, you are allowed to make small claims up to a certain amount without jeopardizing your NCB status. 

  • Zero Depreciation Add-on Cover:

Every bike sustains some damage over the years of the constant use of the vehicle. The cost to repair and replace the depreciated parts of the vehicle is known as the deductible amount. At the time of the claim settlement insurer settles the amount without factoring in the deductibles. For example, an insurer will calculate the claim amount after assessing the damage. At the time of the settlement, the amount that was used to replace and repair the depreciated parts will be deducted from the amount. Only then the claim will be settled. The zero depreciation add-cover ascertains that the insurer takes the deductible amount into consideration as well. This way, you receive a 100% claim amount. 

  • Engine Protect Add-on Cover:

The engine is the most important part of the vehicle. Therefore, it is vital to protect it. Over the years the engine suffers wear and tear in manners like water ingression or the leakage of the lubricants. The engine stands the highest chance of getting damaged in an accident. There is also sometimes the engine's mechanical failure that results from the damage to the gearbox or some electrical failure that fails it to kick start. Base insurance policy does not cover the cost of the repair of the engine and the cost of the repair of the engine can be too much for the policyholders, especially in times of adversity. Engine protect add-on cover mandates the insurers to pay for the repair cost of the engine at the time of the settlements. 

  • Return to Invoice Add- on Cover:

Sometimes an insured vehicle gets damaged beyond the repairs or gets stolen. In such times, return to invoice add-on cover can help the policyholder a lot. If you add this cover to your insurance policy, then the insurer will compensate the whole amount. For example, suppose your vehicle gets damaged beyond repair. In that case, the insurer will assess the value of the vehicle when it was purchased through the invoice or the latest valuation of the same model given by the brand. Whichever the amount is the lowest, the policyholder will get that amount in the form of compensation. 

  • Zero Depreciation Plus Add-on Cover for Two-wheeler: 

Under this cover, you get compensation for the repair and the replacement of the parts of the vehicle that are either partially damaged or completely damaged. The damage should only be the result of an accident. You can utilize this cover only twice during the policy tenure. 

National Bike/Two Wheeler Insurance Add on Cover FAQs

  • 1. Do I need to provide additional documents to renew the National two-wheeler insurance policy?

    National Insurance Company follows the paperless policy at the time of the policy purchase and the renewal. Therefore, you do have to provide any documentation to the insurer at either of those times. 

  • 2. Is there any limit on the number of add-on covers we can add to the National two-wheeler insurance policy?

    Add-on covers are voluntary for the policyholder. They can choose to purchase or avoid them completely. It's up to them. The insurer does not interfere in their decision and therefore does not set any limit on the purchase of the add-on covers. National comprehensive/standalone two-wheeler insurance policyholders are provided with all the add-on covers along with their base policy. National third-party two-wheeler insurance policyholders do not get any option to purchase any add- on cover.  

  • 3. Can I file a claim without insurance National bike insurance policy papers?

    The insurance policy document is vital at the time of filing an insurance claim due to the legality of the document. You receive a hard copy of the insurance policy document within a week of the purchase of the policy. It is delivered to the address of the policyholders. You can also download the policy easily by visiting the website of the National Insurance company. 

  • 4. Can I convert my National insurance policy from third-party to comprehensive or vice versa?

    Yes, you can change your policy from third-party to comprehensive or vice versa at the time of policy renewal.

  • 5. Who is the owner of the National Insurance Company?

    The National Insurance company works under the purview of the Government of India. 

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