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All automobiles on Indian highways must be insured under sufficient auto insurance coverage, according to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. Therefore, if you purchase a United India comprehensive car insurance policy, it will cover all third-party liabilities as well as own damages in case of an accident. Besides that, it also protects your car if it faces any type of loss during natural calamities like cyclones, earthquakes, hailstorms, thunderstorms, floods, frost and others. Its coverage area also includes man-made disasters like riots, terror attacks, etc. Opting for this policy might be a smart idea as it provides a massive coverage and also the facility of add-on covers.

How does United India Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy Work?

A comprehensive car insurance policy from United India covers your vehicle from damages caused by circumstances other than a collision. Comprehensive insurance will cover your car even if it is destroyed by a windstorm, dented by a deer, vandalized, broken into, or crushed by a falling garage.

The company's comprehensive car insurance policy further provides additional coverage. Once individuals understand what comprehensive vehicle insurance is, they can compare its features and price online to see which one best meets their needs. ​​​​

United India Comprehensive Car Insurance vs Third Party Car Insurance 

Basis Comprehensive Car Insurance Third Party Car Insurance 
CoverageTheft, weather-related calamities, and other big events beyond your control are all covered under comprehensive coverage.Third-party insurance protects a third party against harm caused by the insured vehicle. Its coverage includes third-party property damages, physical injuries, and the demise of third persons.
CostBecause of its substantial coverage, a comprehensive plan's premium is significantly higher.Because of its limited coverage, a third-party plan has a lower premium.
Additional benefitsThe policyholder can extend the policy's coverage by purchasing add-on covers such as zero depreciation and consumables coverages.With a third-party insurance plan, add-ons are not possible.

How to Buy United India Comprehensive Car Insurance?

United India car insurance offers online and offline alternatives to help car owners buy insurance policies. You can buy a comprehensive car insurance policy by visiting its website or branch.

What All is Covered Under United India Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy?

The death and physical injury of the insured vehicle's owner-cum-driver are covered under comprehensive insurance. Suppose you die or suffer a partial or permanent disability due to an automobile accident. In that case, United India will pay the total compensation amount to the nominee named in the car insurance policy.

A comprehensive car insurance policy covers both the physical damage to your car and any legal responsibilities that may emerge due to an accident.

A comprehensive insurance policy also protects the vehicle from any fire-related mishap.

If your automobile or any of its components is stolen, a comprehensive motor insurance policy will compensate the holder for all incurred losses.

A comprehensive insurance policy also protects the holder from natural disasters that could cause irreparable damage to your prized automobile. Acts of nature, such as earthquakes, cyclones, floods and hail storms, can completely ruin the car. In this case, the auto insurer will offer significant compensation for the damages caused to the holder's vehicle. 

What All Is not Covered Under United India Comprehensive Car Insurance?

  • Underage driving, vehicles used for criminal activity, driving without a valid license, and driving on the wrong side of the road are not covered under comprehensive auto insurance. Any claims arising from such circumstances will also be dismissed.
  • While comprehensive insurance provides umbrella coverage for the vehicle, co-passengers and even third-party losses, it excludes intentional neglect and a variety of other artificial disasters.
  • One of the critical exclusions in a comprehensive automobile insurance coverage is any intentional damage to the policyholder or the vehicle. Remember that auto insurance fraud is a crime that can lead to many legal issues.
  • Different types of car insurance protect personal and commercial automobiles. Insurance claims will be denied if a private car is utilized for commercial reasons.
  • Any claims for damages resulting from an accident caused by the policyholder being under the influence of alcohol or narcotics will be denied.

United India Comprehensive Car Insurance Benefits

  • United India comprehensive car insurance policy covers situations such as a tree falling on a car, thieves stealing the vehicle and similar mishaps
  • Theft, weather-related calamities, and other significant events beyond your control are covered under comprehensive coverage.
  • Unforeseen events such as break-ins and hail-damaged windshield wipers are covered under the comprehensive coverage of United India car insurance.

United India Comprehensive Car Insurance Review

United India comprehensive car insurance is known for its holistic coverage and affordable premiums. With flexible premium payment options and value-added services such as a no claim bonus, the insurance company is calling the shots. You could consider buying a United India comprehensive car insurance policy.

United India Comprehensive Car Insurance FAQs

  • 1. How can I buy a comprehensive car insurance policy from United India car insurance?

    You can buy a suitable comprehensive car insurance policy from the company's website or by visiting its nearest branch.

  • 2. What are the different modes of premium payment at United India car Insurance?

    You can pay premiums via both online and offline modes.

  • 3. What are the steps for United India comprehensive car insurance policy renewal?

    Here are the following steps for policy renewal that need to be followed:-  

    • Provide the policy number and the expiry date on United India's website.
    • Pick a payment option.
    • Download the payment receipt.
  • 4. What is the standard deadline to renew a comprehensive car insurance policy with United India?

    You need to renew the policy before 90 days of the expiry date of the United India comprehensive car insurance policy.

  • 5. Can I cancel my United India comprehensive car insurance policy?

    You can visit the nearest branch and apply for cancellation anytime.

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