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ACKO offers different types of insurance, such as car and two-wheeler insurance, health insurance, electronics insurance, and so on. It is currently one of the fastest-growing digital insurance companies in India. ACKO car insurance claim is one of the fastest and instantly disbursed insurance policies available.

List of Documents Required During Claim Settlement

Understanding your ACKO car insurance claim process is vital to a smooth and easy claim experience. An important step in the ACKO car insurance claim process is to have all the necessary documents with you. Some of the documents required for your insurance claim process are as follows:

  • The original driving licence of the driver
  • A copy of the insurance policy 
  • Registration certificate (RC Book) of your insured vehicle
  • The insurance policyholder's proof of identification, such as the Aadhar Card, Pan Card, passport, or voter ID.
  • In case the vehicle was stolen, a copy of the first information report (FIR) must be filed with the local police station.
  • In the event of fire damage, the policyholder must produce a fire brigade report. 
  • Original purchase invoice of the insured vehicle
  • A cancelled cheque by the policyholder
  • If the insurance company demands any other documents as per their requirements, the policyholder must produce the documents as stated.

How to Make an ACKO Car Insurance Claim Online?

Once individuals have purchased car insurance online, they can contact ACKO for their ACKO car insurance claim process.

  • To make ACKO car insurance claims online, users need to log in to their account on or use the mobile app. There is an option labelled 'Claim Now.' Click on the option and choose the details carefully.
  • The options will differ based on whether individuals have opted for a cashless claim or a reimbursement claim.
  • After raising a claim, ACKO generally picks up your car within a stipulated time.
  • Based on the type of insurance policy, ACKO will notify you of the repairs and services done on your vehicle.

How to Make ACKO Cashless Car Insurance Claim?

ACKO Cashless Car Insurance Claim is a type of insurance for vehicles in which ACKO provides the necessary repairs for your car at their partner garages. ACKO settles the bills directly with the partner garage. The cashless claim ACKO car insurance process is given below.

  • Insurance policyholders must raise claims through the ACKO website or ACKO app.
  • Your car will be picked up by someone from the company and dropped off for repairs at one of ACKO's extensive partner garages.
  • One of the garage experts will assess and confirm the extent of damages caused.
  • You can enjoy instant repairs for your vehicles. The garage will send all the repair bills to ACKO, and the company will settle the claim directly with the garage.
  • The car will be dropped off at your home within three working days.

How to Make ACKO Reimbursement Car Insurance Claim?

The steps for a reimbursement ACKO car insurance claim settlement are:

  • Contact ACKO in the event of an accident or damage to the vehicle. Policyholders can raise an online claim or call the customer service centre at ACKO to raise an insurance settlement claim.
  • Provide vehicle details and other information related to the damage caused.
  • Insurance policyholders also need to submit an insurance policy copy on the ACKO website. 
  • The company will reach back out to you for further communication. A surveyor will be physically present to inspect the damage to the vehicle. The company will explain the entire process of claiming reimbursement and collect the necessary documents.
  • You can service and repair the vehicle at the garage of your choice. You will have to bear all costs relating to the vehicle service. For reimbursement, policyholders will need to submit proof of repairs to the company. The company requires all original bills and receipts to be submitted for the reimbursement process.
  • After deducting the required deductibles from your policy, the company will proceed with your reimbursement claim.

Common ACKO Car Insurance Claim Rejection Reasons

The insurance company keeps the right to reject your claim under certain conditions. It is necessary to provide detailed and accurate information for a claim to go through. The ACKO car insurance claim settlement ratio is 94%. Some of the common rejection reasons for your ACKO Car insurance claim status are:

  • If the driver was driving without a driving licence and insurance policy, the insurance company can reject the claim.
  • Driving under the influence of intoxicating substances
  • Providing false or incorrect information at the time of acquiring a new insurance policy.
  • If the car is used for illegal and illicit activities.

ACKO No Claim Bonus

A No-Claim Bonus (NCB) is a sort of financial reward awarded by an insurance company to a policyholder who does not file a single claim throughout a policy's stipulated period.

The No Claim Bonus begins at 20%, with the possibility of increasing to 50% after 5 claim-free years. When you file a claim, your NCB will be reset to 0%. Your NCBs can reach up to 50% if you do not file a claim during the insurance policy tenure.

ACKO Car Insurance Claim FAQs

  • 1. What are the major factors in determining your ACKO car insurance premium?

    Your vehicle's car insurance premium depends on certain factors such as the manufacturer and makes of your vehicle, the registration location of your vehicle, the vehicle's age, and so on.

  • 2. How can you renew your ACKO car insurance online?

    Hop on to the ACKO website or log in to the mobile app to renew your insurance. Go to your policy and select the "renew car insurance" tab to renew your policy. Then, select from the available options and proceed to pay for your preferred policy.

  • 3. Is car insurance mandatory for your vehicle?

    Yes. Under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, all vehicles driven on Indian roads must have a valid insurance policy. A third-party insurance policy is compulsory for all commercial and private vehicles in India.

  • 4. How to ensure a hassle-free ACKO car insurance claim process?

    ACKO has already kept a hassle-free process for settling car insurance claims. However, to further smoothen the process, ensure that you follow all the instructions and submit the required documents on time.stances where the company rejects the insurance claim. A few of the reasons for claim rejections are mentioned below: 

    • If the driver doesn’t have a valid driving licence, then the insurance claim can be rejected.
    • At the time of the accident, if your car had more passengers than the prescribed limit.
    • If the car was parked in the no-parking zone
    • If prior to the accident, car was not serviced properly
    • If you fail to file a claim within the mandated time frame
    • If you had provided the wrong information at the time of drawing up the insurance
    • If you fail to update your insurance provider with the car repairs and the modifications
    • If you have an expired car insurance policy

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