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The Star health insurance premium calculator online is a fantastic online tool, offered by the company which helps you during the policy selection process. Star health insurance provides a vast selection of health insurance plans and they are offered at different price points. In order to select the right coverage plan for you and your loved ones, you can take the help of the Star health insurance calculator, which helps you in getting price quotations of what the plan might cost you after taking certain points into consideration. The Star health policy calculator is well equipped and you can learn more about it, like the steps to use this tool, how it works, etc. further.

The Essential Features of the Star Health Insurance Calculator

The Star health insurance calculator comes with tons of features that offer great overall usability, like:

1. Simple Interface

The Star health calculator helps you to calculate the estimated premium price of your choice of plan. During such a task, it is always better to have a basic and easy user interface that everyone can learn to operate from the get-go. Thus, the simple and highly efficient user interface of the Star health insurance calculator stands out as one of the primary features of the online tool. There are two modes of the calculator called conversational and classic, and you can select and use either one of these to get the results you want. 

2. Helps in Selecting Adequate Plan Coverage

At the time of using the Star health calculator, you can input certain parameters that fit your need, and these are considered while calculating the premium of your Star health insurance plan. One of the vital parts of the procedure is the plan coverage value, which you can select based on your specific need within the Star health insurance calculator. The premium price outcome will depend on the selected sum insured amount, which overall helps you in deciding the adequate coverage amount within your budget. 

3. Resourceful Calculations

The Star health insurance premium calculator online is very protean and resourceful in determining prices and only takes a few seconds to do so. You can also change certain input details on the fly to reach the preferable policy premium range you want for your Star health insurance policy. 

4. No Third-party Influence

A vital feature of the Star health insurance calculator is that it doesn’t involve talking with any insurance advisors or executives. The Star health calculator operates on its own and only requires the input details from the user to calculate the estimated policy premium. This means you can get sufficient information about the general cost without worrying about any third-party persuasion from insurance agents.

5. Provides Insightful Knowledge

The Star health mediclaim premium calculator allows you to get price estimations of the premium for the policy that you are interested in purchasing. One of the richest features of the Star health calculator online tool is that it lets you scrutinise the factors that come into effect while deciding the premium of the Star health insurance plan. It makes the whole procedure more inclusive towards the customer and provides fruitful insights, which is beneficial alongside getting near accurate estimation of the policy premium.

Things to Remember While Using a Star Health Insurance Premium Calculator

There are a few points that you should consider while using a Star health insurance premium calculator online:

  1. The Star health insurance premium calculator is an online tool that helps in calculating the premium of the policy of your choice. It works and depends upon certain given parameters and input values by the user. These prices are better treated as a general estimation because there are some factors that the calculator doesn’t include when determining them, like the medical history, pre-ailment details of the insured, and other things. Hence, the actual payable amount of the policy may slightly differ from the general estimated premium value.
  2. Just like a normal calculator, the Star health insurance premium calculator is a tool that works with the details it is provided with. The outcome value will change in accordance with the set values that you provide. This makes it a valuable tool that helps you to check the ideal policy and its cost and also gives you a decent idea about these, at the time of buying a Star health insurance policy.

How to Use the Star Health Insurance Premium Calculator Online?

To get access to the Star health insurance premium calculator, search for it online, visit the official webpage, provide the contact details, select who you want to insure, mention the pin code, who you want to cover, and some other basic details of the insured members and select the coverage amount. After this, the calculated premium will be shown on your screen, alongside the choice of payment option type.

The Star health insurance premium calculator determines the premium prices by taking these factors into consideration: 

  1. The members you want to cover under the policy
  2. The location details of the insured
  3. The date of birth of the eldest member
  4. Total selected sum insured value

However, there are some factors that the Star health insurance premium calculator doesn’t use when calculating policy premium estimation, like

  1. Details of any pre-existing medical conditions or ailments
  2. Details of the family’s medical record
  3. The Body Mass Index or BMI of the individual member or the family
  4. Any underwriting terms and conditions
  5. Any formerly rejected policy coverage details, if available

Star Health Insurance Premium Chart

If you are looking to get a detailed portrayal and analyse the conditions that affect the premium of your plan then you should consider going through the highly detailed Star insurance premium chart. The Star health insurance premium chart contains extensive details that will help you to paint out the specific policy rates in accordance with the affecting factors like age categories, selected sum insured values, term period of the policy, etc. By going through the detailed chart, you will get all the knowledge regarding how the premium of your Star health insurance policy gets affected by these factors.

How is Star Health Insurance Premium Determined?

The major factors that affect the payable premium of your Star health insurance policy are listed below;

1. Gender

Gender is one of the factors that affect the premium amount of the health insurance policy. According to the statistics, men are more prone to facing stroke, heart attack, and similar diseases than women. On the other hand, there’s a higher probability for women to consult with doctors than men. Hence, men and women have to pay different premiums for their health insurance policies.

2. Age

Age is a seemingly important factor when it comes to deciding the premium of your Star health insurance policy. This is because, with increasing age, the human immune system grows weaker, which causes more health-related complications and diseases for older people. In the case of younger individuals, they have a stronger immune system, which protects against several diseases and helps against facing frequent health-related complications. Thus, older folks have to pay more premiums for their health insurance policy than younger ones. 

3. Location

The current city of the insured is a crucial factor that is considered when determining the premium of the health insurance policy. For example, the payable premium amount of a certain coverage plan for Kolkata would be lesser than the premium price of the same coverage for Mumbai. This is because different places carry different variables like the probability of accidents, area-specific treatment expenses, etc. The premium of the Star health insurance policy is thus different location-wise. 

4. Pre-existing Health Conditions

Previous medical history and data of an individual or their family help the insurer to scrutinise the possibility of health-related complications or emergencies that may arise in the future. Hence, individuals, who have pre-existing health issues, which make them more likely to face complications such as cancer, heart problems, diabetes, etc., are required to pay a higher premium amount for their health coverage plan. 

5. Coverage Plan Type

There are different Star health insurance coverage policy types and plan variants. Each of these includes different perks, benefits and other things, along with a different price point for their premium.

6. Lifestyle Habits

Certain lifestyle habits of an individual influence the premium value of the overall coverage plan. If an individual is a regular smoker or drinker, then they have to pay a higher price in terms of their health insurance premium coverage cost. The reason behind this is that people with regular smoking and drinking habits are more likely to suffer from diseases and conditions like hypertension, asthma, kidney failure, cancer, etc.

Tax Exemption on Star Health Insurance Premium

The premium that you pay for your health insurance policy can be reimbursed through the tax exemptions offered under the Income Tax Act of India. This is practical as per section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961. The deduction amount includes the paid premiums, health insurance policy and expenses regarding preventive health checkups. Individuals under the age of 60, can get up to INR 25,000 deduction in tax in a year, including the INR 5,000 for preventive checkups. In case the insured is a senior citizen, meaning over 60 years old, the deductible tax amount limit goes up to INR 50,000 in a year. 

If you are paying the health insurance premium for yourself and your dependent parents, who are over the age of 60, you can get up to INR 75,000 in annual tax deduction. In the matter where both you and your reliant parent are senior citizens, the annual deductible tax limitation goes up to INR 1,00,000.

Insured Members under the PolicyTax Exemption
Under 60 years AgeOver 60 years Age
Self, Spouse and ChildrenINR 25,000INR 50,000
Dependent Parents/Senior CitizensINR 25,000INR 50,000
Overall DeductionINR 50,000INR 1,00,000

Star Health Insurance Premium Calculator FAQs

  • 1. I have never used an online health insurance premium calculator before, can I use the Star health insurance premium calculator?

    The Star health policy calculator is a very simple tool with an easy layout. It only requires a few details from you and doesn’t need any prior knowledge or expertise, hence you can easily use it.

  • 2. Does the Star health policy premium calculator need the medical history of the individual when calculating policy premium estimation?

    No, the Star health insurance calculator does not need the medical history details of the individual when determining the estimated premium of the coverage plan.

  • 3. Does the Star health policy calculator require lifestyle habit details at the time of calculating policy premium?

    No, the Star health insurance calculator doesn’t require details regarding the individual’s lifestyle habits at the time of determining the policy premium.  

  • 4. Can I calculate the premium cost for my parent's policy through the Star health insurance premium calculator?

    Yes, you can use the Star health insurance calculator to calculate the premium estimation for a policy that you want to purchase for your parents.

  • 5. Does the Star health insurance online calculator show the premium prices according to the EMI payment method?

    Yes, there is an option in the online calculator tool to get the premium price of the policy according to the EMI payment method (if available), alongside the usual full payment option.

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