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Introduction to Go Digit General Insurance Company

Digit General Insurance Company is India’s fastest growing insure-tech company. The company is young and vibrant and making it to the top of the most preferred general insurance partner. The company offers a wide range of general insurance solutions to cater to all the needs of the customers. The company is popular for providing 24*7 customer support all 365 days and super-fast claim settlement procedure. The working of this insurance company is transparent and quick thereby it is rated highly amongst its peers and customers.

Types of Go Digit General Car Insurance 

The following are the types of car insurance coverage offered by the Go Digit General Insurance Company:

  1. Third-Party Car Insurance: 
    As the name suggests the third-party car insurance coverage provides protection against the losses or damages caused to the third-party vehicle, property or life. All the damages to life whether death or disability to a third-party person by the insured vehicle is covered under this car insurance plan.
  2. Comprehensive Car Insurance: 
    A comprehensive car insurance cover is one of the most useful and valuable car insurances. The comprehensive car insurance cover offers insurance coverage against the losses or damages arising out of an accident caused by the insured vehicle to third-party as well as any damages caused to the insured car itself.
  3. Standalone Own Damage Car Insurance:

You can opt for standalone OD car insurance, if you already have third-party car insurance. This car insurance covers your car against the damages due to: accidents, theft, riots, self-ignition, and man-made/natural calamities. With this car insurance, you can also opt for add-on covers hence enjoy enhanced coverage. 

Benefits of the Go Digit Car Insurance Plans

Go Digit General Insurance Company is one of the leading and prominent names in the general insurance sector. Buying a car insurance policy of Go Digit is very advantageous as they are unique and ensure financial protection in times of mishaps or accidents. The following are the prominent benefits offered by the Go Digit Car Insurance Plan:

  • Cashless Repair: 
    The insurance provider has collaborated with more than 1400+ cashless network garages. Thus, customers have a lot of freedom to choose the authorized service centre near to them and get the car repaired without shelling out a penny as the bill is directly settled between the insurance provider and the network garage.
  • Advance Payment: 
    If no network garage is nearby then the customer can choose or opt for the garage of their choice and receive 80% advance payment from Go Digit which you can pay the garage and get your car repaired.
  • Doorstep Service: 
    The insurance company offers doorstep service like free pick up and drop facility. Additionally, the insurance provider also offers 6- months repair warranty for repair works carried out in network garages.
  • Self-Inspection: 
    Digit has a strong digital presence and they offer a unique feature that enables self-inspection of damages caused to the vehicle. In the event of an accident and claim registration, you are required to click video or photos of the damages on your phone. Self-inspection of damages is a new and unique feature offered by the insurance provider.
  • Speedy Claim Settlement: 
    The claim settlement process is quick and fast. The entire process is online, no need to submit any forms or documents. The entire process of claim registration is completed within minutes.
  • 24*7 Customer Support: 
    Go Digit General Insurance Company provides robust customer service that is available 24*7 even on National Holidays.
  • Add-on Cover: 
    You can couple your car insurance policy with the following car insurance add-ons:
    • Zero Depreciation Cover: 
      This cover is most suited for cars that are less than 5 years old. With this cover, all the depreciation charges on the car and its spare-parts are nullified thereby giving you the full amount on the repair or replacement costs.
    • Return to Invoice Cover: 
      In the event of theft or complete damage to the vehicle that is beyond repairs, the return to invoice cover will provide the entire amount of the car. Additionally, the insurance provider will also pay for the cost of registering the new car and pay for the road tax.
    • Passenger Cover: 
      In the event of an accident if the car passenger suffers death or disability then the passenger cover offers coverage in such losses.
    • Tyre Protect Cover: 
      As the name suggests, the tyre protect cover provides benefit in the event of damages caused to the tyre under all situations.
    • Breakdown Assistance: 
      In the event of car breakdown, this cover will provide for all the required assistance.
    • Consumable Cover: 
      The consumable cover takes care of the expenses incurred for repair or replacement of consumable items of the car i.e., engine oils, screws, nuts, bolts, grease, etc.
    • Engine and Gear-Box Protection Cover: 
      This add-on cover ensures that any damages caused to the engine or the gearbox shall be taken care under the insurance cover.

What is Covered in Go Digit Car Insurance Plans?

The Car Insurance Plan covers the damages or losses caused to the vehicle in the following situations.

  • Accidents: 
    Damages or losses caused to the vehicle due to external force or collision.
  • Theft: 
    In the event of theft of the vehicle the losses incurred to the car owner are covered.
  • Fire: 
    In the event of accidental fire causing damages to the vehicle.
  • Natural Disaster: 
    The damages or losses caused to the vehicle due to natural calamities are covered under the car insurance plan. The natural calamities include floods, cyclones, typhoons, etc.
  • Third-Party Damage: 
    In the event where the insured vehicle causes damages to the third-party person, car or property then such damages are covered under the car insurance plan.

What is not Covered in Go Digit Car Insurance Plans?

Now we know what losses or damages are covered under the Go Digit Car insurance plan. However, it is equally important to know the losses or damages that are not covered under the car insurance plan. Knowing what is not covered will ensure that you face no surprises at the time of raising a claim. The following are certain scenarios that are not covered under the car insurance plan:

  • In case the damages are caused after consuming alcohol i.e., damages caused due to drunk driving are not covered
  • In case the damages are caused while driving without a license or without a valid license
  • If you have a third-party or liability only car insurance policy then any damages to your own vehicle are not covered
  • Any damages caused are not due to a direct result of an accident are not covered under the car insurance coverage i.e., if the damage is a consequence of incorrect driving
  • Damages caused due to contributory negligence i.e., driving a vehicle in a flood-affected area which is not recommended by the car manufacturer, will not be covered
  • Certain damages are covered under certain specific add-ons however if you have not opted for such add-on cover then such corresponding damages shall not be covered

How to Apply For The Go Digit Car Insurance Plans?

The following steps are required to take in order to apply for the Go Digit Car Insurance Plan:

  • Enter the valid Car details like- car make and model, registration no, etc.
  • Choose the type of car insurance plan you wish to opt for i.e., third party liability or a comprehensive insurance package.
  • You can opt for add-on covers to widen the car insurance coverage. Go Digit offers a wide range of add-on covers.
  • Enter the details of the car owner.
  • Click on the ‘Get Quote’ button to generate the premium quote.
  • If you are satisfied with the premium quote then you can go ahead to pay the premium amount by either credit card, debit card or via net banking facility.
  • Once the payment is successful you shall be able to download the policy document online.

In this manner, you can apply for the Go Digit Car Insurance plan from the comfort of your home. With Go Digit General Insurance Company you can purchase the car insurance policy within minutes. 

The Go Digit Car Insurance Claim Process 

The car insurance claim process of the Go Digit General Insurance Company is quick, simple and hassle-free. The company is constantly trying to keep car insurance claims simple and cost-effective. With 3 simple steps, you can register the car insurance claim process.

  • Step 1: The customer needs to contact the customer support on 1800- 258-5956.
  • Step 2: Once the claim is registered, the company shall provide an online link for ‘self-inspection’ on your registered mobile number. You are requested to shoot the vehicle’s damage from your mobile and send it across to the insurance provider.
  • Step 3: You are required to choose the mode of repair you wish to avail.

The claim processing of the Go Digit General Insurance Company is offered in two ways namely:

  • Reimbursement Claim Process: 
    Under this method, you can choose the garage of your choice. Once the repair works are completed, you pay the bill amount and claim reimbursement of the bill from the insurance provider. The reimbursement can be claimed by submitting all the necessary documents like bills, invoices, etc. to the company.
  • Cashless Claim Process: 
    Under this method, you have to take the damaged vehicle to the network garage. The repair works shall be carried in the authorized centre and the bill or invoice shall be directly settled between network garage and the insurance provider.

How to Renew your Lapsed/Expired the Go Digit Car Insurance Policy Online?

The following are the steps involved in renewing a car insurance policy with Go Digit.

  • Enter all the required car details like vehicle’s make, registration details, Vehicle Model Details, etc.
  • Press on the ‘Get Quote’ button to know the details of the premium.
  • Choose the plan of your choice
  • If you are comfortable with the premium quote then go-ahead to complete the premium payment online using a credit card/debit card or net banking facility
  • Once the payment is received by the insurance provider an online copy of your policy document shall be sent on your registered email ID

Above is the process for buying or renewing an in-force car insurance policy of Go Digit General Insurance Company. However, if you have a lapsed car insurance policy which you wish to renew then you need to ascertain the fitness of your vehicle from an authorized surveyor. Once you receive the fitness certificate, you can easily renew your lapsed car insurance policy.

The Go Digit Car Insurance Review

The customer reviews for the Go Digit General Insurance Company is very positive. The insurance provider offers a uniquely crafted car insurance policy that takes care of the expenses arising in the event of damages or losses to the vehicle. The car insurance policy offers financial security in times of mishap or accident. The car insurance policy is designed to provide coverage against third-party liability in event of loss or damage to property or life. Additionally, the insurance provides a hand-on customer service to help customers resolve their queries and issues. Another utmost important reason for the popularity of the company is its quick claim settlement procedure. Thus, all these factors add up positive review and popularity of the Go Digit Car Insurance.

The Go Digit General Insurance Company Limited Car Insurance Customer Care Number

To get in touch with the customer care of the Go Digit General Insurance Company customer can do in the following ways:

  • Telephone no (Toll-Free) – 1800 103 4448
  • WhatsApp Number: 70260 61234
  • Email Address: hello@godigit.com

Digit Car Insurance FAQs

  • 1. What is the incurred claim ratio of the Go Digit Car Insurance Company?

    The incurred claim ratio of the Go Digit Car Insurance Company is 76%.

  • 2. How can I check my Go Digit Car Claim status online?

    To check the unclaimed amount status online, visit https://www.godigit.com/claims/document-upload 

  • 3. How can I download my Go Digit Car Policy Document Online?

    Downloading the policy document online is very simple and can be done in two ways:

    • Send an email to hello@godigit.com and the insurance provider will send the policy document to your registered email address.
    • You can register a request for a policy document through WhatsApp. Within 3 simple steps, you can receive the copy of the policy document on your mobile.
  • 4. How long does the Go Digit Company Limited take to process and settle car insurance claims?

    Once all the relevant paperwork is completed the insurance provider settles the car insurance claims in 7 to 10 working days.

  • 5. Does the Go Digit Company offer pay-as-you-drive car insurance?

    No, Pay-as-you-drive car insurance facility is not offered under the car insurance plan offered by Go Digit General Insurance Company.

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