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Liberty Car Insurance Highlights

Liberty (Car Insurance)
Liberty General Insurance Ltd. is a joint venture between Liberty Citystate holdings PTE Ltd, a group company of US Headquartered Liberty Mutual Insurance Group, a leading multinational property and casualty group, Enam, a privately owned and managed firm that makes long-term investments in listed companies, as well as backs entrepreneurs building valuable private companies and Diamond Dealtrade Limited belongs to reputed D.P Jindal Group Companies of India, an industrial conglomerate. Liberty General Insurance Limited commenced operations in 2013 with the aim of providing comprehensive retail, commercial and industrial insurance solutions.
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-Depreciation cover is available for vehicle age upto 7 years on own LGI renewals subject to no claims and NCB during renewal -6000+ Network Garages, 184 PPN (Preferred Partner Network) across India -Cashless approval within 4 hours of reporting - Unlimited Dep Cover Claims (Most Insurer have capping on this), Online Claims, Spot Settlement -Online Claims upto 50K by Live Video Streaming, WhatsApp Bot Survey, Customer App, Garage Portal & Email
close -Depreciation cover is available for vehicle age upto 7 years on own LGI renewals subject to no claims and NCB during renewal -6000+ Network Garages, 184 PPN (Preferred Partner Network) across India -Cashless approval within 4 hours of reporting - Unlimited Dep Cover Claims (Most Insurer have capping on this), Online Claims, Spot Settlement -Online Claims upto 50K by Live Video Streaming, WhatsApp Bot Survey, Customer App, Garage Portal & Email
Spot Claims
Available upto Rs Unlimited
close Available upto Rs Unlimited
Advance Cash
Available upto 50%
Accidental Repair Warranty
6 months accidental repair warranty
close 6 months accidental repair warranty
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Liberty General Insurance offers add-on covers in addition to the comprehensive or standalone own damage policy you may have. They provide additional or enhanced protection for your car in exchange for an enhanced premium. Liberty car insurance add-ons can be of various types serving many car insurance needs. These covers may be very important to have as your vehicle could face unforeseen situations such as engine damage due to water and lubricant leakage, the loss of key in the case of an accident, etc. These issues are generally not covered under a base car insurance policy of Liberty. So, you can look to add these Liberty car insurance add-ons for maximum protection.

Liberty - 7 Important Add-on Covers for Your Car Insurance Policy

1. Depreciation Cover

As we all know, depreciation decreases the cost of a vehicle over time. What’s critical is that the insurer deducts depreciation of the replaced parts from the sanctioned sum while settling your car insurance claim. The depreciation cover relieves you from bearing the depreciation burden.

Conditions to Meet 

You must repair the insured vehicle at an authorised Liberty garage.


You cannot claim repairs at any of the authorised garages of Liberty.

2. Consumables Cover

This add-on contains usable elements not covered by the standard plan, such as engine oil, grease, oil filter, lubricant clip, air conditioner's gas, brake oil, bearings, nut and bolt, fuel filter, washers, screw, etc.

Conditions Apply

1. Payable claims under this add-on must be permissible under the own damage section of your car insurance policy.

2. You must provide original bills or invoices to support your claim. Ensure you get these documents only from the authorised garages of Liberty General Insurance.

3. Repairs must happen within three days of the date of loss.


1. Expenses incurred in the case of a total or constructive loss.

2. Labour charges and services taxes involved in repairing consumables.

3. Repairs or labour charges (regarding insured objects) from local garages.

3. GAP Value Cover

In the event of theft, total loss, or constructive total loss, having this add-on cover allows policyholders to receive the full invoice price of the vehicle. It also includes road tax and first-time registration fees for an extra fee.

Special Conditions

1. The vehicle’s age from the date of policy commencement should not exceed three years.

2. The own damage section of the policy must admit  total or constructive total loss (CTL) or total theft of the vehicle.

3. The insured must be the vehicle's first registered owner.

4. The insured vehicle must be made in India.


1. The cover won’t be available for car owners, except the first-registered ones.

2. It excludes imported vehicles.

4. Roadside Assistance Cover

This add-on insurance will provide coverage in case your car breaks down. Services such as towing the vehicle to the nearest repair shop, on-spot repair, guidance in case of key loss, changing flat tyres, fuel delivery, etc, are available.

Special Conditions

Services, which are not part of the standard services, are your liability to take care of. These include the replacement of a part as well as additional fuel exceeding the permissible limit of expenses.


1. Liberty General will not approve this cover if you get it from a vendor not authorised by the insurance company.

2. Any expenses incurred as a result of part replacements or fuel.

5. Passenger Assistance Cover

After an accident, it provides the policyholder with hospital allowance, medical expenses, and medical transport assistance.

Special Conditions 

The insurance company will reimburse medical expenses for the treatment by a medical practitioner registered from his/her respective medical council.

6. Key Loss Cover

This add-on coverage helps compensate the policyholder for key loss.

Special Conditions 

Get a police report confirming the details of the incident during the policy period.

7. Engine Safe Cover

This coverage indemnifies the policyholder against operating costs for mechanical/electrical breakdown of the motor caused by an oil spill or water leakage.

Special Conditions

You can file a claim for water ingression repairs only when you provide evidence of a submerged vehicle or its halt in a waterlogged area.

The vehicle needs to be in the garage within 24 hours of water levels receding in the waterlogged area. You must notify Liberty General of the decrease in water levels within three days.

Special Exemptions

This add-on excludes any loss or damage covered under the manufacturer’s warranty or part of its recall.

Any engine or gearbox loss or damage due to a delay in notifying Liberty General or getting late in retrieving the insured vehicle from a waterlogged area.

Liberty Car Insurance Add on Cover FAQs

  • 1. How many car insurance add-ons does Liberty General Insurance offer?

    Liberty car insurance offers seven car insurance add-on covers. Some of them are consumables cover, depreciation cover, roadside assistance cover, etc.

  • 2. How many add-on covers can I get from Liberty General Insurance simultaneously?

    There is no limit to the number of car insurance add-on covers you can choose from, which means you can add multiple add-on covers to your policy simulataneously based on your budget and needs.

  • 3. How much money do I need to spend on Liberty car insurance add-ons?

    Distinctive add-on covers are available at various prices. Check the insurer’s website for add-on prices. You can even call the customer care of Liberty for prices.

  • 4. When can I purchase Liberty car insurance add-on covers?

    You can buy these while buying a base car insurance policy or on renewal.

  • 5. Is it necessary to include an add-on cover in your Liberty car insurance policy?

    No, having an add-on cover in your Liberty auto insurance policy is not required. It is simply an optional benefit that you can use to supplement your car insurance policy coverage.

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