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The most important aspect of buying bike insurance policy is the policy document. It contains all the necessary details about the type of policy bought, coverages it offers, premium amounts, etc. It can be considered a legal contract between you and your insurance provider. With everything turning online, United India has made United India bike insurance policy download easy and hassle-free. Not only that, you can buy a policy, pay for it, and renew it online. 

After buying or renewing a policy, you must keep a soft or hard copy with you at all times. In the event of a mishap, the policy will act as insurance evidence, and you can get easy claim approval. Therefore, it is imperative that you must know the procedure to download the United India bike insurance policy. Read on to know how you can do it.

How Can I Use My Policy Number to Download My United India Bike Insurance Policy Online?

You need to follow the steps described below to download your United India bike insurance policy online:

1st Step: Visit the United India Insurance official webpage.

2nd Step: From the many options available on the horizontal blue tab, choose the ‘customer services.’ A drop-down menu will be displayed. Select the ‘Verify your policy option.’ Then ‘Check Payment Status/ Online Policy Download.’

3rd Step: You can enter the transaction ID, policy number, or your previous policy. Then click on the ‘Search’ button.

4th Step: The details of your bike insurance policy will be available. In the left corner, there are different options for downloading your policy document. You can choose from ‘Policy document with Terms & Conditions,’ Policy Document without Terms & Conditions,’ ‘Two Page Schedule,’ and ‘Receipt.’

5th Step: Click on the option you prefer and choose ‘Start Download.’

Do I Need a Hard Copy of the United India Bike Insurance Policy Document?

Every Indian bike owner must purchase at least a third-party bike insurance as it is mandated by the motor law. However, since IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India) developed the e-Vahan Bima application, carrying a hard copy/printout of the policy document is no longer necessary. Scanning QR codes is possible with this software. As a result, a soft copy of the document will do.

How Can I Obtain a Hard Copy of United India Bike Insurance Policy?

If you buy a bike insurance policy from United India Insurance, within a few days the company will send you a hard copy of your policy to the address you provided during registration. You can easily download the document and get a printout even if you lose or misplace it. The technique is a little more involved if you want to do it offline. First, you must file an FIR, inform United India and advertise the loss of your document in a newspaper. You should also need to sign an indemnity bond, after which your insurance provider will issue a duplicate copy of your document.

Can I Make Changes in the United India Bike Insurance Policy Document?

There are two primary types of changes that you can make. The first one is the non-financial changes like correcting name or address etc. The second type of change is a financial endorsement. It can affect the premium such as an added CNG or LPG kit or policy transfer. You can make these changes via using the United India Insurance official website, and any issues can be dealt with by the customer support staff.

United India Bike Insurance Policy Download FAQs

  • 1. I made a successful payment to United India two-wheeler insurance, but I didn’t receive the policy documents by email. What should I do?

    Make sure whether the amount is debited from your account or not. 
    • If payment is debited, your policy will be generated shortly.
    • Follow the steps below to know the policy status/download the policy document: 
    - Go to the website: www.uiic.co.in
    - Go to the Customer Services page - Check the Payment Status/Online Policy download.

    -Click on the button and provide either the transaction ID/the old policy number/the new policy number.
    • You may directly visit the same link mentioned below: 
    • https://uiic.co.in/ -> Customer Services -> Check Payment Status / Online Policy Download

  • 2. If I don’t know the transaction ID/the old policy number/the new policy number of United India Insurance, What should I do?

    In such cases, you should contact United India Insurance at: online.policy@uiic.co.in.

  • 3. What details are mentioned in my United India policy document?

    • Type of the policy
    • Duration of the policy
    • Policy number
    • IDV as well as the premium
    • Exclusions & inclusions
    • Features and benefits
    • Personal and bike information
    • Grievance redressal procedure
  • 4. Where can you store a digital copy of your United India policy document?

    If you do not have a hard copy or print out, at least have a digital copy. You can store it in your DigiLocker account. This account is a cost-free service supported and provided by the Government of India to help people save and store digital copies of their documents.  

  • 5. Can I use a QR code while downloading my United India policy document?

    Yes. You can download your insurance policy documents with a digitized QR code that can help you whenever you need your policy anywhere.

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