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About HDFC ERGO General Insurance

HDFC Ergo General Insurance Company is one of the most trusted and admired general insurance companies in India. Since its inception, the company has shown continued growth and progress. The company has been a corner-stone in designing and providing insurance products as per customer needs and desires. The company was established as a joint venture between HDFC Limited and ERGO International AG. The company offers a complete range of general insurance products ranging from motor insurance, health insurance, travel insurance to personal accident, property insurance, Marine and Liability Insurance.  

Types of HDFC ERGO Car Insurance 

HDFC Ergo General Insurance Company is one of the most preferred car insurance partners. The company is well-known for providing unique products with unique benefits. The following are the types of car insurance plans offered by the insurance provider:

  1. Single year Comprehensive Plan:
    A comprehensive car insurance covers for the damages caused to own car or damages to the third-party vehicle, person or property. Any legal liability arising out of the accident towards third-party is covered under this plan. Customers can also widen the scope of insurance coverage by opting additional add-on cover.
  2. Third-Party Only Car Insurance Plan:
    A third-party car insurance cover is specifically designed to cover for the damages caused to the third-party vehicle, person or property. In India, a third-party insurance cover is mandatory otherwise it is a punishable offence.
  3. Stand Alone Own Damage Car Insurance Plan: 
    A stand-alone damage cover as the name suggests is designed to cover for the expenses arising for the repair of damages or losses caused to own vehicle. This type of plan can be taken only if you have a valid third party only insurance plan.
  4. Bundled Cover for Brand New Cars: 
    This insurance cover opts for a brand-new car where 1-year insurance coverage is provided for damages to the own vehicle and 3-year insurance coverage for damages caused to the third-party person or vehicle. So, after 1 year, if you wish to cover your new vehicle for your own damage, you need to opt for a Stand Alone Own Damage Car Insurance Plan as your Third-party insurance coverage is valid for 3 years. After completion of 3 years, you need to opt for Comprehensive Car Insurance Plans.

Benefits of the HDFC ERGO Car Insurance

The following are the important benefits and features of the buying a car insurance plan from HDFC Ergo General Insurance Company:

  1. Discounts: 
    Customers can save up to 70% off on premium amounts with discounts. In this manner, customers can maximize their savings and yet ensure insurance coverage of your vehicle.
  2. Network Garage:
    HDFC Ergo has a huge network of the cashless garage where the customers can get the repair works done without worrying about the finances. HDFC Ergo has a network of more than 7400 cashless garages.
  3. Overnight repair:
    The network garage offers overnight repair service facility where the repair works are completed within a day.
  4. Quickest Claim Settlement:
    HDFC Ergo General Insurance offers the quickest car insurance claim settlement process. Around 50% of the car claim settlement is done on the same day.
  5. Roadside Assistance:
    The insurance provider offers 24*7 roadside assistance to the car-owner-driver. This roadside assistance is very helpful in times of car breakdown.
  6. Fastest Insurance Coverage:
    With the digital advancement HDFC Ergo allows customers to secure their vehicle within 3 mins. Instant Insurance coverage is possible with HDFC Ergo General Insurance Company.
  7. Add-on Covers:
    Car owners now can widen the scope of their car insurance by opting any or one of the following add on covers:
    • Zero Depreciation Cover:
      The value of your vehicle depreciates every year so when a claim is registered for damages the insurance provider will not cut the depreciation amount and cover you in full.
    • No Claim Bonus Protection: 
      For every claim-free year a no claim bonus is provided and in the event of a claim will protect the no claim bonus earned so far.
    • Return to Invoice: 
      In case of theft or total damage, this cover will help you recover the value of your lost or damaged vehicle.
    • Engine and Gearbox Protection: 
      This coverage covers the expenses incurred in the event of damage to the engine or gearbox.
    • Emergency Assistance Cover:
      In event of any technical or mechanical breakdown the insurance provider offers 24*7 assistance.
    • Downtime Protection Cover:
      If your car is out for repairs in the garage this cover will expenses on commutation until your car is repaired.

What is Covered in HDFC ERGO Car Insurance Policy?

Insurance policies are designed to offer insurance coverage against damages or losses caused to the vehicle due to certain mishaps. The covered events or situations are those wherein the expenses to repair all damages are taken care of by the insurance provider:

  1. Accidents:
    Accidents are the damages caused due to collision or external force. All the damages caused in such an event are covered under the car insurance plan.
  2. Fire and Explosion: 
    In event of damages caused due to accidental fire and explosion are covered under the insurance plan.
  3. Theft:
    In an unfortunate event where your car gets stolen in such an event the insurance company will ensure to cover such a loss.
  4. Natural Calamities:
    Any damages caused due to natural calamities are covered. Natural calamities are floods, typhoons, cyclones, earthquakes, etc.
  5. Personal Accident:
    In event of an accident where there is damage causing death or disability of the car-owner such unfortunate events are also covered.
  6. Third-Party Liability:
    In the event of an accident by the insured vehicle causing damage to the third-party vehicle, life or property all such damages or liabilities arising out of it are taken care.

What is not Covered in HDFC ERGO Car Insurance Policy?

Any damages or losses caused due to the following events are not covered by the car insurance policy. 

  1. Depreciation:
    A normal wear tear of the vehicle due to ageing or the depreciation in the car value is not covered under the insurance policy.
  2. Electrical and Mechanical Breakdown:
    Car breakdown due to electrical or mechanical malfunction and or any damages caused due to any such breakdown are not covered under the insurance cover.
  3. Illegal Driving:
    Any damages caused while driving the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs or driving without a valid license is not covered under the insurance policy.

Such events that are not covered under the insurance cover are called exclusions. Having a complete understanding of the exclusions avoids any sudden surprises in the claim process.

How to Apply For The HDFC ERGO Car Insurance Plan

Car insurance in India is mandatory. Driving a car without a valid car insurance policy is deemed illegal. Therefore, it is important to apply for a car insurance policy. HDFC Ergo General Insurance Company is one of the leading car insurance providers who offer to secure your prized possession within minutes. The digital presence of the company is fantastic and anyone who wishes to buy car insurance can secure their vehicle within minutes. Additionally, the company has a strong offline presence through offices, branch offices and tied agents. You can anytime approach office or tied agents and get your car secured. Here is a quick guide on how to apply for HDFC Ergo Car Insurance Plan online.

  1. Visit the online website and keep the following details handy to generate an online quote
    • Date of Registration
    • Details of Manufacturer
    • Model details
    • Registration City
    • Sum Insured
    • Insurance cover you want to opt i.e., comprehensive or third-party
    • Details of add-on cover you wish to avail
  2. Once all the details are entered a premium quote shall be generated
  3. If you are satisfied with the coverage and the premium amount you can go ahead to pay the amount with the help of your credit card, debit card or by making use of net banking facility
  4. Once the payment is received the insurance cover on your vehicle commences and car insurance policy document is sent to your registered email id.

In this manner, it is easy to apply for a car insurance policy of HDFC Ergo General Insurance Company.

The HDFC ERGO Car Insurance Claim Process 

In the event of an unfortunate accident where the insured vehicle is damaged, applying for a claim process is of priority. The car insurance claim process of HDFC Ergo is easy. Within the following 4 simple steps, you can process and settle the claim. 

  1. The entire claim settlement process of HDFC Ergo is online. No paperwork is involved hence its settlement is done swiftly.
  2. Self-inspection of damages can opt or an app-based inspection done by surveyor or workshop partner can also be carried out as per the convenience of the customer
  3. Upload all the necessary and relevant documents and sit back as the insurance provider is working towards the settlement of your claim
  4. Once the claim is approved the money shall be either settled with the network garage partner or paid to you in your bank account.

HDFC Ergo General Insurance Company Limited claim settlement is done in two ways namely:

  • Cashless Claim Settlement:
    Under this method once the claim is approved the bill amount is settled directly between the network garage and the insurance provider.
  • Reimbursement Claim Settlement:
    Under this method, the car-owner has to first settle the claim by paying out of his/her own pocket and then submit all the relevant bills or invoices to the insurance provider to receive the reimbursement of the bill amount.

How to Renew Your Lapsed/Expired the HDFC ERGO Car Insurance Policy Online?

To renew an expired policy can be done by HDFC Ergo Car Insurance Policy. To renew your lapsed car insurance policy online you must do the following needful.

  1. Visit the official website of the insurance provider.
  2. Carry out a self-survey of your vehicle. Kindly note it is important to ascertain the fitness of your vehicle before renewing a lapsed car insurance policy.
  3. Additionally, upload all the required documents required for renewal of lapsed insurance policy as under:
    • Copy of RC
    • Copy of valid driving license
    • Copy of lapsed insurance policy
    • Duly filled proposal form
  4. Once all the documents are uploaded the insurance provider will scrutinise them and if all of them are found satisfactory, they will be approved.
  5. Upon receiving approval, a payment link would be sent.
  6. Customers are required to make the payment using the payment link using their credit card, debit card, or net banking facility
  7. Once the payment is successful, your lapsed car insurance policy will be renewed.

The HDFC ERGO Car Insurance Review

HDFC Ergo General Insurance Company Limited is one of the most preferred general insurance partners in India. The company has established trust. Since its inception, the company is constantly known towards making insurance products that are dependable and affordable. The company has the highest claim incurred ratio and is known for a swift claim settlement process. Additionally, the company offers unwavering customer support 24*7 and is determined to resolve all the queries of their customers. Therefore, all these reasons add-up towards the popularity of HDFC Ergo General Insurance company in the hearts and minds of its customers.

The HDFC ERGO Company Limited Car Insurance Customer Care Number

In case you need help and want to reach the service helpdesk of HDFC Ergo General Insurance Company then following are the numerous ways to reach them:

  • For instant WhatsApp Service: 7304524888
  • For service related queries: 022 6234 6234 or 0120 6234 6234
  • Registered and Corporate Office Address: 1st Floor, HDFC House, Backbay Reclamation, H. T. Parekh Marg, Churchgate, Mumbai – 400020
  • Customer service Address: D-301, 3rd Floor, Eastern Business District ( Magnet Mall), LBS Marg,
    Bhandup (West) Mumbai-400078

HDFC ERGO Car Insurance FAQs

  • 1. How many add-on covers does the HDFC Ergo Car Insurance Company offer?

    The following add-on covers are available under HDFC Ergo Car Insurance Policy:

    • Zero Depreciation Cover
    • No Claim Bonus Protection
    • Return to Invoice
    • Engine and Gearbox Protection
    • Emergency Assistance Cover
    • Downtime Protection Cover
  • 2. What is the incurred claim ratio of the HDFC Ergo Car Insurance Company?

    The incurred claim ratio of the HDFC Ergo General Insurance Company is 82%

  • 3. How can I check my HDFC Ergo Car Claim status online?

    Visit the link To check your HDFC Ergo Car Insurance Claim status online

  • 4. How can I download my HDFC Ergo Car Policy Document Online?

    The following are simple steps to download the car insurance policy document:

    • Visit the official website of the insurance company
    • Click on the option download an e-copy of your policy. 
    • enter your policy number and registered mobile number
    • Once you enter the required details an OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number for verification. 
    • Enter the OTP in the given space and provide your registered email ID. 
    • A copy of your car insurance policy will be sent to your mail ID in PDF format. 
    • In this manner, you can download the car insurance policy document online.
  • 5. How long does the HDFC Ergo Company Limited take to process and settle car insurance claims?

    The claim settlement process of HDFC Ergo General Insurance Company is quickest. The claim is settled as soon as all the relevant documents are received by the insurance company.

  • 6. Does the HDFC Ergo Company offer pay-as-you-drive car insurance?

    No, the company does not offer a pay-as-you-drive feature.

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