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Two-wheeler third-party insurance is the most basic two wheeler insurance coverage that protects you against legal cases & accidents that may occur on roads. In addition, this policy takes care of the financial liabilities due to injuries caused to another person and property damage.

It is compulsory for every vehicle in India to have at least a third-party vehicle insurance policy under The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Otherwise, the vehicle owner will have to pay traffic penalties. In today’s digital era, buying your third-party bike insurance online has become effortless with New India Assurance Co. Ltd.

How does New India Third Party Bike Insurance Policy Work?

Suppose the insured bike has caused some injuries to a third party in an accident. In this context, the two-wheeler insurance third-party policy covers the costs of all the medical and hospital bills of the injured.

The legal disability claims resulting from the injuries caused to a third-party person also get covered by the prior said policy. In addition, the claims associated with their death in the said accident are also covered.

If the insured bike is involved in any property damage under any unfortunate event, the New India Assurance third-party bike insurance policy will cover the expenses.

New India Third Party Bike Insurance vs. Comprehensive Bike Insurance

TopicThird Party InsuranceComprehensive Insurance
CoverageThe damages caused to a third-party person, vehicle or their properties are taken care of by this insurance policy.Extra coverage, such as  third-party liabilities and own damages are covered in this policy.
Legal Mnadatory to buy under Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.Optional to buy this policy.
Add-onsBeing the cheapest policy available, it does not come with extra benefits such as add-on covers.Multiple add-on are available under this policy to enhance your coverage.
CostsThird-party insurance is less expensive. The premiums for this policy are costlier than third-party insurance for its variety of coverages.

How to Buy New India Third Party Bike Insurance?

With the online portal of New India Assurance, you can get your New India two wheeler insurance in no time.

  1. Go to the New India Assurance web portal.
  2. Click motor insurance and click buy online.
  3. Choose the preferred policy type.
  4. Fill up all the details.
  5. Pay your premiums.
  6. Collect policy details.

What All is Covered Under New India Third Party Bike Insurance Policy?

  • If the third-party faces any unfortunate incident caused by your insured bike, all the third party's medical expenses will be handled by the New India Assurance Company. 
  • Disability and even the death of the third party will be covered under this insurance.
  • If any third-party property is damaged due to your insured vehicle, the insurance policy will take care of the arising financial liabilities up to INR 7.5 lakh.

What All is not Covered Under New India Third Party Bike Insurance Policy?

When buying any insurance policy, you should read all the exclusions carefully. The New India Assurance third-party bike insurance does not provide protection against these damages:

  • Own damages to the insured and his bike are not covered.
  • Usual wear and tear of the vehicle
  • If an accident occurs due to the rider’s intoxicated riding or without a driving licence, then the insurance will not cover it.
  • In case of a war situation, or any invasion and siege situation, the insurance claims will not be compensated.
  • The policy will not cover the damages if the accident caused by the insured bike occurs outside the defined geographical territory as mentioned in the third-party two-wheeler insurance.
  • The third-party bike insurance policy will not cover the contractual liability damages.

Key Benefits of Purchasing New India Third Party Bike Insurance Policy

  • This type of vehicle insurance covers your liabilities in case of damages caused by your insured vehicle against property damage, injuries, disability, or even death to any third-party individual. 
  • This coverage is easy and inexpensive and is a mandatory policy by the Indian government.
  • The entire procedure is straightforward and can be completed without any hassle. In addition, you can find third-party two-wheeler insurance online at your convenience.
  • These vehicle insurance policies offer peace of mind during challenging situations that are primarily financial. 

New India Third Party Bike Insurance Review

The New India Assurance third-party bike insurance is an ideal option to consider for relieving yourself from third-party expenses. The company is known for being one of the best in providing reliable and safe insurance products in India. The customer service provided by the company is unmatched and can be relied upon during difficult times.

New India Third-party Bike Insurance FAQs

  • 1. Who should buy a New India Assurance third-party motor insurance policy?

    Anyone who has purchased a second-hand or a brand new bike must get a third-party insurance policy as per government rules.

  • 2. Can I claim own damages for minor accidents under New India Assurance policy?

    No, only third-party liabilities can be claimed with New India Assurance third-party bike insurance.

  • 3. Is New India Assurance third-party policy sufficient for Indian drivers?

    It is recommended to buy your own damage policy on top of your compulsory third-party insurance policy.

  • 4. Can I change insurance providers at the time of New India Assurance policy renewal?

    Yes, at the time of the policy renewal, you can switch insurance providers.

  • 5. What is the official website for the New India Asssurance?

    The official web portal for New India Assurance is 

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