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With umbrella coverage, you are at peace with suitable comprehensive two-wheeler insurance to protect you and the machine from road perils. Though the third-party insurance is mandatory according to the MV Act of 1988, the comprehensive cover is your choice for the extensive insurance coverage that subsumes the liabilities of third-party losses. But no insurance cover is absolute, and insurers offer many add-on covers to strengthen the protection. For example, the Universal Sompo bike insurance add-on covers provide an additional shield that the standard insurance lacks. Thus, let us check the standard inclusions and exclusions to grasp the impact of the Universal Sompo two-wheeler insurance add-on covers. 


  • Fire, explosions, self-ignition, theft, and burglary
  • Natural disasters
  • Human-engineered malicious acts
  • Loss in transit
  • Third-party liabilities


  • Normal wear and tear, depreciation, electrical and mechanical failures.
  • Negligence, driving without a valid licence, and under the influence of intoxicants or drugs.

But the Universal Sompo two-wheeler insurance add-ons enhance the coverage manifold. So, let us dig deeper and find out what they entail for the two wheeler insurance policyholder’s protection. 

Universal Sompo – A Dozen Important Add-on Covers For Your Bike Insurance Policy

We already know that the third-party two-wheeler insurance cover is compulsory, but the own-damage insurance cover combined is preferable. On the other hand, add-ons augment your coverage. However, add-ons are optional, and you can choose them to match your requirements against an additional premium. That brings us to explore the dozen essential add-ons of Universal Sompo two-wheeler insurance in detail.

  1. Engine Protector:  The add-on cover compensates for expenses incurred to repair damages to engine parts caused due to lubricating oil leakage, gearbox components, and many more. In addition, the add-on covers cost to repair the engine for water ingress due to inundation.
  2. Depreciation Waiver:  This is a zero depreciation cover as two-wheeler parts depreciate over time due to normal wear and tear. The add-on indemnifies you from expenses incurred due to replacing the two-wheeler’s depreciable rubber, plastic, nylon, metal, etc., components during claim settlement.
  3. Loss of Driving Licence (DL)/ Registration Certificate (RC): The two documents are among the four compulsory required on your person in hard or soft copy while driving to prevent legal hassles. The add-on cover compensates up to INR 500 to obtain a duplicate copy of the two documents when lost.
  4. Return to Invoice: The add-on cover compensates you with the difference between the two-wheeler’s on-road price and the replacement due to total loss. However, the indemnity is subject to the availability of the same make and model, and the two-wheeler is less than five years old.
  5. Roadside Assistance: The add-on provides the service 24/7 for on-the-spot repairs, puncture assistance, emergency fuel delivery, two-wheeler key-lockout assistance, and cab service, to name a few.
  6. Cost of Consumables: The add-on compensates for the expenses incurred for replacing your two-wheeler’s consumable items. It covers the damages and loss caused to the insured vehicle and accessories, per the terms and conditions of the insurance policy.
  7. Hospital Daily Cash Allowance: The add-on cover provides a cash benefit of INR 2000 every day to the policyholder for hospitalization. However, the cash benefit is available for 30 days of in-patient hospital treatment due to an accident involving the insured bike.
  8. Daily Cash Allowance: The insurance policy add-on indemnifies you if your two-wheeler lies in a garage or service station for repairs. The benefit applies to bikes not more than five years old for five days over three days excess for accidental damage claims. On the other hand, you get the allowance for ten days after one day for the insured vehicle theft.
  9. Accidental Injury Compensation for Family: The add-on protects your family from assault or accidental injury risk involving the insured vehicle. However, injuries leading to death and temporary or permanent disability are considerations for indemnity.
  10. Accidental Hospitalization Clause for Family: Universal Sompo compensates the policyholder for hospital expenses incurred for the family’s treatment due to an accident. The compensation amounts up to INR 5 lakh.
  11. Key Replacement: If the keys of your two-wheeler were lost in case of accident, total loss or theft, this add-on cover helps. You can buy this cover to compensate for the cost of keys of your two-wheeler.
  12. Secure Towing: During the accident or total loss of your two-wheeler, Universal Sompo offers towing services. The company will tow your two-wheeler to a secured network garage for repair.

Universal Sompo Bike/Two Wheeler Insurance Add on Cover FAQs

  • 1. Is there any limit to the selection of Universal Sompo two-wheeler insurance add-on covers?

    Add-on is optional in a two-wheeler insurance policy, and accordingly, you can choose according to your risk perception or none if not suitable.  

  • 2. When do you select Universal Sompo two-wheeler insurance add-on covers online?

    You can select the Universal Sompo two-wheeler insurance add-on covers online while purchasing or renewing the policy. However, your premium quote depends on the number of chosen add-ons as they invite an additional cost. 

  • 3. What are the discounts offered in Universal Sompo two-wheeler insurance policy?

    You can reduce the premium through Universal Sompo two-wheeler insurance policy discounts:

    • For choosing higher voluntary excess.
    • Concessions for the specially adapted vehicles for the benefit of the blind, disabled, and mentally challenged individuals.
    • When depreciable parts for replacement are defined.
    • Installation of ARAI certified anti-theft devices.
  • 4. Is it obligatory to purchase Universal Sompo bike insurance add-on covers?

    No, it is not obligatory to purchase an add-on cover for your Universal Sompo bike insurance add-ons. However, the choice is yours depending on your requirement and budget. 

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