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Future Generali Car Insurance Highlights

Future Generali (Car Insurance)
Future Generali, a joint venture between Future Group and Generali Group, offers a wide range of retail, personal, commercial and rural insurance products to meet the requirements of both corporates and individuals. The 31-year-old Future Group is an established Indian retailer giant with popular chains such as Big Bazaar, Central, FBB, Brand Factory, etc. Whereas the Italy-based Generali Group ranks among the largest insurance and asset management companies globally.
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Intro to Future Generali India Car insurance 

Future Generali India Insurance Company Limited is a well-known car insurance brand in India. The Future Generali India Insurance Company is a joint venture between the Future Group – a maverick in retail trade in India and Generali – a 186-year-old global insurance group. Both the companies joined hands to provide top-notch general insurance solutions in India. The company has created extensive general insurance products designed to secure the insured against all unforeseen losses/damages. The company offers various general insurance solutions under one roof like Motor Insurance, Health Insurance, two-wheeler insurance, travel insurance, home insurance, etc. All the general insurance products are designed keeping in mind the insurance needs of the customers. The company also offers top-notch user-friendly technological infrastructure making it easier for the customers to access and use them.

Types of Car Insurance 

Future Generali India Insurance Company Limited offers a car insurance policy that offers insurance protection to the vehicle against loss/damage. Future Generali India understands the importance and need for car insurance protection and thus provides a complete insurance solution through Future Motor Secure Car Insurance Policy. 

Future Generali India’s Motor Secure Car Insurance Policy is a one-stop destination for all car insurance needs. The company has introduced Future Motor Secure, a comprehensive car insurance policy designed to take care of the damages caused to own vehicle as well as third-party vehicle and to secure oneself against third-party liability arising due to bodily injury/death caused to a third party due to insured vehicle.

The Future Motor Secure is a comprehensive private car insurance plan designed to insure private vehicles. However, additional covers like Personal Accident cover for named and unnamed occupants can be availed by paying an additional premium. Additionally, by paying an additional premium the vehicle owner can secure themselves against any legal liability arising towards the paid driver, cleaner or any workman under the Workmen’s Compensation Act. 

Benefits of Future Generali Future Car Insurance

Future Generali’s Future Motor Secure Car Insurance policy is one of the best-sought car insurance products in India. This car insurance policy offers numerous features and benefits to the car owners thereby ensuring seamless insurance protection to the car against losses/damages. The following are the various benefits offered by the Future Generali India Insurance Company’s car insurance policy:

  • Quick Policy Issuance: 
    The company offers a hassle-free and user-friendly digital platform that makes policy purchase, policy renewal, policy issuance, etc. instant. The quick and seamless digital platform makes it easier for the customers to buy or renew policy easily from the comfort of their home.
  • Service Assistance: 
    The 24*7 dedicated customer support team makes it easier for the customer to get their doubts clear and makes claims registration easier.
  • Prompt Service: 
    The company is well-known for conducting prompt and timely claim surveys thereby ensuring speedy claim settlement process.
  • Claim Settlement: 
    For the convenience of the customers the claim settlement procedure can be carried out in two ways viz. Cashless Claim Settlement and Reimbursement Claim.
  • Network Garage: 
    The presence of Future Generali India Insurance Company Limited is huge and the company has a huge network of partner workshops.
  • Towing Service: 
    Towing Assistance service is offered by the insurance provider within city limits for the convenience of their customers.
  • Renewal Process: 
    The car insurance policy renewal process of Future Generali India Insurance Company Limited is quick and hassle-free. The customers can renew their car insurance policy online or by visiting the nearest branch office. The digital renewal platform also supports automated renewal reminders making it easier for the customer to renew their car insurance policy on time.
  • Additional Covers: 
    The company offers a wide range of add-on covers at a nominal premium charge. These add-on covers provide wider insurance protection. The following are the various add-on covers available under Future Generali India Insurance Company’s Car Insurance Policy
Add-On Cover NameParticulars
Zero DepreciationThis cover provides full insurance cover without deducting any depreciation on the value of parts replaced
Theft or Loss of KeysThis cover reimburses the cost of key and locks replacement and locksmith charges incurred in case your car keys are stolen or lost
Loss of Personal BelongingsThis cover reimburses the cost incurred in case of loss of personal belongings like a laptop, mobile phone, etc.
Tyre DamageThis cover reimburses the cost incurred for replacing or changing the tyre
NCB ProtectionThis cover is used to retain the No Claim Bonus advantage at the time of car renewal even if a claim was made under the policy
Engine ProtectionThis cover reimburses the cost incurred towards engine repair 
Return to InvoiceIn the event of damages to the car if the car is surveyed as ‘total loss’ by the insurance provider then with a return to invoice add-on cover the insurance company will pay the car owner the shortfall amount between the insurance policy and purchase price of the vehicle. 
Inconvenience AllowanceThis cover takes care of the expenses incurred on a per day basis for the period for which the vehicle was at the workshop for repairs in the event of an accident.
  • Bonus and Discounts: The following bonuses and discounts are also available under the Future Motor Secure Car Insurance Policy
No Claim BonusIf No Claim is registered during the policy period then at the time of policy renewal the customer is eligible for a NO Claim Bonus with discounts up to 50%
Transfer of NCBWill transferring your existing car insurance policy the customer can transfer full benefits received under No Claim Bonus to another Car Insurance Company
Voluntary Excess DiscountIf any customers opt for payment of voluntary excess in addition to compulsory excess, then he/she are entitled to receive a discount as per the amount opted
Automobile Association MembershipA customer is eligible to receive an additional discount if he/she is a member of a recognised Automobile Association in India.
Anti-Theft DeviceIf your car is loaded with ARAI approved anti-theft devices then you are eligible for an additional discount.

What is Covered in the Future Generali Car Insurance Plan?

Future Generali Future Motor Secure is a comprehensive car insurance policy that covers for the following loss or damages

  • Cover against Own Damage

The Future Generali Car Insurance Policy provides coverage for damages and secures against the losses or damages caused to the car regardless of which party is at fault. Everything from a broken window, to destruction to car or theft, is covered.

  • Cover against Third-Party Liability

This is to offer coverage in case any legal liability incurs in the event of death or bodily injury to the third party or any damages caused to the third-party property is covered. It also covers the legal expenses that might incur in the due process.

  • Personal Accident Cover: 
    Available up to INR 15 Lakhs if caused to the vehicle owner occurred while driving the car. While a personal accident cover up to INR 2 Lakh per person is available for the passenger (named or unnamed)
  • Additional Legal Liabilities: 
    Additional Legal Liability coverage can be opted by paying an additional premium. These additional legal liabilities include:
    • Cover for paid driver/conductor/cleaner employed for the operation of the car
    • Employees driving the car other than the paid driver
    • Non-fare paying passengers

What is not Covered  in the Future Generali Car Insurance Plan??

The damages or losses not covered under the policy are referred to as exclusions. The main exclusion does not cover any loss or damage caused to the vehicle and/or its accessories due to the following:

  • Normal wear, tear and general ageing of the vehicle
  • Any depreciation / consequential loss
  • Mechanical or Electrical breakdown
  • Vehicle being used in ways other than those in accordance with limitations as to use
  • Any damage caused while driving the vehicle without a valid license
  • Any damage caused while driving the vehicle under the influence of drugs or liquor
  • Loss or damage as a result of war, mutiny or nuclear risk
  • Any accident that occurred outside the geographical area

How to Apply for a Future Generali India Car Insurance Plan?

Buying a car insurance policy from Future Generali India Insurance Company Limited is simple and quick. Follow the below-given steps and within a minute you can apply and purchase Future Generali India Company’s Future Motor Secure Car Insurance Plan

  • Get an Online Quote: 
    Visit the official website of Future Generali India Insurance Company Limited and generate an online quote
  • Basic Details:
    Enter some basic yet important information required for applying car insurance policy like
    1. Car Chassis Number
    2. Engine Number
    3. Car Registration Number
    4. Enter details like Car Make, Model Type and details of Year of Manufacturing of the car
  • Coverage details:
    Review all the details entered like coverage and details of deductibles
  • Pay online:
    Complete the purchase procedure by agreeing to the terms and conditions of the policy, selecting the payment method and paying securely.
  • Download the policy document:
    Once the payment is received by the insurance provider you can download the policy document and take a print out. Alternatively, a copy of the insurance policy is also sent by the insurance provider to the customer's registered email ID.

Future Generali India Car Insurance Claim Process 

Many of the customers find car insurance claims a daunting experience, however, it is because not many of us are aware of the technicalities involved in it. Let us have a look at Future Generali India Car Insurance Company’s Car Claim Process.

  • In the event of an accident, collision, theft, vandalism or any other event the first step is to contact the insurance provider and convey them about the incident at the earliest.
  • For registration, Motor Claim call us at 1860 500 3333, 1800 220 233 (toll-free) or SMS MOTORCLAIM to 92222 11100 (Standard SMS charges applicable).
  • Upon reporting the insurance provider they will assign a dedicated surveyor to investigate the incident and inspect the insured vehicle.
  • While filing for claim process you shall be asked to provide relevant important information related to the vehicle like:
    • Details of the incident like date, pace and time of the accident
    • Details of car insurance policy like policy number
    • Contact Details like address, telephone number, and address of witnesses, passengers, and drivers.
    • Copy of License of the driver
  • You need to move the vehicle to a garage and we will depute the surveyor to assess the loss.
  • The surveyor will conduct the inspection and will work on the claim process. once the claim is approved the repair work on the vehicle will start.
  • Future Generali General Insurance Company provides claim settlement in two ways namely:
    • Reimbursement Claim: Under this process, the policyholder pays the money to the garage and then claims reimbursement on the expenses incurred by submitting bills and receipts to the insurance company. The insurance company then pays the amount to the policyholder in stipulated time starting from the date of document submission.
    • Cashless Claim: Under a cashless claim procedure the amount of expenses is directly paid to the garage. However, the repair works must be carried out in the network workshop. Once the repair works are completed the insurance company shall pay the amount directly to the concerned workshop.

Filing for a claim procedure and receiving the claim money is not a tricky job if all procedures are followed correctly. If all the procedures are followed correctly then the entire claim settlement procedure is stress-free and hassle-free. 

How to Renew Your Lapsed/Expired Future Generali India Car Insurance Policy Online?

Renewal of a car insurance policy is very important as no insurance coverage can be availed for losses/damages caused to the car in case the car insurance policy has lapsed. Therefore, paying the premium regularly will ensure seamless insurance protection. However, if your car insurance policy has lapsed then renewal of Future Generali car insurance policy is possible. The company offers hassle-free lapsed policy renewal facility thereby restarting your car insurance protection. 

The first step to renew lapsed or expired Future Generali Car Insurance policy is to conduct a fitness survey of your car from the insurance provider. The car insurance providing company through its surveyor carries out an assessment of the car to confirm whether or not your vehicle is in a good condition. If the surveyor and the insurance company confirm the good condition of your vehicle then a car insurance policy can be issued for the same. The following are various documents required for renewal of lapsed car insurance policy:

  • Duly filled ‘Proposal Form’
  • Copy of lapsed car insurance policy
  • Copy of RC Book
  • KYC documents like address proof, age proof, identity proof, etc. of the car owner.

Upon submission of the above-mentioned documents and premium payment your lapsed car insurance policy will be renewed.

Future Generali India Car Insurance Review

The Future Generali India Company Limited’s Future Motor Secure is one of the best car insurance policy in India. The car insurance policy is a comprehensive car cover that offers insurance protection to the losses/damages caused to own vehicle or third-party property along with third-party liability incurred for any damage viz. bodily injury or death caused. The renewal process and claim settlement process offered by the company is quick, simple and hassle-free. The 24*7 customer support makes it easier for the customers to get their queries resolved on time. 

Future Generali India Insurance Customer Care Number

Future Generali India Insurance Company Limited is a trusted brand in India and the primary reason is the strong customer service offered. Customers who wish to get in touch with the insurance provider can quickly and easily get in touch with the customer service department and get all their queries satisfactorily answered by the customer support executive. The following are the various ways through which customers can establish contact with Future Generali India Insurance Company Limited.

  • Registered Correspondence Address:

Future Generali India Insurance Co Ltd.,

Unit 801 and 802,

8th floor, Tower C, Embassy 247 Park,

L.B.S. Marg, Vikhroli (W),

Mumbai - 400 083.

  • Toll-Free Contact Number:
  • 1800 220 233
  • 1860 500 3333
  • 022 67837800
  • Email ID: fgcare@futuregenerali.in
  • SMS Facility: SMS 'keyword' to 9222211100 (Type relevant keywords & send SMS)
  • Fax Number: 022-41514555, 022- 40976785.

Future Generali Car Insurance FAQs

  • 1. How many add-on covers does the future Generali Car Insurance Company offer?

    Customers can customise their car insurance policy by opting one or many add-on covers as under:

    • Zero Depreciation
    • Theft or Loss of Keys
    • Loss of Personal Belongings
    • Tyre Damage
    • NCB Protection
    • Engine Protection
    • Return to Invoice
    • Inconvenience Allowance
  • 2. What is the incurred claim ratio of Future Generali India Car Insurance Company?

    The incurred claim ratio of motor insurance claims for Future Generali India General Insurance Company for FY 2018-2019 is 69%

  • 3. How can I check my Future Generali India Car Claim status online?

    For any service query relating to knowing your car claim status kindly contact the customer service department on the following toll-free numbers: 1800 220 233, 1860 500 3333, 022 67837800.

  • 4. How can I download my Future Generali India Car Policy Document Online?

    to download your car insurance policy document online you need to visit the following link https://general.futuregenerali.in/buyonline/Home.html#/MyPolicies enter registered email ID or mobile number and it shall allow you to download the car policy document online.

  • 5. How long does Future Generali India Company take to process and settle car insurance claims?

    Future Generali India Car Insurance Company settles the claim within 7 working days after receiving all the relevant documents from the insured.

  • 6. Does Future Generali India offer pay-as-you-drive car insurance?

    No, the company does not offer pay-as-you-drive car insurance.

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