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Setting one's foot on the road opens endless paths. A vehicle is a medium for the owner to experience journeys that lead to their determined destination. Reliance’s General Insurance policies entail and assure its clients with packages that prioritize customer safety and provide confidence in the streets with their respective vehicles. 

Third-party bike insurance is the foundational service of protection for the asset and the insurer. Reliance third-party two-wheeler insurance policy looks forward to seizing the best of basics for the portfolio regarding insurance. It releases the policyholder from every compulsory legal and financial obligation. 

How does Reliance Third Party Bike Insurance Work? 

The third-party policy of Reliance two-wheeler insurance protects the policyholder from all legal and financial hassle that may arise in case of third-party liability. The policy covers third-party losses such as accidental injuries, death, vehicle damage and/or property damage towards a third-party.

Reliance third-party bike insurance policy has successfully covered the insured's legal liability against death and/ or disability of third-party or any loss that includes perceived damage and losses to the property owned by the third-party. Reliance aims to assist its customers in totality, considering to offer best coverage to all the policyholders.

Reliance Third Party Bike Insurance Vs. Comprehensive Bike Insurance 

BasisThird Party Two Wheeler InsuranceComprehensive Two Wheeler Insurance
Requisite Third-party coverage for bike insurance is legally compulsory in India. The Motor Vehicles Act looks after the execution of the compulsion judiciously. Comprehensive two-wheeler coverage is not compulsory for the bike. It is optional to buy to get enhanced coverage.
Wide CoverageThird-party coverage only looks after the basic and foundational protection services, like the damages and injuries sustained by the existing third-party’s vehicles or bodies. A comprehensive policy for two-wheeler covers own damages and losses from theft and fire. And, policy also includes the third-party liabilities.
PremiumThe premium cost is relatively lower for the third-party. The premium cost is slightly higher than that of the third-party insurance coverage.
Add-onThis policy does not offer any add-on facilities for the two-wheeler. Comprehensive package policy comes with various options for add-ons to customize the insurance cover. 

How to Buy Reliance Third Party Bike Insurance? 

Availing of the third-party insurance for two-wheelers has been a walk in the park since the easiness of Reliance third-party bike insurance policy online procedures. Following are the simple steps to buy the Reliance third-party two-wheeler insurance: 

  1. First, visit the official website for Reliance General Insurance. 
  2. Then, please search for the 'Motor Insurance' option on the Reliance General Insurance home page. 
  3. Then, please click on 'Two-Wheeler Insurance.' 
  4. On the redirected page, under the 'Zone for More' drop-down menu, select 'Only Third-Party.’
  5. A box is presented on the left of the page; please fill out the box as per the information required. 
  6. One may need to provide information regarding the existing model of the bike to be insured; the service age of the bike and the city where it has been registered initially are the respective fields to be filled. 
  7. To proceed, the prospective customer shall give out their contact details, such as the email address and mobile number. 
  8. After accepting the terms and conditions, the page redirects to calculating the premium for the insurance. 
  9. The customer may choose the policy according to their best interest and buy the Reliance third-party two-wheeler insurance policy.

What All is Covered Under Reliance Third Party Bike Insurance Policy? 

  • Financial and legal liability of the death/ disability/ any bodily injuries sustained by the third-party as provided by the Reliance third-party two-wheeler insurance policy. 
  • A financial coverage costing INR 7.5 lakh for losses encumbered by the policyholder to the third-party's properties.

What All is not Covered Under Reliance Third Party Bike Insurance Policy? 

  • Any damages or losses sustained by the policyholder's vehicle or body.
  • Damages or losses due to the insured's drunken state/ drunk driving.
  • Assistance to the policyholder if driving without a legal licence/policy.
  • Normal wear & tear and electrical & mechanical breakdown of the vehicle.

Key Benefits of Purchasing Reliance Third Party Bike Insurance Policy 

  • A third-party insurance policy stands as a financial security cover for the rider. 
  • It not only offers indemnity assistance to the third-party, but if death or permanent disability occurs to the third-party, Reliance third-party bike insurance readily assists the unforeseen circumstance. 
  • Since it is a fundamental policy, the steps to buying it are simple and hassle-free.

Reliance Third Party Bike Insurance Review

The Reliance third-party insurance cover for bikes is a perfect blend of security with affordability. The buying process and execution of the insurance policy are viable and within reach of the insured. The third-party insurance seals the deal with minimum expenditure and the maximum coverage of basics.   

Reliance Third-party Bike Insurance FAQs

  • 1. What are the documents required to buy the Reliance third-party insurance cover?

    The following documents are required while purchasing the insurance cover:

    • Registration number
    • Engine number
    • Chassis number
    • Previous policy number(if any)
    • Vehicle manufacturing date
    • Date and city of purchase
    • Contact details
    • A copy of your vehicle’s RC book
  • 2. How can I renew my Reliance third-party two-wheeler insurance policy?

    The official website of Reliance General Insurance makes the steps to renewing a third-party insurance policy simple. To proceed, one needs to provide the previous policy number/ cover number and the engine number. 

  • 3. Is personal accident cover available under the Reliance third-party bike insurance coverage?

    Usually, policyholder has to buy this PA cover separately along with the base third-party bike insurance policy.  Personal accident cover is mandatory to buy  for every bike owner. 

  • 4. Who are the first and second parties?

    The first and second parties are the insured or the policyholder and the insurance company, respectively. The insurance company assists the insured in compensating for the indemnified losses incurred by the third-party. 

  • 5. Who decides Reliance third-party insurance policy premium?

    The compensation to the accident victim is decided by the Motor Accident Claim Tribunal or MACT. IRDAI has done away with tariffs. Instead, the premium on the third-party liability cover is fixed by IRDAI.

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